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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 938: Greedy As Hell

Chapter 938: Greedy As Hell

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The First Elder, Tai Yan, looked straight at Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian of the Sky-sea Pavilion.

“Su Mo betrayed the sect and killed a large number of my disciples. Do you think I will let him go?” Yan Tai said in a deadpan face.

Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian frowned slightly upon hearing this. It seemed that it would be difficult to save Su Mo.

He did not want to fight this man because there would be no turning back.

He then said in a deep voice, “As long as First Elder Yan let Su Mo go, I’ll pay.”

“Pay what?” Yan Tai wondered about the compensation since the Sky-sea Pavilion was the richest power in the Firmament World.

“Ten billion Supreme Spiritual Stones, ten Royal Upper treasures, and 1,000 Royal Upper elixirs.” said Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian.

“Hiss! Hiss!”

As soon as the voice fell, the sound of gasping rose one after another.

Ten billion Supreme Spiritual Stones?

Ten Royal Upper treasures?

1,000 Royal Upper elixirs?

This was a huge compensation! Only the Sky-sea Pavilion could afford this.

Even the Emperor Xuan Palace could not afford this.

Ten billion Supreme Spiritual Stones was equivalent to one billion Upper Spiritual Stones. Not to mention the treasures and elixirs.

If a small power gained such a fortune, it would only take a dozen years for this power to become an overlord.

Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian was paying so much for Su Mo!

Even Su Mo was shocked.

He was not that close to the Sky-sea Pavilion. The Supervisor of the Craftsmanship Hall was only a name. Besides, Deputy Hall Chief Hu traded this position for Su Mo’s craftsmanship knowledge.

How could the Sky-sea Pavilion pay so much for him?!

Su Mo sighed inwardly. Maybe the Sky-sea Pavilion had other purposes, but they did save his life.

“What do you think, First Elder Yan?” Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian smiled and asked.

Yan Tai was shocked by the number. This was far beyond his expectation.

He now knew that the Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian was determined to save Su Mo.

Such a fortune was a great help to the development of the Netherworld Holy Sect.

“What if I don’t let him go?” Yan Tai asked. He has moved, and he just wanted to fight for greater interests.

Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian stood up slowly and said, “Since First Elder Yan doesn’t want to release him, I’ll have to fight you!”

Yan Tai frowned upon hearing this. He had not expected Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian to be so tough.

He thought that his strength was close to that of the Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian.

However, he had not brought many experts here. He did not even have one higher than Lv 7 Martial Royal Realm present.

On the other side, the Sky-sea Pavilion had Elder Hu, who was at Lv 7 Martial Royal Realm.

They might lose the fight.

The thing was, that they would lose the compensation if they fight.

Moreover, it was not a good time to turn against the Sky-sea Pavilion.

Yan Tai had an idea after a short deliberation.

“Okay, I can let Su Mo go!”

“But, 10 billion is not enough. You’ll have to add another five billion Supreme Spiritual Stones.”

The crowd was shocked madly. Yan Tai was greedy as hell!

This was a robbery!

The face of Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian darkened. 15 billion Supreme Spiritual Stones? What the hell?

He smiled coldly and said, “First Elder Yan, are you joking? Are you not embarrassed?”

Ten billion Supreme Spiritual Stones were his limit, while15 billion stones were unbearable.

Besides, he was just a deputy.

“Since you disagree, let’s have a fight then!” Yan Tai stood up as his aura surged.

The war was about to be triggered.

Everyone held their breath. Both of them were Lv 9 Martial Royal Realm experts. The world would be shocked by their fight.

Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian looked terrible. He really did not want to fight.

Yan Tai smiled inwardly. He was just pressing on Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian. He knew that this man would compromise.

Five billion Supreme Spiritual Stones were not that hard to offer.

Di Shi looked at this deadpan. He did not care at all.

The war between the Sky-sea Pavilion and the Netherworld Devil Sect would be great to the Emperor Xuan Palace.

Suddenly, another voice rose.

“First Elder Yan, stop!”

The crowd turned their eyes to the one who just said that, and then they were shocked again.

It was the 13th Elder, who sat not far from Di Shi.

Everybody looked shocked. Even Di Shi, the Palace Master, did not interfere. How dared the 13th Elder do this?

The 13th Elder stood up and saluted Di Shi. “Palace Master, Su Mo is my disciple, also the Emperor Xuan Palace’s disciple!”

The place fell dead silent when the words spread around.

Su Mo was the 13th Elder’s disciple?

Many people were stupefied. How complicated Su Mo was!

Both Yan Tai and Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian were stunned.

So was Di Shi. Something finally happened to his face. He looked confused!

Di Shi knew quite a lot about Su Mo since he had conducted a research on Su Mo.

In his eyes, Su Mo came from a barren place in the East Continent, and Xi’er liked Su Mo because Su Mo saved her.

The fact that Su Mo came here and defeated Shangguan Hao was beyond his expectation.

But he had never expected that Su Mo was the 13th Elder’s disciple!

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