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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 948: Sect Leader was Back!

Chapter 948: Sect Leader was Back!

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The hall became silent as Hall Chief Yi was completely immersed in the knowledge within the jade slip.

Su Mo kept the Dark Sky Spiritual Coffin and sat down to wait.

One hour had passed, Hall Chief Yi still continued to be immersed in the jade slip.

At this moment, the three of them started to grow impatient.

Judging by the current situation, they estimated that Hall Chief Yi could browse for three days and three nights.

“Cough! Cough!”

A loud cough was heard. Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian sounded a reminder.

Hall Chief Yi suddenly regained his wits and discovered their impatience. He flushed.

“This…Su Mo, I never expect that you have such profound craftsmanship!” Hall Chief Yi smiled awkwardly, “I shall keep this jade slip then!”

His face was heated. Previously, he had reprimanded Deputy Hall Chief Hu for accepting a junior’s gift, and now, he was just slapping his own face.

“You should!” Su Mo nodded his head.

“Alright, Old Yi, Old Hu, you may go back first! I’ll have a chat with Su Mo!” Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian said.

“Yes, Deputy Pavilion Leader!” Both of them replied.

Then both of them placed their fists together and left the hall hastily to go back to research on the craftsmanship in the jade slips.

Su Mo and Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian were left in the hall.

Su Mo knew clearly that Qian must be trying to get him on his side.

Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian pondered then said, “Su Mo, you have a feud with the Netherworld Devil Sect, you must be more careful going forward.”

“I will!” Su Mo nodded.

“But don’t worry, since you are one of us at the Sky-sea Pavilion, we have your back.” Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian spoke seriously.

He understood the fact that asking a talent like Su Moto serve the Sky-sea Pavilion loyally would only backfire. Only when he was given sufficient support, then Su Mo would have a sense of belonging toward Sky-sea Pavilion.

“Many thanks, Deputy Pavilion Leader! I will never forget the help from Sky-sea Pavilion!” Su Mo expressed his gratitude to him.

“Hehe! Good!” Upon hearing Su Mo’s words, Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian smiled and reminded him again, “And you must never go to the Netherworld Devil Sect. If not, you’ll definitely die!”

“I won’t go for the time being!” Su Mo nodded and asked, “By the way, where’s the Netherworld Devil Sect’s main gate?”

Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian said, “The Netherworld Devil Sect is situated at the far west of Devil Abyss in the Central Continent, which is near the West Continent!”

“Devil Abyss!” Su Mo took a deep breath and memorised the information. He would surely make a trip there soon.

Soon after, Deputy Pavilion Leader Qian and Su Mo chatted for a while and cautioned him to be careful.

Their casual conversation had brought them closer to each other.

Eventually, Su Mo bid his farewell to Deputy Hall Chief Hu.

He had already gotten the Dark Sky Spiritual Coffin, so it was not necessary to stay there anymore.

After returning to his room, Su Mo entered the Divine Map.

In the Divine Map, the Dark Sky Spiritual Coffin laid quietly on the grassland.

Su Mo carried Qian Xunyue and gently laid her inside the Dark Sky Spiritual Coffin.

“Wait for me!”

As he watched Qian Xunyue’s peaceful face that was like still water, he sighed and decisively covered the coffin with the lid.

He placed the Dark Sky Spiritual Coffin in the cave then he left Divine Map and left Sky-sea Pavilion with Xi’er.

Su Mo’s ultimate destination was Qingyuan City. Since the matter with the Emperor Xuan Palace had been settled, he would go back to report that he was safe and sound.

After a few days of rushing, Su Mo arrived at Qingyuan City.

When Su Mo and Xi’er reached the Firmament Sect, the whole sect was teeming with excitement.

“Sect leader is back!”

“Sect leader is back!”

Countless shouts and screams could be heard and the news shook the whole of Qingyuan City.

Su Mo’s scuffle at Emperor Xuan Palace had already spread all over the world and had naturally spread back to Qingyuan City.

It shook the whole of Qingyuan City. The reputation of the Firmament Sect rose instantaneously.

Right now, even a three-year-old toddler knew the Sect Leader of Firmament Sect was Su Mo.

Su Mo and Xi’er walked alongside each other and entered the Firmament Sect.

“Greetings, Sect Leader!”

“Greetings, Sect Leader!”

The disciples of the Firmament Sect paid their respects to Su Mo one by one, each agitated and in high spirits.

Before long, a large number of disciples gathered behind Su Mo.

Su Mo nodded to every disciple in acknowledgment.

As Su Mo watched the excitement of all the disciples and listened to the cheering in the distance, his brows creased slightly.

He only wished to see the Firmament Sect develop secretly in Qingyuan City. However, with the current impetus, not to mention Qingyuan City, even those within the radius of a few hundred thousand miles, would know that he’s the Sect Leader of Firmament Sect.

In this case, if the news were to spread to the Netherworld Devil Sect, the Firmament Sect would be in trouble.

Su Mo started to have a headache. Does this mean that the Firmament Sect needed to shift again and relocate their main gate?

However, the Netherworld Devil Sect was so influential, there was no absolutely secured place in the Central Continent, where could they go?

It would not work even if they were to go to the other four big continents because they were all overtaken by the Netherworld Devil Sect.

It was not a good idea to bring everyone to the Firmament Palace as well because of their large number.

Although he was Firmament Palace’s Holy Son, he had no right to bring so many people there.

Su Mo sighed and shook his head. He had better discuss it with all the Hall Chiefs.

He could not take this lightly as he needed to take precaution.

Otherwise, all would be too late if a group of Netherworld Devil Sect’s experts were to come.

Before long, he came to the Conference Hall with Xi’er.

“Summon all the Hall Chiefs and elders to the Conference Hall for a discussion!” Su Mo instructed loudly.

“Yes!” A large number of disciples received the order.

However, before the disciples could dispatch the order, Su Hong, Qing Pingzi and other Hall Chief, as well as many elders, had already arrived.

“Greetings, Sect Leader!”

“Greetings, Sect Leader!”

Everyone paid their respects.

“Haha! Mo’er, I knew you could create another miracle!” Su Hong laughed, his face flushing.

During this period, Su Hong was the happiest of them all.

Upon seeing his own son becoming stronger and gradually became an expert, Su Hong felt infinitely gratified.

Everyone was reverent and respectful to him in Qingyuan City, regardless of their status or cultivation.

Although this was all because of Su Mo’s reputation, Su Hong did not mind at all. So long as his son was strong, then he would be strong.

“Father, you must be worried!” Su Mo also smiled.

“Haha, it’s ok!” Su Hong laughed, then his eyes brightened when he saw Xi’er.

“Miss Xi’er, you are destined to be my daughter-in-law!” Su Hong laughed and said.

Xi’er instantly felt embarrassed and blushed upon hearing that.

“Greetings, Uncle!” Xi’er paid her respect as she blushed shyly.

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