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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 909: The Corpse Hall?

Chapter 909: The Corpse Hall?

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There were so many Corpse Puppets at Zombie levels. Su Mo strode forth as he devoured Zombies to breakthrough to Lv 2 Martial King Realm.

A massive Corpse Qi was devoured by Su Mo as his body rumbled and kept breaking through the bottleneck of the level.

“Howl! Howl! Howl!”

As he advanced in the mountains, another kind of Corpse Puppet appeared.

Their bodies were jet-black throughout and glowed metal luster. Their auras were much stronger than that of Zombies.

“Iron Zombie!” Su Mo was thrilled upon seeing this.

The Iron Zombie’s strength was close to that of a True Darkness Realm martial artist. Their Corpse Qi was much stronger than a Zombie’s. Therefore, it would be much more effective to devour Iron Zombies.


Su Mo barked and used the devouring power to kill all Zombies and Iron Zombies.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!”

Numerous Zombies and Iron Zombies blew up and their Corpse Qi rushed to Su Mo.

The five divine elixirs in Su Mo’s body kept vibrating, but he still had not upgraded.

In the Martial King Realm, it was extremely difficult to upgrade each cultivation level.

Moreover, Su Mo had just reached Lv 1 Martial King Realm and his cultivation base was not solid enough.

“This is still not enough!”

Su Mo kept advancing as devouring. He did not use the demonic cores because there were so many Corpse Puppets.


All of a sudden, something happened. A massive fist radiance dashed toward Su Mo from a short mountain ahead.

It was an overbearing fist radiance that contained surging Corpse Qi and it destroyed everything through its path.

“The Corpse King!” Su Mo’s eyes lit up upon seeing this. The strength of this fist radiance was close to that of a Lv 2 or 3 Martial King Realm. It must come from a Corpse King.


Su Mo skyrocketed to avoid the attack and then charged to that mountain.

Su Mo noticed a black-robed man on the mountain pass. He was about 40 years old and had ink-dark eyes. His body was gaunt and his face looked cold.

“Kid, how dare you trespass our Corpse Mountain?” The black-robed man thundered as his voice shook everything around into dust.

“Corpse Mountain!” Su Mo was shocked upon hearing this. How could a place like this exist in the Central Continent?

This must be a mountain where Corpse Puppets lived!

Su Mo asked coldly, “What is this Corpse Mountain? Why are there so many Corpse Puppets?”


The black-robed man barked and immediately charged at Su Mo.

“Corpse King Fist!” That man’s fingers were withered and looked like phantom claws. His fist pierced through the void and moved to Su Mo with raging Corpse Qi.

This punch was quite extraordinary. Its fist force was heavy as a mountain and the Corpse Qi was powerful as rushing rivers.


Su Mo gave a cold smile and pointed at him. A Spiritual Sword then shot out, penetrating the Corpse Qi and whistling to the man.


The Spiritual Sword traveled extremely fast and then violently slashed the man.


The sword radiance flashed as the black-robed man was split in two.


He gave a horrible shriek. Then, the half body with his head hurriedly escaped at a lightning speed.

“They can’t be killed in this way!” Su Mo was surprised upon seeing this!

He found out that the Corpse King did not have blood, and its only weakness was the head.

He had to kill them by destroying their heads.


Without hesitation, Su Mo immediately followed this man.

“Swoosh! Swoosh!”

He quickly closed in on that black-robed man.

A huge peak now came to his sight.

This peak was all black, 30,000 meters tall and covered a vast area.

From its top to bottom, there were countless caves settled thickly. It looked like a honeycomb.


The black-robed man wanted to rush into a cave.


Su Mo’s Spiritual Sword pierced through the void like a lightning and instantly penetrated the man’s head.


The head exploded as the man died immediately and fell to the ground.

“What is this place?” Looking over at the huge mountain peak, Su Mo felt a bit creepy.

This peak had a strong Corpse Qi and was extremely bleak, which made people chill from the heart.

“Howl! Howl! Howl!”

There were a number of Iron Zombies immediately threw themselves to Su Mo.


Su Mo immediately devoured them, including that black-robed man.

At this point, he was only one step closer to the cultivation level bottleneck.

“This should be the place where the Corpse Puppets were made!” Su Mo murmured while looking at the peak.

From time to time, there were Corpse Puppets went out of the caves. Just like a honeycomb, this peak was the nest of Corpse Puppets.

Su Mo was curious why this place could raise Corpse Puppets.

After a short deliberation, he decided to go in there to check it out and devour all the Corpse Puppets there by the way.

The Corpse Puppets would definitely do harm to this world.


In a flash, Su Mo rushed into a cave in the middle of the peak.

The cave was dark inside, and there were numerous paths as if he was in a maze.

Su Mo walked through many gloomy paths and went to the deep of this peak. Before long, he found many stone chambers.

A strong Corpse Qi suffused out from each stone chamber.

Su Mo figured that there should be Corpse Puppets in each chamber.

This made him even more confused. The chambers were obviously built by the human. Who would build a place like this?

Su Mo’s eyes suddenly lit up as an idea flashed through his mind.

“The Corpse Hall of the Netherworld Devil Sect!”

Back there when the Cold-blood Hall waged attack in the East Continent, the Corpse Hall members were there, and they looked half-human and half-dead.

Those Corpse Hall experts’ bodies were dull without any trace of life, just like mummies.

“Could this place be the Corpse Hall?” When this question came to his mind, he suddenly felt cold throughout.

If this was true, then those Corpse Puppets were the Corpse Hall members.

Su Mo thought that his assumption was very likely to be true as he thought further. After a short while, he gradually calmed down.

He decided to investigate this place carefully. If this was true, he would definitely kill all of the Corpse Hall members.

He walked to a stone chamber and gently opened its door. He was not afraid since his strength was strong enough.

This chamber was not big and only ten meters wide. There was nothing but a black coffin lying in the middle.

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