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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 936: We Are Even

Chapter 936: We Are Even

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The fist radiance hit Qian Xunyue and gave out an earthshaking cracking sound.

A mouthful of blood spurt out from her mouth, turning the clouds red.


Without even a scream, Qian Xunyue’s charming body flew downward like a falling white butterfly.

“Qian Xunyue!” Su Mo immediately rushed to caught her body.

He thenhastily dodged the following attacks.

“How are you feeling?” Su Mo looked at the beautiful woman in her arms and asked anxiously.

When he took a close look at her, a thunder rang in his head.

Blood was bleeding on Qian Xunyue’s mouth, and she looked pale. The signs of life in her eyes were fading away. She was dying.

She was only at Lv 3 Martial Royal Realm, and her defense was extremely weak. How could she block those attacks!

She was killed with only one stroke.

“Uh…!” His head was booming inside.

She was dying in his arms!

Su Mo felt the world was spinning. Although he did not have many feelings with her, he took away her virginity, and that was an unchangeable fact.

Now, she was dying!

His heart ached, more painful than ever.

“Su Mo, I… I don’t owe you anymore!” Qian Xunyue smiled, and then her eyes closed slowly.

She could also feel her death was coming.

She did not regret this. She already had no love and even hated herself.

Last time in the Sky-burn Mansion, Su Mo saved her once. She always thought she owed Su Mo.

This time, she regardlessly moved to those attacks and paid her debt to Su Mo.

They were now even!

“Wake up, you can’t die, you owe me a lifetime!”

Su Mo yelled and pointed at her body, trying to stop her death.

However, nothing worked, and Qian Xunyue died quickly.

Su Mo was flustered. He did not know what to do.

Suddenly, something happened again.

“Let me go!” Hong Qingxuan yelled.

Su Mo’s face changed and looked over. Wu Shan had grabbed Hong Qingxuan.

“Qingxuan!” Su Mo put Qian Xunyue into the Divine Map and immediately rushed to Wu Shan.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

The nine Natal Spiritual Swords also dashed to Wu Shan.

“Haha!” Wu Shan laughed and retreated.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

A dozen Netherworld Devil Sect experts stopped at Su Mo’s front.


An expert slapped away the nine swords with a massive palm force.

“Kill him!” Wu Shan lost interest on Su Mo since he had got Hong Qingxuan.



The experts moved all-out since Wu Shan gave the kill command.

“Boom! Rumble!”

In a split second, all kinds of powerful claw radiance and fist radiance overwhelmingly moved to Su Mo.

The space around Su Mo was crushed to nothingness even before the attacks came down.

Even a Lv 5 or 6 Martial Emperor Realm expert could not block them.

Countless people were terrified. Su Mo would die!

Shangguan Hao’s eyes glittered a sense of happiness. He felt so good that Su Mo was about to die.

Even it was not him that killed Su Mo, it would be a pleasure for him to see Su Mo die.

He then ran his Martial Soul, trying to recover some Dark Force.

In the next second, he was shocked when he could not connect to his Martial Soul.

“What’s going on?” Shangguan Hao then found out that his Martial Soul was gone, completely disappeared.

Instantly, as if being struck by lightning, he was completely petrified.

Tears were all over Xi’er’s face. She looked at Su Mo in horror.

She did not care about those two women, and she only wanted to save Su Mo.

“Father, if you don’t save him, I’ll die in front of you!” She instantly placed a knife at her neck.

Xi’er could do nothing but this.

However, Di Shi’s eyes flashed a light that fainted her, and she fell to the ground.

“Send her back to the Inner Palace!” Di Shi ordered.

The two maidens then took Xi’er back.

In the sky, Su Mo kept dodging the overpowered attacks as if he was a little boat in the raging sea.

He looked gloomy as if he had seen his end. Even if he used the Three Secret Techniques and extract all of his essence, qi, and spirit, he would not be able to block them.

He did not want to end like this. Qian Xunyue died, and he was about to die.

Wu Shan took away Hong Qingxuan and he could do nothing.

Su Mo looked at Hong Qingxuan. She was also looking at him with desperate eyes.

She was desperate for Su Mo, not for herself.

Her master might have died, and Su Mo was also dying. Her heart would soon die with them.

Looking at the desperation in her eyes, Su Mo immediately went mad. He would fight even it’s hopeless.

He would fight for a chance to save Hong Qingxuan, not for himself.

“You scums!” Su Mo snarled and gnashed his teeth. He was about to take 100% of his essence, qi, and spirit.

Suddenly, something happened again.

A row of saber radiance rose from the ground, dashing to the sky.

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