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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 924: I’m Qualified to See Your True Abilities?

Chapter 924: I’m Qualified to See Your True Abilities?

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Everyone thought that Su Mo was dead, including Shangguan Hao.

Because there was no sign of life coming out from the area where Su Mo had fallen.

This meant that Su Mo was dead and his body had been buried under those rocks.

The spectators sighed. Su Mo was really powerful. He could block several moves from Shangguan Hao though his cultivation was weak.

Moreover, Su Mo’s cultivation of Lv 3 Martial King Realm was obviously equal to those of ordinary Lv 2 Martial Royal artists.

In terms of their abilities to fight those, Su Mo was stronger than Shangguan Hao!

Several experts felt sorry for Su Mo. What a pity that such a genius had fallen just like that!

However, they would not say anything. After all, Su Mo had overreached and had asked for it.

Huangfu Qing also sighed. He had planned to bring Su Mo back to Netherworld Holy Sect to dig out his secrets, but who would have thought that Su Mo would die.

Anyway, there was nothing he could do about a dead man!

Huangfu Qing shook his head in resignation.

“No! This cannot be!” Xi’er’s face went pale and she kept shaking her head as if she could not believe what had happened.

Past memories flashed through her mind.

Tears flooded down her cheeks.

She was extremely remorseful. She regretted that she was useless. She should have stopped Su Mo.

However, it was too late now and there was no going back!

Qian Xunyue’s face was also pale. She looked at the rocks with a frozen expression.

“Is he dead?” Qian Xunyue whispered to herself. There was an unspeakable pain in her heart.

The pain went deep into her bones.

“Why does my heart hurt so badly?” Qian Xunyue asked, a look of pain appearing on her face.

Su Mo’s death made her feel as if she had lost something very precious!

However, the person most unaccepting of this fact was Hong Qingxuan.

“Brother Su Mo!”

Hong Qingxuan’s face was gray and her body was quivering. She could hardly keep upright and she felt her vision darkening.

Su Mo had died!

He had left forever and would never appear again!

Her brain was buzzing and tears cascaded down her cheeks.

Hong Qingxuan was prepared to fly over and look for Su Mo without hesitation.


Just then, those rocks were pushed away and a figure rose into the sky.

He was like a sharp arrow, stabbing into the sky and came to the opposite side of Shangguan Hao in a second.

“What? You’re alive!” Shangguan Hao narrowed his eyes at the figure.

That person was Su Mo.

However, Su Mo looked terrible, with unkempt hair and blood on his face.

“Hek! Hek!”

Su Mo spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He had been seriously injured!

He had almost been killed by Shangguan Hao’s last attack but had survived.

That blow pushed him deep underground for nearly a thousand miles. He even lost the Earthly Shield in his hand.

The crowd was stunned when they saw Su Mo soaring up and a loud commotion ensued.

“Oh my god! Su Mo’s alive!”

“He blocked such a powerful attack! How is that possible?”

“Is he really at Lv 3 Martial King Realm?”

“He must be a Martial Royal artist. He must be hiding his cultivation with some kind of methods!”

The crowd burst into a surprised chatter.

Su Mo’s strength exceeded everyone’s expectations again and again.

Su Mo was so young and powerful. He could definitely rank in the top 10 of the List of 10,000 Talents.

According to Su Mo’s performances and strength, Su Mo would surely become one of the top strong experts on the continent in the future.

Many experts from the superpowers thought about recruiting Su Mo.

He was very powerful but was not famous, so he must not have much backing. It would be great luck to have Su Mo as their Sects’ disciple.


Even Di Shi, who had not spoken before, nodded slightly and praised Su Mo.

Obviously, Di Shi was also impressed by Su Mo’s strength and talent.

However, the experts from Netherworld Devil Sect, including Huangfu Qing and Wu Shan glowered and the killing desire in their eyes grew even denser.

The more powerful Su Mo was, the greater their murderous intent was.

It would be a big trouble if they could not kill Su Mo!

The three women were all relieved when they found that Su Mo was alive.

However, they were unhappy, because Su Mo was still weaker than Shangguan Hao and he might lose the battle.

Su Mo wiped the blood on the corners of his mouth and squinted at Shangguan Hao.

“Shangguan Hao, is this your true strength? I’m disappointed!”

Su Mo grinned because his opponent’s strength was not strong enough to beat him.

Su Mo was now sure that he had a large chance of beating his opponent, and even killing him.

“Hum! You were lucky to have survived, how dare you talk big!” Shangguan Hao was furious with Su Mo as he could not kill Su Mo even though he used his Godly Body!

He had truly embarrassed himself in this battle!

His reputation would be damaged even if he killed Su Mo later.

After all, he was a Martial Royal artist, and yet he could not kill a Lv 3 Martial King artist within three moves even after using his Divine Sun Body.

The murderous intent in his heart grew, and his eyes flashed coldly with a desire to kill.

He had to kill Su Mo today no matter what!

“Shangguan Hao, I’ve seen your real strength. And now, you’re qualified to see my real strength!” Su Mo shouted loudly like a roaring thunder.

Everyone stared at Su Mo with their eyes wide open when they heard that.

What did Su Mo mean?

Didn’t he use his true strength before?

How was that possible?

As a Lv 3 Martial King artist, he had just shown the power of a Lv 2 Martial Royal artist, and that was still not his true abilities?

“Is that true?”

“Does Su Mo have another hidden card?”

“How arrogant! He just said Shangguan Hao is qualified to see his real strength now!”

The sounds of chattering rose. Su Mo’s words had shocked lots of people.

It was because his statement sounded too unbelievable.

“I’m qualified to see your true abilities?”

Shangguan Hao raised his eyebrows. He was both angry and surprised

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