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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 914: Lv 2 Martial King Realm

Chapter 914: Lv 2 Martial King Realm

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Su Mo darted in the depth of the void. He was like a flash of lightning, covering a thousand miles within a breath.

He turned around to look at those from the Corpse Hall chasing after him and the desire to kill rose inside him. However, he had no other choice but to run because he was outnumbered.

He was no match for them for now given that some of them were martial artists in Lv 2 Royal Realm or higher.

But he wasn’t fearful at all even though he was not their match.

He was riding on his flying sword, therefore, his speed was that of the Spiritual Sword’s, which was so fast that those people could hardly catch up with him.

That was much faster than the ordinary broken Spiritual Sword he had before.

There were differences between the Natal Spiritual Sword and an ordinary one. Natal Spiritual Swords were more powerful and should be ridden on in a different way.

Simply put, ordinary Spiritual Swords were controlled by Qi. People connected with the Spiritual Swords with the Dark Force inside, and they operated the Spiritual Swords by operating the Dark Force.

However, Natal Spiritual Swords were operated directly by an individual’s mind, which made it totally different from ordinary Spiritual Swords.

Su Mo paid no more attention to those from the Corpse Hall as he got further and further away from them.

Later, he frowned and thought about what had happened just now as he was flying.

Li Feng was his best friend, and Su Mo couldn’t leave him alone considering what had just happened.

Given the current situation, Li Feng must’ve died, with his body possessed by the man named Wu Shan.

As far as Su Mo knew, only those who had reached the Martial Emperor Realm could separate their Spiritual Souls from their bodies and possess the bodies of other people.

It was highly unlikely that Wu Shan was a Martial Emperor expert, so he must have special secret ways allowing him to possess another body.

“Wu Shan!”

Su Mo muttered to himself because he felt that the name was familiar. He might have heard it somewhere.

After moments’ recalling, a ray of light flashed through his mind.


He flipped his hand, and a thick book appeared on his palm.

The thick book was Legend of Firmament he bought in the Skymoon Country.

Su Mo opened the book, and turned to the page introducing the List of Top 10,000 Continental Talents.

“Wu Shan, the young sect master of the Netherworld Devil Sect, ranking third on the List of 10,000 Talents.”

Su Mo’s eyes glistened as he read the records in the Legend of Firmament.

No wonder!

No wonder he felt that the name was slightly familiar. It turned out that he had seen it in the Legend of Firmament.

“Third place on the List of 10,000 Talents. That’s even higher than Shangguan Hao!” Su Mo narrowed his eyes. No wonder the man was so powerful.

But the ranking didn’t necessarily indicate the level of power, because Shangguan Hao had reached the Martial Emperor Realm now though he was just in the Martial King Realm then.

“The pressing matter now is to make a break-through in cultivation.”

Then, Su Mo sighed because he was so lacking in power at this time that he didn’t have the way to avenge Li Feng.

Later, Su Mo found that those from the Corpse Hall chasing him were too far away behind him to be seen.

He immediately changed directions and continued flying. An hour later, he descended and darted downwards into a huge lake.

In the stone chamber where Su Mo had fought with Wu Shan.

Powerhouses of the Corpse Mountain had returned reluctantly after they found it impossible to catch up with Su Mo.

“Young master, the guy had many Spiritual Swords! He went so fast riding on the sword and escaped!”

One of those powerhouses reported while the others stared at the coffins ahead.

“Who is he?” Wu Shan’s voice resounded in the coffin.

He went back into the coffin as soon as Su Mo had left.

Now he felt curious and incredulous because a Lv 1 Martial King Realm artist had countered several of his attacks.

Though he was weak now and could not fight with his peak combat strength, any martial artists under the Martial Royal Realm were never supposed to be his match.

“Young master, his name is Su Mo, a former disciple of an elder in Shady Hall, but he later betrayed his hall.” A man in black robe standing in the front answered.

“Send someone to track him down and kill him, no mercy!”

“Yes!” Those in black robes took the order and answered.

Moments later, the man in black in the front seemed to have realized something, and he said, “Young master, a few days ago, a guy named Su Mo wanted to challenge Shangguan Hao on his wedding day. They might be the same person.”

“Oh? To challenge Shangguan Hao?” Said Wu Shan in the coffin. He sounded slightly surprised.

Later, he said lightly, “If this is really him, I’ll kill him by myself on October 8th, the day I go to the Emperor Xuan Palace for the ceremony.”

The others nodded silently, and no one doubted Wu Shan’s words because they knew clearly how scary the young master could be.

The young master wasn’t supervised by any of the halls in the Netherworld Holy Sect because he was the real young master of the entire Holy Sect.

“That’s it. I need my power to be restored, you may leave now.” Said Wu Shan.

Then, those experts of the Corpse Hall cleaned the broken rocks in the stone chamber and withdrew.

At the bottom of the lake, Su Mo found a secret place to hide the Divine Map, then he entered it.

Ow! Ow! Ow!

As soon as he stepped in the Divine Map, numerous howling voices resounded in his ears.

Countless zombies once littered in the Divine Map had all woken up, wandering all over the place.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Lots of zombies jumped on Su Mo as soon as he came in.


Without any hesitation, Su Mo sat cross-legged on the ground and released the Devouring Martial Soul.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Almost at the same time, all the zombies exploded. Their Corpse Qi swept throughout heaven and the earth, darkening the whole space in the Divine Map.

Su Mo was devouring at his best, trying to break into the Lv 2 Martial King Realm.


The five divine elixirs inside his elixir field were constantly vibrating. He had long reached the peak of Lv 1 Martial King Realm, and all he needed was the one last step.

A while later, when Su Mo devoured all the overwhelming Corpse Qi, he reached the critical point of his cultivation.

“One last step!”

He immediately took out the four divine elixirs he gained from those Corpse Hall people he killed earlier.

Then, he started to devour the Divine Elixirs.

With the support of the Dark Force from the four Divine Elixirs, Su Mo was like a fish returning into the water. A large amount of Dark Force was refined by him, flooding into his five divine elixirs like a roaring river.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The five divine elixirs in five properties vibrated rapidly, and his cultivation bottleneck loosened gradually.

Moments later, Su Mo finally broke the cultivation bottleneck and reached the Lv 2 Martial King Realm as he wished.

At the moment, the five divine elixirs in five properties inside him glowed, their aura rising sharply. They absorbed the Dark Force even faster, improving his cultivation state.

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