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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 934: The Crunch

Chapter 934: The Crunch

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Su Mo turned pale with fright. This hand was so powerful that even made his hair stood on end. Also, it moved so fast that he could not dodge it at all.

He had no time to think. He commanded the swords to charge at the hand while he ascended rapidly, trying to keep a distance from the hand.

At the next second—


The swords hit the hand and were immediately sent off. They could not halt the hand at all.

The giant hand shook and then instantly hit Su Mo.


Even if Su Mo pushed his Body-protection Dark Force to an extreme, he could not block it.


The mighty power went through his body as blood spurted out from his mouth. Su Mo was sent off upward with blood spilling.

The First Elder did not aim to kill Su Mo and had controlled the power of this punch.

Otherwise, Yan Tai could kill Su Mo easily with one stroke.

“Go take him down!” Yan Tai ordered as he punched.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

As his voice fell, a dozen Netherworld Devil Sect experts skyrocketed and rushed to Su Mo.

So did Huangfu Qing and Wu Shan.

Countless people watched this quietly. Su Mo was doomed today!

It would be hard for Su Mo to die if he was captured by the Netherworld Devil Sect.

People were scared of the Netherworld Devil Sect. Their methods were weird, and they were ruthless to an extreme.

For example, they liked to turn enemies into Corpse Puppets for their use.

Also, they liked to turn their enemies’ souls into Satanic Spectres which could be used in their skills.

Nobody dared to offend the Netherworld Devil Sect because they were just so overpowered.

Normally, people knew there were five halls of the Netherworld Devil Sect. But many experts knew that they had eight halls.

They were the Cold-blood Hall, Corpse Hall, Shady Hall, Yama Hall, Ghost Hall, Cold Stealth Hall, Cold Wood Hall, and Cold Evil Hall.

The Cold-blood Hall, Cold Stealth Hall, Cold Wood Hall, and Cold Evil Hall were developed in recent decades, and they were rather weak. They were located in the East, South, West, and North Continent.

The other four halls were all located on the Central Continent, and they were the cores of the Netherworld Devil Sect.

The superpowers of the world already knew the situation because the Netherworld Devil Sect had already conquered the other four continents.

The elders and leaders of the superpowers had a discussion about this issue and ended up with nothing.

In the first place, the Netherworld Devil Sect was overpowered and nobody wanted to wage war against them.

Secondly, the East, South, West, and North Continent were barren and minor lands. They did not care what happened there.

Therefore, as long as the Netherworld Devil Sect stayed quiet in the Central Continent, the superpowers would not deal with them.

This was why Di Shi gave up on Su Mo. It was not that he was afraid of the Netherworld Devil Sect, he just did not think it’s worth it.

If Su Mo was a disciple of the Emperor Xuan Palace, it would be something else.

There was a smile in Shangguan Hao’s eyes. It was impossible for Su Mo to escape from the Netherworld Devil Sect members.

With the First Elder here, Su Mo could not escape even if he was at the Martial Royal Realm.

The First Elder of the Netherworld Devil Sect, Yan Tai, was at Lv 9 Martial Royal Realm. His strength was close that of Di Shi.

Xi’er turned extremely pale upon seeing this.

“Father, please save brother Su Mo!” Xi’er shouted out loud.

Di Shi had sealed her cultivation before the wedding in case of troubles. She could do nothing now without cultivation.

Di Shi stayed put and completely ignored her.

“Xi’er, this is the path he chose. Nobody can change that!”

Di Shi knew the romance between her daughter and Su Mo, but he did not take love issues seriously.

Xi’er looked desperate and then cried.

Above the clouds, blood was spilling from Su Mo’s mouth. He felt like he was falling apart as his bones were broken and internal organs were seriously injured.

The truth was that the Starry Robe just saved his life.

Shortly thereafter, Su Mo steadied himself, recalled the Spiritual Swords and was ready to escape.

However, a dozen Netherworld Devil Sect experts had arrived and immediately surrounded him.

“Su Mo, you should be a good boy and go back with me!” Huangfu Qing said with a smile.

“Huangfu Qing, I was so wrong about you before!” Su Mo looked solemn while thinking a way out.

“I did that for your sake!”

Huangfu Qing shook his head and said slowly, “An Nuan and Tian Chen were both in the sect, and they have been progressing rapidly. Your talent is better than theirs, and you will get the priority!”

Huangfu Qing said this as if he was a really nice master.


Su Mo cursed madly and said, “What Holy Sect?! You’re just pieces of sh*t! I know you, Huangfu Qing. Don’t waste your time on me anymore!”

Su Mo was boiled with killing desire. He would definitely kill Huangfu Qing if Huangfu Qing was not hiding behind the other Netherworld Devil Sect experts.

“You little bastard!” Huangfu Qing turned livid with rage as the killing desire flashed in his eyes.

“All right, say no more. Just take him down!” said Wu Shan.


As his voice fell, one of the experts reached out his hand to Su Mo.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

A black Dark Force phantom claw immediately whistled toward Su Mo.

The claw was powerful beyond description. Its horrible Dark Force shockwave shook heaven and earth as its dense sense of death turned the space 30,000 meters around to hell.

This man was at Lv 4 Martial Royal Realm, and his strength was far beyond Su Mo’s.

Su Mo was surrounded, and he had nowhere to run. He was in a crunch.

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