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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 932: Begging For Mercy

Chapter 932: Begging For Mercy

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After dashing out of the ground, Su Mo quickly flew to the outer square of the Emperor Xuan Palace.

Everyone stared agape at Su Mo and Shangguan Hao in his hand.

After all these, Shangguan Hao the Supreme Talent was defeated, and was defeated so thoroughly and so tragically!

He was neither defeated by the top one on the List of 10,000 Talents nor the other Martial Royal Realm expert. He was defeated by an unknown Lv 3 Martial King Realm martial artist.

They were not that surprised to see this because they had already seen this coming.

However, while seeing the bloody mess on Shangguan Hao, the crowd was still shocked.

How dared Su Mo do this!?

Su Mo humiliated Shangguan Hao like this in front of Di Shi and regardless of who he was.

Many people turned their eyes to Di Shi.

Without surprise, his face was shadowed and looked a bitterrible.

Di Shi did not move to save Shangguan Hao because he had left a life-saving method in Shangguan Hao’s body.

As long as Shangguan Hao was fatally attacked and was about to die, the method he left would automatically be triggered to save Shangguan Hao’s life.

Now, instead of killing him, Su Mo had tortured him so badly!


Su Mo moved extremely fast and arrived at the square in an instant.

He threw Shangguan Hao to the ground before he landed.


Shangguan Hao heavily hit the ground and made a noise.

The impact immediately awakened him.


He instantly spurted out a mouthful of black blood.

The last slap from Su Mo almost destroyed his mind.

“Shangguan Hao, do you still remember our bet?”

While towering upon Shangguan Hao, Su Mo looked down on him and asked coldly.

Shangguan Hao looked stupefied. He was not fully awake.

After a short while, his mind became clear and then he found out that he was back in the square, lying on Su Mo’s feet in front of countless people.


There came an explosion in his mind as if a thunderbolt had struck him.

He immediately felt like the world was spinning. Humiliation! A great sense of shame welled up in him. Now he just wanted to disappear into the ground.

What a satire it was when he threatened to handle Su Mo with one move.

Shangguan Hao’s fists clenched tightly as his fingernails deeply pierced into the flesh. Blood was spilling on his ruined face. The huge shame even let the little amount of blood in his body rush to his head.

Since he was born, Shangguan Hao had been living a smooth life. He was always self-conceited and confident. He had never been humiliated like this before. Now, his heart was bleeding.

“Shangguan Hao, according to our bet, you will cancel your marriage with Xi ‘er if you lose!” said Su Mo.

Su Mo gave a quick glance to Di Shi and felt a bit nervous.

He was stressing on the bet between him and Shangguan Hao. Facing so many experts, Shangguan Hao was not able to break the bet, and Di Shi would be embarrassed not to cancel the marriage.

“Cancel the marriage?”

Shangguan Hao murmured. He did not want to cancel the marriage, but if he regret in front of so many experts, his name would be ruined.

Shangguan Hao glanced at Xi’er, who was looking at Su Mo with her face flushed.

“Bitch!” Shangguan Hao denounced in his heart as his anger kept rising.

He did not know that Su Mo had already devoured his Martial Soul. Otherwise, he would have gone insane.

After a short while, he stood up and looked at Di Shi with questioning eyes.

He did not want to cancel the marriage and he could not cancel it. He had to let Di Shi make the call.

Everybody’s eyes fell on Di Shi, including Su Mo and Xi’er.

Su Mo and Xi’er were nervous because it would all turn out to be vain if Di Shi did not cancel the marriage.

Di Shi sat straight in the seat, and he looked cold. His eyes fell on Su Mo

“Young man, since you and Hao’er already had a bet, he, of course, won’t break his words. The marriage between Hao’er and Xi’er is now canceled temporarily,” said Di Shi in a slight tone.

Su Mo was greatly relieved. “Yes!”

Xi’er was beaming with smiles that was as beautiful as flowers.

“However, the bet is one thing. You broke into Emperor Xuan Palace and destroyed the wedding. This is a death sentence and unforgiven!”

Di Shi’s voice rang again, cold and extremely solemn.

Su Mo’s face fell. “Sh*t!”

The smile on Xi’er’s face froze, and she became nervous again.

Everybody’s hearts turned cold. Finally, Di Shi now interfered.

Although the showdown between Su Mo and Shangguan Hao was just a fight among the younger generation, it was obviously not the right time to do this today. Su Mo defeating Shangguan Hao at the wedding was no different from slapping Di Shi’s face in front of the world.

If Di Shi did not punish Su Mo, the world would laugh at him.

Shangguan Hao’s eyes revealed a trace of joy. He could not help but smile. However, when the corner of his mouth curved, the ruined cheek immediately ached and made him gasp.

Shangguan Hao immediately saluted to Di Shi and said, “Master, Su Mo sabotaged the wedding between me and Junior Sister, and shamed Emperor Xuan Palace. He should be executed immediately!”

“Shangguan Hao, you are shameless!”

Xi ‘er immediately gave a girlish curse upon hearing this. She then hastened to beg for mercy, “Father, brother Su Mo saved my life, please forgive him!”

Xi’er turned pale. She was afraid that his father might really kill Su Mo.

She had lived with him for five years and she knew about his father.

Di Shi did things arbitrarily and decisively. No one could disobey his order, not even his daughter.

She had also told him about her affection to Su Mo. But Di Shi only gave her an order in return, which was, to forget everything and live a new life!

Xi’er would never forget Su Mo. The things happened five years ago had gone deep into her bones.

She had no way to defy his father and then was forced to marry Shangguan Hao.

Now, her father was going to kill Su Mo. She had to stop it, whatever it took.

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