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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 927: Equally Strong?

Chapter 927: Equally Strong?

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Su Mo held off the attacks, as did Shangguan Hao. Instead, the two stared at each other.

The fighting stopped completely.

Su Mo frowned and pondered how to deal with Shangguan Hao’s Sun Realm.

And Shangguan Hao thought about how to break through Su Mo’s Spiritual Sword formation.

Countless spectators were amazed at how quickly the situation changed when the battle paused.

Earlier, they thought that Shangguan Hao might be defeated by Su Mo’s Spiritual Sword formation.

But all of a sudden, Shangguan Hao turned the tables.

Noisy chatter filled the area as many martial artists discussed the battle and speculated who had a better chance of winning.

Shangguan Hao’s invincible Sun Realm that could melt down every attack and made him undefeatable.

However, Su Mo’s Spiritual Sword formation was equally powerful as it could launch powerful attacks and provide protection. Basically, it would be hard to defeat Su Mo as well.

At that time, most people felt that the two men were equally strong.

However, the crowd was still surprised by Su Mo’s talent. It was terrifying that he could come to a tie against Shangguan Hao, who was in the Martial Royal Realm when he was only in the Lv 3 Martial King Realm.

His ability to fight someone above his level was never seen or heard of before!

If Shangguan Hao was called a genius, Su Mo’s talent was beyond description.

Xi’er, Hong Qingxuan, and Qian Xunyue, whose emotions have gone through a roller coaster ride sighed and were now calm.

The three were secretly relieved. Even if Su Mo couldn’t defeat Shangguan Hao, it would be enough to have a draw.

There was a slight delight in the eyes of the 13th Elder. He didn’t want either Su Mo or Shangguan Hao to lose. The tie now was exactly what he wanted.

Looking at Su Mo, the 13th Elder pondered and then looked toward Di Shi, the Palace Master. He said, “Palace Master, this Su Mo is indeed extraordinary. How do you plan to deal with him?”

The 13th Elder was testing Di Shi’s intention. After all, no matter who won, the Palace Master would surely interfere in this battle between Su Mo and Shangguan Hao.

Since Su Mo broke into the Emperor Xuan Palace and disrupted the wedding, he would be sentenced to death.

The 13th Elder wanted to see if Di Shi intended to kill Su Mo.

The dignified-looking Di Shi showed no emotion upon hearing the 13th Elder and said flatly, “If we cannot take such a formidable talent for our own use, we will eliminate him!”

The 13th Elder nodded slightly, having understood.

It seemed that the Palace Master also valued Su Mo’s talent and wanted to recruit him.

If this was the case, Su Mo’s life depended on his own decision.

If Su Mo sincerely wished to join the Emperor Xuan Palace, the whole situation here would end well. If not, Su Mo would certainly die.

“Su Mo, I hope you will make the right choice!” The 13th Elder thought to himself. He valued Su Mo highly and truly hoped that Su Mo would join the Emperor Xuan Palace.

In the sky.

There was a faint gleam in Su Mo’s eyes as he released the Ghostly Magic Sight Martial Soul to observe if there was any flaw in the Sun Realm.

Under the observation ability of the Ghostly Magic Sight, Su Mo found out that the Sun Realm was actually the combination of Divine Sun Body’s power and Sun Martial Soul power.

Of course, this was also filled with Shangguan Hao’s enormous Sun Dark Force, which was why the realm was so formidable.

The Divine Sun Body, the Sun Martial Soul, and the Sun Dark Force were extremely yang and hot. The three combined together was terrifying.

However, although Su Mo was able to understand the Sun Realm, he could not find a way to break through it.

This made his heart sink. How could he win this if he didn’t know how?

A draw?

That was not an option!

Su Mo gritted his teeth. One of the biggest reasons why he came here was to defeat Shangguan Hao so as to wash away the shame from five years ago.

A draw?

How could he accept that?

Su Mo’s mind turned rapidly as he kept thinking about how to defeat his opponent.

And Shangguan Hao, looking solemn and cold, was also thinking about how to defeat Su Mo. He soon came up with an idea.

The Sun Realm was not only an invincible defense, but it was also a great mean of attack.

As long as he could envelop Su Mo in the Sun Realm, Su Mo then could only last for a breath of time regardless of how strong he was.

However, the scope of his Sun Realm was rather small as it could cover only a radius of a thousand square kilometers. Once Su Mo was in the Sun Realm, he would surely be able to escape.

What Shangguan Hao was thinking was how to trap Su Mo inside of the Sun Realm for this one breath.

Soon, Shangguan Hao struck. He slowly strode in void towards Su Mo.

“Bumpkin, you don’t even have a chance!” Shangguan Hao said coldly.

Su Mo stared at Shangguan Hao without a word. The nine Natal Spiritual Swords circled around him.

Soon Shangguan Hao arrived two thousand feet away from Su Mo, and his Sun Realm was only a thousand feet away from Su Mo.


All of a sudden, Shangguan Hao hurtled toward Su Mo rapidly like a flash of lightning as he speeded up tenfold.

The thousand feet distance passed in the blink of an eye for Shangguan Hao.

The Sun Realm enveloped Su Mo in a split second.

“Oh no!” Su Mo’s expression changed when he encountered the Sun Realm. He sensed the extreme heat and his Body-protection Dark Force melted away rapidly.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

With a thought, the nine Natal Spiritual Swords immediately carried Su Mo backward.


The Spiritual Swords hurtled through space and Su Mo had already flown a few hundred miles away in the blink of an eye.

“What? So fast?” Shangguan Hao looked grave when he saw this.

He previously thought he could stick to Su Mo wherever he fled.

If he could, then there would be no problem keeping Su Mo inside the Sun Realm for at least a second.

But he didn’t know Su Mo could fly at such an amazing speed on the Spiritual Swords.

However, Shangguan Hao wouldn’t give up that easily. He soon rushed to catch Su Mo.

Su Mo naturally understood his intention. He aslo knew the horror of the Sun Realm. It would kill him if he could not escape.


Su Mo rode on his sword at an extreme speed and kept avoiding Shangguan Hao. But he did not go far. Instead, he just went around in circles.

Shangguan Hao was slower than Su Mo, so he chased after Su Mo for a long while. Yet, he could nor envelop Su Mo in the Sun Realm.

“Darn! Are you being a coward? Do you only know how to escape?” Shangguan Hao paused and yelled angrily. He was going mad as he couldn’t catch Su Mo who was as slippery as an eel.


Su Mo stopped a hundred miles away from Shangguan Hao.

“Since you want a fight, I will answer that call. You will surely lose!” Su Mo’s eyes were filled with light. He had found a way to crack the Sun Realm.

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