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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 942: Trial Tester

Chapter 942: Trial Tester

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Su Mo was seated cross-legged in the palace, trying to recover from his injuries.

As time went by, he gradually got better.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

After several hours, someone knocked on the door outside the palace rapidly.

Su Mo opened his eyes, after scanning outside with his spiritual consciousness, he found that it was Xi’er and the 13th Elder who had come.

He got up immediately and opened the palace’s gate.

Outside the palace, Xi’er stood gracefully in a red dress. Her eyes were pure and shiny, her eyebrows were curved like willow branches. Her eyelashes were long, her beautiful face was white and flawless, and her hair was smooth just like water.

The two stared at each other as if there was nothing else in the entire universe except for the both of them.

After a short while, Xi’er stepped forward and threw herself into Su Mo’s arms.

“Brother Su Mo, I was terrified, I thought you were dead!” Xi’er said, choking with sobs. She held Su Mo tightly, and her body trembled slightly.

“Silly girl, I just saw you, how could I die!” Su Mo said with a chuckle. His hands encircled Xi’er’s waist tightly.

Then the two did not speak again, they just quietly held each other, feeling each other’s body temperature, smelling each other’s scent, while thinking back to the days they spent together in the past.

Time seemed to have stopped. Their hearts gradually calmed.

Cough! Cough!

After some time, the 13th Elder, who was standing next to the two, suddenly coughed to remind them of his presence.

All of a sudden, Xi’er jumped out from Su Mo’s arms as if she had been electrified. Her face was flushed and she did not dare to look up.

She was so immersed in her joy that she forgot about the 13th Elder.

“Master!” Su Mo greeted the 13th Elder with a smile. He didn’t mind at all.

“Su Mo, I am surprised you would call me master!” The 13th Elder said with a sigh. He was Su Mo’s teacher for only one day, and at that time, Su Mo was still under disguise.

“Teacher, come in and talk!” Su Mo invited the 13th Elder and Xi’er into the palace.

“Su Mo, I’m here to tell you that you must not go to Netherworld Devil Sect.” The 13th Elder said directly after they sat down in the palace.

“I must go to Netherworld Devil Sect!” Su Mo said while shaking his head. He had to save Hong Qingxuan.

The 13th Elder frowned. Then he warned Su Mo, “The Netherworld Devil Sect is very scary and far stronger than Emperor Xuan Palace. You will only die if you go there!”

“Master, relax! I will not go for the time being!” Su Mo said. He knew that the 13th Elder was concerned about him, and Su Mo didn’t want him to worry.

“That’s good!” The 13th Elder said with a relief after hearing what Su Mo said. Then he replied, “The Netherworld Devil Sect is extremely ambitious. It wants to unify the whole continent. If there was no checks and balances among several Demons, it would have already started the move!”

“Oh, are the Demons stronger than the Humans?” Su Mo asked with surprise. The Firmament World was apparently ruled by the Humans, while the Demons seemed not to be as strong.

“Well, the Humans are certainly in charge on the continent. Several super powers of the Demons could not compete with the Humans. But there are two super powerful Demons in the East Sea and the West Sea.” The 13th Elder said, looking solemn, “The Flood-dragon tribe of the East Sea, and the Raging Sharks of the West Sea are very powerful, and they are no weaker than the Netherworld Devil Sect.”

Su Mo nodded when he heard that. It seemed that the Netherworld Devil Sect was worried about the Demons stepping into this affair, so it didn’t dare to seek trouble on the continent.

“The Netherworld Devil Sect is extremely mysterious. Its sect master’s identity still remains unknown and is likely to be related to the Trial Tester!” The 13th Elder said.

“Who is the Trial Tester?” Su Mo asked, looking confused.

“The Trial Testers are a group of outsiders, they don’t belong to the Firmament World. But where exactly are they from? I don’t really know.” The 13th Elder said.

“Don’t belong to the Firmament World?” Su Mo asked curiously. He was intrigued by the 13th Elder’s words. Then he asked, “Are there any other continents outside the Firmament World ?”

“I’m not sure!” The 13th Elder said while shaking his head. “According to the rumors, the Trial Testers are a group of extremely terrifying beings. Every thousand years, they will come to the Firmament World. And calamity would strike every time.”

The 13th Elder looked solemn. He was only over 300 years old and had not experienced the disaster caused by the Trial Testers. But according to the record, every time the Trial Testers arrived, the Firmament World ‘s vitality would be greatly undermined.

Upon hearing that, a light flashed in Su Mo’s eyes. Does that mean the perishment of the Firmament Palace is related with the Trial Testers? Well, I must ask Gold One and the other puppets when I return to the Firmament Palace.

“When was the last time the Trial Tester came?” Su Mo asked.

“According to the record, it was almost a thousand years ago. If I am not wrong, the Trial Testers will come back again in the next few decades.” The 13th Elder said.

Su Mo fell silent. It seemed that the Firmament World was going to experience another major calamity. But he knew too little about the Trial Testers, he still did not have much of an idea about them.

Maybe he could get more details when he went back to the Firmament Palace.

The 13th Elder had talked with Su Mo for a long time before leaving the palace. The purpose of his visit was simply to warn Su Mo against going to the Netherworld Devil Sect.

Xi’er had been watching Su Mo quietly without interrupting the conversation between Su Mo and the 13th Elder.

After the 13th Elder left, Xi’er then said to Su Mo with a smile, “Brother Su Mo, you really haven’t changed a bit.”

“Really? How come I feel like I have changed a lot!” Su Mo replied with a smile.

“Where have you changed?” Xi’er asked curiously.

Su Mo touched his own face, and asked with a laugh, “Don’t you think I am ten times more handsome than before?”


Xi’er was first shocked after hearing Su Mo’s words, then she smiled while covering her mouth, she said, “Brother Su Mo, you have certainly changed, you are now self-obsessed!”

“Hehe!” Su Mo laughed while shaking his head. The gloomy feeling which was brought by Qian Xunyue and Hong Qingxuan was lighter than before.

“Brother Su Mo, why did your hair turn white?” Xi’er asked while looking at Su Mo’s white hair, she looked confused.

“It doesn’t matter. It was because I used a secret skill, which consumed my essence, qi, and spirit. I will recover in a period of time!” Su Mo said.

“That’s good!” Xi’er said while nodding her head. She felt that Su Mo’s white hair made him look cold and cruel.

The two had not seen each other for years. Now that they finally met, it seemed that they would never stop talking.

They just continued chatting about everything that happened in these five years.

Xi’er told Su Mo about her what she had gone through in the past five years. She had a peaceful life. Other than missing Su Mo, she only cultivated every day.

She only left Emperor Xuan Palace three times in the last five years.

Then Su Mo also told Xi’er about parts of his experiences in the last five years.

Even though Su Mo just mentioned his experience casually, Xi’er still enjoyed hearing that. She sometimes looked nervous while she listened to Su Mo’s experiences.

Thought Su Mo made it sound easy, Xi’er still understood that these experiences were very dangerous and tough.

There was no doubt. How could Su Mo have what he had achieved everything he had today without any suffering?

The two had completely different experiences in the past five years.

If Xi’er’s five years was like a bright road, then Su Mo’s was like mountains of swords and seas of flames.

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