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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 947: Embarrassment!

Chapter 947: Embarrassment!

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Deputy Hall Chief Hu was mad. Hall Chief Yi did not want such a priceless gift and even blamed Deputy Hall Chief Hu for hankering after a junior’s gift.

“Such a muddlehead!” Deputy Hall Chief Hu scolded silently. He was also panicking at the same time, If Su Mo retracted the gift, it would be such a big loss.

Su Mo was also speechless. He never expected Hall Chief Yi to reject his gift which he had specially prepared!

He understood immediately after a moment of thinking. It seemed like Deputy Hall Chief Hu did not mention anything about him to Hall Chief Yi.

As a result, he was not aware that the jade slips he was going to give were actually valuable craftsmanship.

So Mo shook his head helplessly and threw the jade slips to Deputy Hall Chief Hu.

Even if he did not want it, Su Mo would not take it back.

Deputy Hall Chief Hu was delighted and grabbed the jade slips in his hands.

After which, Deputy Hall Chief Hu immediately brought the jade slips to his forehead without any hesitation and started browsing through the content.

Hall Chief Yi was stunned. He was not surprised that Su Mo had givenDeputy Hall Chief Hu the jade slips, but Hu’s impatient manner caused his expression to darken.

“You are already so old, and yet still forget to behave yourself, what an embarrassment!”

Hall Chief Yi was slightly enraged.

After which, Deputy Hall Chief Hu’s expressions left him totally dumbfounded.

As Deputy Hall Chief Hu browsed through the jade slips, his eyes began bulging and his expression rejoiced with wild excitement. Then his brows drew together and his face flushed and his body vibrated slightly.

“What’s happening?” Hall Chief Yi was totally puzzled by Deputy Hall Chief Hu’s strange behavior.

Even Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian was in a trance, struck dumb with astonishment.

They had known Deputy Hall Chief Hu for centuries. He had always been steady and calm, and not easily rattled.

But now, he had lost all sense of propriety upon looking at a jade slip. This really astonished them.

“What’s in the jade slips?” Hall Chief Yi looked surprised and became curious about the content of the jade slips.

After a few moments, he saw that Deputy Hall Chief Hu was still browsing as if it was never ending and he became impatient.

“Give it to me!” said Hall Chief Yi in an overbearing manner as he stretched his hands and snatched the jade slips from Deputy Hall Chief Hu.

“Let me take a look and see what’s inside that makes you lose yourself!” He spoke loudly and began browsing through it.

Deputy Hall Chief Hu’s face turned dark. He was looking at something important when the jade slips were snatched from him. He was suddenly bursting with anger and felt like killing someone!

He would have long killed the Hall Chief if it weren’t for the fact that he was a Hall Chief, regardless of his status or even his strength was at a higher cultivation than him.

Hall Chief Yi sat in his seat and started browsing through the jade slips. As he looked through the contents thoroughly, his eyes also bulged, he shook and lost control of his internal aura that he crushedd his purple sandalwood chair into powder.


The premium purple sandalwood chair was turned into powder instantly.

Hall Chief Yi’s face circled through many different expressions as his conscious was entirely immersed in the knowledge within the jade slips.

“Is…is this real?”

“It’s marvelous!”

“No wonder I keep making mistakes previously!”

Hall Chief Yi mumbled as he looked through as though he had made a big discovery.

As he grew more agitated, his face started flushing abnormally and he shook violently. Coupled with his aged look, it was so funny.

Upon seeing Hall Chief Yi’s behavior, Deputy Hall Chief Hu silently criticized him in his heart. “Hall Chief is such an embarrassment, he can’t control himself at his age.”

At this moment, Deputy Pavilion Leader was the most astonished. One jade slip could make two of his Craftsmanship Hall Hall Chief lose themselves. What could be in it?

“Old Hu, what’s in the jade slip?” Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian couldn’t help asking him.

“My Pavilion Leader, numerous craftsmanship are recorded in the slip!” Deputy Hall Chief Hu said.

“What kind of craftsmanship?” Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian became more curious.

Hall Chief Yi was Number One Craftsmanship Grandmaster on the continent while Deputy Hall Chief Hu was a top craftsmanship master on the continent. Both of them had attained such a high level of standard in craftsmanship. What could cause them to be so agitated?

“Extremely profound knowledge. This contains the experience of how a Royal craftsman can be upgraded to an Imperial Craftsman.” Deputy Hall Chief Hu spoke in a deep voice.

Deputy Hall Chief Hu’s eyes become bright and shiny as he became agitated and anxious.

The experience of upgrading from Royal craftsman to an Imperial Craftsman was simply too valuable.

Su Mo’s gift was beyond his expectations.

Although with these experience, Deputy Hall Chief Hu might not be able to upgrade to Imperial Craftsman, his success rate would definitely be higher than when he was searching on his own, by tenfold, or even a hundredfold.

“What?” Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian’s mind vibrated like a thunder blast.

“The experience of upgrading from Royal craftsman to an Imperial Craftsman?”

“No wonder both of them lost control of themselves. So there’s a shocking craftsmanship.”

Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian also became slightly agitated. Although he was not a craftsman, he was also delighted.

That’s because, be it Hall Chief Yi or Deputy Hall Chief Hu, so long as one of them could be upgraded to an Imperial Craftsman, Sky-sea Pavilion would still benefit from it.

Not to mention how valuable and priceless an Imperial treasure could be. If Sky-sea Pavilion could produce massive amounts of Imperial Weapons, their strength would definitely surge. Then, they would not even be afraid of the Netherworld Devil Sect.

For instance, Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian was at the Lv 9 Martial Royal Realm, if he had a powerful weapon at Imperial grade, he would dare to duel with even an Emperor-to-be expert, such as Di Shi.

Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian shot a glance at Su Mo and his eyes shone. This guy was so generous!

Su Mo could present such a valuable craftsmanship experience without any hesitation. One could see how magnanimous he was.

Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian pondered and thought even more highly of Su Mo.

His talent was earthshaking. With an Imperial Craftsman Master and a magnanimous heart, his future was bright.

This made Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian even more determined to bring Su Mo into the core of Sky-sea Pavilion.

He had been informed by Deputy Hall Chief Hu earlier that Su Mo was not a craftsman from Sky-sea Pavilion, his role as Supervisor was in name only.

Hence, Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian thought of how he could bring Su Mo into Sky-sea Pavilion thoroughly to become a member.

Although Su Mo was still a disciple of Emperor Xuan Palace, there’s no relation at all. As Su Mo came from East Continent, he was not really considered a disciple of Emperor Xuan Palace either.

Before long, he had an idea.

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