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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 913: Wu Shan

Chapter 913: Wu Shan

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“Li Feng” was incredibly powerful. Although the aura of his attack was not massive, his fists contained an extremely horrifying power like a Divine Weapon.


Li Feng burst out a golden light, and his fists looked like mini suns, more dazzling than ever.

Moreover, his body was covered with golden scale armors which looked handsome and prestigious.

Su Mo was shocked upon seeing this. The scales obviously came from the Archean Dragonesque Elephant Skill.

It indicated that this guy was Li Feng. It could not be wrong.

However, Li Feng was now incredibly powerful. His body contained a strong sense of death which terrified people.


Su Mo struck at Li Feng’s fists with his Hornet Sword.

The massive sword Qi instantly hit the fists.


A violent, deafening clash of metal exploded the space continuously.


Su Mo was knocked back and hit the wall again. The entire chamber was collapsing.

However, Su Mo did not care about his injury. The anger was rushing to his head.

This guy’s body definitely belonged to Li Feng, but his mind was not. Maybe Li Feng was dead!

“Who the hell are you?” Su Mo thundered madly.

“My name is Wu Shan!” Li Feng said coldly and attacked again.


This was also a simple punch that contained an extremely strong sense of death. The sense of death and the golden light made this attack much stronger.

The dazzling fist radiance carried a massive power and moved in an invincible manner.

“Wu Shan!”

Su Mo gnashed his teeth. He was a little bit familiar with this name but he could not recall who this man was at the moment.

But now it was clear that this man was not Li Feng.

This man just occupied Li Feng’s body since he practiced the Archean Dragonesque Elephant Skill.

What happened to Li Feng then?

Was he dead?

At this very moment, the murderous intent in Su Mo’s heart boiled completely.

Facing Wu Shan’s attack, Su Mo immediately dodged aside.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Subsequently, the nine Natal Spiritual Swords dashed out and immediately formed the Nine-death Sword Formation that surrounded Wu Shan.

“Die!” As he commanded, the nine swords burst out dazzling sword radiance and then thrust at Wu Shan.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

The sword Qi wove together like threads and formed a huge net that fell on Wu Shan. Infinite sharpness of the sword filled the room.

“Break!” Wu Shan’s aura surged and he punched at the net.

An incredibly powerful fist force dashed upward and violently hit the net.


The net was instantly shattered and created a huge explosion.

Countless threads of sword Qi were bounced off and then hit the walls, leaving numerous holes.

The stone chamber could not bear the impact anymore and kept collapsing.

“So powerful!” Su Mo was quite surprised. This guy was more than ten times stronger than that Martial Royal Realm black-robed man.

“Nine In One!”

Su Mo attacked again as nine Spiritual Swords danced and then instantly merged into one huge long sword.

The huge sword was glowing a brilliant light as if it was the true weapon from heaven. It carried an invincible sword power and slashed to Wu Shan.


With a harsh noise, the massive three-colored sword Qi cut through the void and approached Wu Shan’s head.

“Pretty strong!”

Facing Su Mo’s ultimate attack, Wu Shan stayed calm as he raised his hand. Dark Force surged in his hand and a huge skull appeared on his hand with boiling death sense.

The skull was even larger than a millstone. It was so real and terrifying.

The skull suddenly opened its mouth and swallowed the sword Qi.

Then, there was an utter silence as if nothing happened.

“Uhh…!” Su Mo was completely shocked. This guy was so powerful and his move was so weird that even the Natal Spiritual Swords could not hurt him.

His aura was incredibly profound like an endless abyss. Although Su Mo was not able to tell his level, Su Mo was sure that he was a Martial Royal Realm expert.


Then without hesitation, Su Mo called back all the Natal Spiritual Sword and ran away.

This guy was too overpowered for him to fight with. Su Mo might even be killed if staying in that chamber.

Although Su Mo was furious and really wanted to capture this man and then ask what happened to Li Feng, he was too weak and had to run first.

He rode on the Spiritual Sword and flitted through the passages. Before long, he left the peak.

He turned around and did not find Wu Shan, which made him quite relieved.

He sighed as he decided to find a place to break through the cultivation level first.

At this point, his face changed and he suddenly looked upward.

Above him, more than twenty black-robed figures were standing in the air. All of them had withered faces and zombified bodies. Obviously, they were Corpse Hall experts.

Su Mo sensed their auras and found out that they were all at the Martial Royal Realm, and some of them were even Martial Royal Realm experts.

The leading black-robed man asked coldly, “Are you Huangfu Qing’s disciple, Su Mo?”

Su Mo looked at them coldly and did not answer. He was trying to figure out a way to escape.

It seemed that the Corpse Hall had received the information and sent experts to kill him.

With his current strength, he should be able to run away even if he could not defeat them.

Besides, he now had the Natal Spiritual Sword which was much faster than the broken Spiritual Sword before.

“No matter who you are, you will die!”

The leading man said coldly and then waved his hand, saying, “Kill him!”

As his voice fell, the other experts moved instantly.


In a split second, all kinds of fist radiance, claw radiance, and palm prints descended overwhelmingly to Su Mo from above.

The massive power and cold murderous intent froze this place.

Su Mo felt a suffocating pressure before the attacks arrived at him.


He dared not to fight them and summoned his nine Natal Spiritual Swords. The swords revolved around him, forming an air flow that shrouded Su Mo and carried Su Mo away. The swords pierced through the frozen space, entered the void and escaped at a lightning speed.


The Corpse Hall experts rapidly tore apart the space and chased after Su Mo.

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