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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 925: Natal Spiritual Sword Formation

Chapter 925: Natal Spiritual Sword Formation

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Shangguan Hao stared at Su Mo coldly. He was not sure if Su Mo had some sort of powerful hidden cards.

But then, Shangguan Hao soon sneered. He was stronger that Su Mo. Su Mo posed no threat to him no matter how powerful his hidden card was.

Furthermore, he was a super genius, his strength was more than he had presented, he too had hidden cards.

“Then show me what you really got!” Shangguan Hao said scornfully.

Su Mo did not waste his time talking. Killing desire flashed in his eyes. Then he pointed at Shangguan Hao immediately.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

There was a flash of light as nine sharp rays of light appeared, piercing through the layers of the void and surrounding Shangguan Hao instantaneously.

The nine Natal Spiritual Swords circled around Shangguan Hao, firmly locking him down with fierce Qi.

“Spiritual Sword!”

Shangguan Hao was surprised to see it and he felt signs of impending danger.

These nine Spiritual Swords’ Qis mingled into each other. The powerful and sharp Qi itself already made Shangguan Hao’s hair raise even though they hadn’t started to attack yet.

At this moment, some knowledgable martial artists on the Emperor Xuan Palace square fixed their eyes on these nine Spiritual Swords.


On the stage, many super experts even stood up, looking shocked.

“Is that the sword formation?”

“Could it be the Natal Spiritual Sword Formation?”

“How is this possible? How can Su Mo have so many Spiritual Swords?”

“They can’t be the Natal Spiritual Swords. They should just be the normal Spiritual Swords!”

The silent square was suddenly thrown into an uproar.

Everyone was staring at the nine spinning Natal Spiritual Swords which were forming a fan shape.

There was a gleaming light in Di Shi’s eyes, and then, he narrowed his eyes slightly.

Those present could not tell whether they were ordinary Spiritual Swords or Natal Spiritual Swords since there was not much difference between the two in appearance.

However, they all thought that the swords were regular Spiritual Swords and not Natal Spiritual Swords because it was no longer possible for a Natal Spiritual Sword Formation master to appear in the Firmament World.

Although the ordinary Spiritual Sword and the Natal Spirit Sword looked similar, they were fundamentally different.

Even though the ordinary Spiritual Sword could also form sword formations, it was only an ordinary small sword formation with limited power. But the Natal Spiritual Sword Formation arranged by Natal Spirit Swords was a divine skill that claimed to be capable of killing gods.

However, the refining method had long been lost in the long river of history, no matter whether it was an ordinary Spiritual Sword or a Natal Spiritual Sword.

Although the method of refining had been lost, Spiritual Swords would still appear in the Firmament World occasionally. All of them were people with great luck, some of whom had found the swords from ancient ruins.

Therefore, although Spiritual Swords were rare in the Firmament World, there were not extinct.

But Natal Spiritual Swords were different. Natal Spiritual Swords are connected with a martial artist’s mind. If the martial artist died, the sword would be destroyed.

And there would only be one master for each Natal Spiritual Sword. Even if there was an intact Natal Spiritual Sword left over from ancient times, others would not be able to use it.

Therefore, everyone thought that Su Mo’s nine Spiritual Swords could not be Natal Spiritual Swords, but must be ordinary Spiritual Swords.

Above the sky, Shangguan Hao looked at the nine Spiritual Swords around him, looking a little solemn. He slowly tampered the impending sense of doom in his heart.

“Bumpkin, you think you could defeat me with these Spiritual Swords?”

Shangguan Hao sneered. He was just like everyone else, he thought these swords were just nine ordinary Spiritual Swords.

The refining method for Natal Spiritual Swords had long been lost in history, and the Natal Spiritual Swords left from the ancient times could not be used by anyone alive. So these swords could not be Natal Spiritual Swords.

Shangguan Hao felt confident. These were just nine ordinary Spiritual Swords. Though they could increase Su Mo’s strength, it was not enough to defeat him.

“You’ll find out whether I can win or not soon.” Su Mo said coldly. With a flash of thought, the nine Natal Spiritual Swords’ sword rays surged up.

The bright three-color sword rays made the nine Natal Spiritual Swords seemed more powerful.

Then the nine Natal Spiritual Swords slashed simultaneously. The silk-like sword Qi burst out from the nine Spiritual Swords, forming a fine Sword Net, covering Shangguan Hao from above.

The space was smoothly cut open and boundless sharp Qi permeated through the space.

Shuangguan Hao naturally felt the power of the Sword Net as well. He punched up against the net as his body lowered.

The enormous fist radiance was dazzling, forming a bright sun once again, blasting straight into the sword net.

The next moment, the sun clashed against the sword net.


There was no rumbling sound or explosion. The bright sun was immediately torn apart. It was smoothly cut open by the sword net, and then collapsed and scattered.

The sword net was extremely sharp. It quickly flew down toward Shangguan Hao without slowing down.

“Oh No!” Shangguan Hao was startled. The power of the sword net was completely beyond his expectations.

A jade charm appeared in Shangguan Hao’s hand in a flash as the sword net swooped down on him. Shangguan Hao crushed the charm in his hand.


The broken jade charm transformed into a huge golden bell immediately, enveloping him within it.

Besides that, the Dark Force outside his body surged, forming a thick Body-protection Dark Force which wrapped around him in completely.

In the next moment, the fine sword net covered the huge golden bell viciously.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As the rumbling continued, the huge golden bell was cut open, and then split apart immediately.

However, the defense of the huge golden bell was so strong that the sharp sword net crumbled as well.

Then the remnants of sword Qi slashed at Shangguan Hao’s Body-protection Dark Force after destroying the defense of the huge golden bell.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Half of the Body-protection Dark Force was cut up. The remnants of sword Qi was exhausted and collapsed.

Though Shuangguan Hao was a little embarrassed, he had not been hurt having managed to block the blow.

“How could this be? It he that powerful?” Shangguan Hao said, shock written all over his face.

He was secretly frightened. If he didn’t have the special defensive charm, he might have been defeated by this attack.

The power of this attack horrified him.

But now, Shangguan Hao actually felt angry, and it was an anger he could not unleash.

The bumpkin who he had despised actually possessed a strength comparable to his.

Shangguan Hao was mad. He was completely outraged. This was unacceptable.

“Natal Spiritual Swords! This is the Natal Spiritual Sword Formation!”

A startled expert on the square below shouted. They had recognized that the nine swords were Natal Spiritual Sword from the power of the Nine-death Sword Formation.

The voice was like a stone stirring up layers of waves. The crowd was stunned when they heard what the man had said.

“How is it possible? Where did he get Natal Spiritual Swords?”

“Is there anyone in the Firmament World who can refine Natal Spiritual Swords?”

“It’s impossible, the refining method for Spiritual Swords had long been lost, let alone Natal Spiritual Swords.”

The air rang with the sound of people discussing the matter. They were all shocked.

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