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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 943: We have been waiting for you for a long time!

Chapter 943: We have been waiting for you for a long time!

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Su Mo and Xi’er talked for a while in the palace. Then they talked about the duel during the wedding.

“Brother Su Mo, who are the two girls?” Xi’er asked out of curiosity. She had meant to ask Su Mo for a long time, but she was too shy to do so.

Since they were talking about the wedding, she just took the opportunity to ask him.

“They are a teacher and her student,” Su Mo said with a sigh. Then he told Xi’er about Qian Xunyue and Hong Qingxuan.

Su Mo told Xi’er everything in detail other than what had happened between him and Qian Xunyue,

It was not that Su Mo deliberately wanted to hide it from Xi’er. Instead, he thought it was just an accident, and now since Qian Xunyue’s fate was still uncertain, he didn’t want to talk more about it.

After hearing what Su Mo said, Xi’er remained silent. Though Su Mo didn’t explicitly mention the feelings the two girls had for him, Xi’er knew about it clearly.

The girls had stood up for Su Mo in that life-or-death situation without considering their own lives. It was evident how they felt about Su Mo.

And now, Qian Xunyue had died to save Su Mo. This deserved to be respected.

“Brother Su Mo, when are you going to rescue Miss Hong?” Xi’er asked with concern. She knew that Su Mo would definitely go to the Netherworld Devil Sect and there was no one who could stop him.

She knew Su Mo very well. If Su Mo could bear tribulation for her for five years, he would not ignore the safety of Hong Qingxuan for sure.

” I don’t know, but not too long! ” Su Mo said, looking solemn. Then he slightly shook his head.

He would not be able to successfully rescue Hong Qingxuan, but would also die in vain if he were to go to the Netherworld Devil Sect with his present strength.

As such, Su Mo did not know when to go to the Netherworld Devil Sect, but he couldn’t wait for too long.

The longer he waited, the more dangerous it would be for Hong Qingxuan.

Speaking of which, the atmosphere was slightly depressing, Su Mo was silent and Xi ‘er also stopped asking.

Xi’er could see Su Mo’s feelings for Hong Qingxuan from his expression.

Although Xi ‘er felt slightly bitter, she did not say much. After all, she had no reason to ask Su Mo to be faithful to her.

“Brother Su Mo, how is your injury now?” Xi’er changed the topic.

” It’s alright, I just need a few days of convalescing to recover!” Su Mo said while shaking his head.

” I have some good healing elixirs here, take them! ” Xi’er said while taking out a few bottles of healing elixir from her storage ring and handing them to Su Mo.

Su Mo did not refuse and accepted them. Xi’er was showing her concern for him. If he refused to take the elixirs, he would hurt Xi’er’s feeling.

Later, Su Mo and Xi’er chatted for a moment before Xi’er got up and readied to leave.

“Brother Su Mo, please rest! I will not bother you any longer!” Xi’er said softly.

“Ok! I will walk you out!” Su Mo said. Then he sent Xi ‘er out of the door and returned to the palace, where he began to heal again.

Over the next few days, Su Mo stayed in Emperor Xuan Palace temporarily to heal from injuries.

About ten days later, his injuries were about fully healed.

At this time, Su Mo was ready to leave Emperor Xuan Palace. He was going to Sky-sea Pavilion.

He planned to go to Sky-sea Pavilion for two reasons. Firstly, he wanted to thank the Sky-sea Pavilion for its help last time. Secondly, he had an important matter to attend to.

After handling this matter, he would focus on improving his strength. He wanted to reach Martial Royal Realm or an even higher realm as soon as possible.

He would not let Huangfu Qing and the other Netherworld Devil Sect members escape.

Su Mo left the palace, found Xi ‘er’s residence, and then said goodbye to her.

Although he had thought of taking Xi ‘er away from Emperor Xuan Palace, there was no difference between taking her away and not taking her away in the current state of things.

“Brother Su Mo, please let me come with you!” Xi’er said. She immediately requested to leave with Su Mo when she heard that he was leaving.

“This… will your father approve?” Su Mo asked hesitantly.

“Don’t worry! My father said he would stay out of our affairs from now on!” Xi’er replied. She looked happy and excited. She had been separated from Su Mo for such a long time, she didn’t want to part ways with him again.

“Fine!” Su Mo said with a nod after thinking for a moment.

Xi’er had been staying in Emperor Xuan Palace, it would be good for her to go outside for a while.

Then, the two didn’t stay long and quickly left Emperor Xuan Palace. Their figures cut through the sky and disappeared at the end of the sky.

A young figure stood unmovingly on a mountain peak at the Emperor Xuan Palace.

It was Shangguan Hao.

“Su Mo, you won’t live for long!” Shangguan Hao whispered while he watched Su Mo and Xi’er leaving.

“Junior Sister, you bitch, I will make you and your father regret for the rest of your lives!” Shangguan Hao said, his eyes sharp and cold. Then, he strode away.

Above the sky, between the white clouds, Su Mo and Xi’er were holding hands like a couple.

“Brother Su Mo, I am very happy now. It feels as if we five years in the past!” Xi’er said. Her hair fluttered in the wind, but could not cover her smiling face.

“Hehe! You were my maid five years ago, but now, I dare not to let the Holy Maiden be my maid.” Su Mo said.

Only when he was with Xi’er, could he open his heart completely and feel a sense of belonging.

This was something that Hong Qingxuan and Qian Xunyue could not give him.

Of course, maybe it was because Su Mo was thinking about Xi’er, he could not completely open himself up to them.

“Brother Su Mo, I will always be your maid!” Xi’er said with a chuckle.

“Hehe!” Su Mo laughed while shaking his head.

The two moved like two streams of light. They gradually moved away from Emperor Xuan Palace.

Xi ‘er was not slower than Su Mo’s, but was instead slightly faster.

Xi ‘er had reached the Lv 2 Martial King Realm. Although she was not as good as Su Mo, she had cultivated powerful body moves and martial arts techniques.


After the two had flown for about an hour, Su Mo’s eyes flashed and he immediately pulled Xi ‘er to a halt.

” What’s the matter? Brother Su Mo. ” Xi’er asked puzzledly.

Su Mo did not answer Xi ‘er, his face was cold and his eyes narrowed slightly. Then he suddenly looked up.

There were three figures in black standing above the endless clouds.

“Members of Netherworld Devil Sect!” Su Mo said, a desire to kill flashed in his eyes. These three black-robed men were the three experts from Netherworld Devil Sect who had attacked him at Emperor Xuan Palace.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!!

The wind whistled and the three black-robed men came down in an instant and surrounded Su Mo.

” Su Mo, we have been waiting for you for a long time!” The tall black-robed man said coldly.

” Waiting for me? ” Su Mo said, looking solemn. It seemed that these three men had not left at all, and they had been waiting for him to leave the Emperor Xuan Palace.

Su Mo’s Dark Force surged. With a thought, nine Natal Spiritual Swords showed up around him immediately, guarding him and Xi’er.

Su Mo did not dare to be careless as the auras of the three men were extremely terrifying. They were all at least Lv 4 Martial Royal Realm experts.

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