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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 941: All I Need Is Time

Chapter 941: All I Need Is Time

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“You two are both the hope of Emperor Xuan Palace. I hope you can let go of the past and make make progress together …! ”

The voice of Di Shi echoed in the hall, all of which were warning words in hope of resolving the history between Su Mo and Shangguan Hao.

Of course, Di Shi understood it would take much more than words to solve the hatred between the two. They needed time.

He was just reminding them that if they continued treating each other as the enemy, it would be bad for the whole Emperor Xuan Palace.

Although Shangguan Hao’s performance today was disappointing to Di Shi, Shangguan Hao was still regarded and treated as his descendant.

After all, Shangguan Hao was Di Shi’s pro-disciple, whom Di Shi had personally groomed and understood very well.

Su Mo, though was a rare and unparrallel talent, was not fostered by Emperor Xuan Palace. So he was not as important as Shangguan Hao to Di Shi.

It took time to prove Su Mo’s loyalty. Only if Su Mo was truly loyal to Emperor Xuan Palace would Di Shi consider him for other plans.

Di Shi finally stopped after a long speech.

“Well, you both have been hurt. Now go back to heal!” Di Shi waved his hands and said.


Su Mo and Shangguan Hao answered and walked out of hall together.

Di Shi seemed concerned as he looked at Su Mo’s retreating back, a mysterious glint flashed in his eyes.

Su Mo had his own residence in Emperor Xuan Palace Inner Palace. It was a small palace. He walked toward his palace after he left the main hall.

“Su Mo!” Shangguan Hao moved quickly to block Su Mo.

Su Mo stopped and looked at him flatly.

“What on earth did you do to me? How come I cannot feel my Martial Soul?” Shangguan Hao asked darkly.

Shangguan Hao only thought that Su Mo had used a method to block his connection with his Martial Soul. He did not know his Martial Soul was now Su Mo’s.

Because his Martial Soul was originally inside his body, and if he didn’t release it, others could not destroy it.

There had never been anyone in the world with the ability to devour others’ Martial Soul like Su Mo.

Therefore, Shangguan Hao didn’t even think his Martial Soul was gone but was rather blocked by Su Mo’s tricks.

“Why is it my fault that you can’t feel your Martial Soul!” Su Mo replied flatly.

“You…!” Shangguan Hao was furious and shouted, “what tricks did you use?”

Su Mo simply ignored and bypassed him and strode away.

“Damn!” Shangguan Hao was so mad he almost spat out blood.

Shangguan Hao’s eyes flashed with a desire to kill when he looked at Su Mo’s retreating back.

“I will give you an ignominious death!” Shangguan Hao clenched his fist as he roared internally.

Soon, Su Mo returned to his palace.

There was a formation in the palace. Therefore, even though no one had lived inside for a long while, it was still spotless.

Su Mo entered the Divine Map immediately after he returned to the palace.

Inside the Divine Map, Qian Xunyue’s lithe body was lying peacefully on the grassland.

Su Mo gently sat beside Qian Xunyue.

He reached out to sweep away the hair on Qian Xunyue’s face. He fell into deep thought as he looked at her pale face.

The fact that she stood up for him this time was beyond his expectation.

To be honest, Su Mo didn’t have a good impression of Qian Xunyue before.

Although this woman was gorgeous like a dream, she was cold, arrogant and paranoid to the point that Su Mo thought she was unkind.

This was because he felt nothing resembling a female warmth from that woman.

But the thing she did today change that impression completely.

“I will save you. This is the promise I give you!”

Su Mo focused on Qian Xunyue and said gently, as he knew she could hear him.

Since her consciousness had not gone dissipated, she could hear him.

“You are my woman. If I forbid you to die, you shall not die!”

“You have to wait for me. Wait until I have enougth strength to save you!”

“Even if I have to devour the whole continent, I will break through to the Martial Emperor realm.”

“All I need is time. And you have to give me enough time!”

Su Mo murmured to himself as if he were crazy. His voice seemed to turn into cool breeze and floated in the void.

After a while, Su Mo stopped talking and left the Divine Map.

Before leaving, he dug a cave on a half-collapsed mountain top and put Qian Xunyue inside carefully.

The stone house in the Divine Map had been razed to the ground during his last cultivation, and the mountains nearby had all basically collapsed.

Then Su Mo left Divine Map and returned to his palace.

Sitting cross-legged on the futon in the palace, Su Mo frowned and pondered. Hong Qingxuan had been captured by Wu Shan, so he had to rescue her as soon as possible.

However, with his current strength, he would only be killed if he went there and would not be able to rescue Hong Qingxuan.

And it seemed that neither Emperor Xuan Palace nor Sky-sea Pavilion would be willing to help.

After all, not even Di Shi would dare to invade the Netherworld Devil Sect.

And Di Shi would certainly not do so for Hong Qingxuan.

So at the end of the day, Su Mo still had to rely on himself.

“Wu Shan, you took away Li Feng’s physical body and abducted Qingxuan. You will pay heavily for what you did!” Su Mo clenched his fist as killing desire soared within him.

Su Mo was not too worried about Hong Qingxuan’s safety. At the very least, her life would not be in danger in the short term.

Wu Shan had abducted Hong Qingxuan because he recognized her Pure Yin Body type and wanted to use her as a cultivate-through-sex Stove.

But given Wu Shan’s high level of cultivation, the effect would be weak if he were to cultivate-through-sex with Hong Qingxuan now.

After all, Hong Qingxuan was only at the True Darkness Realm. The gap between the Martial Royal Realm and True Darkness Realm was simply too large.

Therefore, if Wu Shan was indeed going to cultivate-through-sex with Hong Qingxuan, he would have to find a way to elevate her cultivation first.

At the very least, her cultivation had to be elevated to Lv5, or Lv 6 Martial King Realm for him to cultivate-through-sex with her.

Therefore, Su Mo had plenty of time to cultivate so he could invade the Netherworld Devil Sect.

Su Mo sighed to himself. He had thought that if he could survive from this incident, he would be able relax completely or even bring Xi’er away with him.

He would never have thought that so many unexpected incidents would occur.

As he thought of Xi’er, Su Mo sighed again. He did not know how Xi’er would feel now that he had a history with Qian Xunyue and Hong Qingxuan.

A while later, Su Mo let out a sigh and he decided to recover first before finding Xi’er.

Then Su Mo began to heal.

He had been seriously injured this time, but it was not a concern with his current cultivation and strength.

After taking a healing elixir, Su Mo closed his eyes and sank his consciousness into his body to refine the efficacy in order to heal.

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