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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 960: Buying Information

Chapter 960: Buying Information

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In the palace, Su Mo was like an old monk in meditation, his breathing was long and even.

He had been sitting quietly for more than ten days, continuously refining his internal dark force and consolidating his cultivation.

Slowly, Su Mo opened his eyes and spat out a mouthful of murky Qi.

“Should be almost there!” Su Mo’s eyes shone brightly. He felt that he could try for another breakthrough in his cultivation again.

He had been cultivating and refining his cultivation along the way since before he came back to Emperor Xuan Palace.

And now that he had meditated in seclusion for more than 10 days, it should be sufficient for another breakthrough.

After that, Su Mo went into the Divine Map, took out more than 600 divine elixirs and began devouring them.

All these divine elixirs were taken from those Netherworld Devil Sect experts he had killed.

There were only a few experts from the Netherworld Devil Sect side halls with Martial King Realm and above, so he could only get a limited number of divine elixirs.


The dark force boiled and divine elixirs exploded as Su Mo began cultivating.

The process did not last for long Roughly after three hours, all the divine elixirs dark force had been depleted.

However, Su Mo’s cultivation did not break through but had reached a critical point.

“It’s still not enough!” Su Mo was surprised. Among these few hundreds of divine elixirs, a few of them were Martial Royal Realm elixirs, yet they were still not enough for him. This showed how horrifying it was for him to deplete his resources.

After which, Su Mo took out a large number of Spiritual Stones that were stacked like a small mountain, and continued to devour them.

Another two hours passed. Su Mo finally got his wish and breakthrough to Lv 5 Martial King Realm.

He stopped cultivating after absorbing all the Spiritual Qi.

“This should be sufficient to deal with Wu Shan!” Su Mo felt his body surging with strength and he couldn’t help clenching his fists.

Wu Shan was ranked third on the List of 10,000 Talents, two ranks higher than Shangguan Hao. His strength must be extremely strong, it should not be weaker than an Lv 4 Martial Royal Realm martial artist.

When Su Mo was at Lv 3 Martial King Realm, he could compete with an average Lv 3 Martial Royal Realm martial artist. Now that he had reached Lv 5 Martial King Realm, he was definitely not weaker than an Lv 4 Martial Royal Realm martial artist.

Although every Martial Royal Realm martial artist’s cultivation varies at different levels, the difference between each level could be extremely great, it was far beyond a Martial King Realm could compare. However, Su Mo was not an average Martial King Realm martial artist.

There were still two days before he had to leave for the Fighting Spirits’ Plane. Su Mo pondered and left his palace.

He prepared to go out and see if Emperor Xuan Palace had a trading place like Spiritual Treasure Palace. He wanted to look for treasures that contained Dragon Force.

If there was, he could upgrade his physical strength further, by then, he would be more confident.

As he strolled around the Inner Palace, sure enough, he found the trading place.

It was a palace named ‘Treasure Palace’. It was bustling with many Inner Palace disciples.

Su Mo walked into Treasure Palace and glanced through the whole area. He saw that the large palace was filled with many small shops.

As he walked in, the initial noise coming from the palace instantly quietened down.

Everyone was staring at Su Mo unanimously.


Upon seeing, Su Mo touched his chin, feeling helpless. He felt uneasy at being the center of attention wherever he went.

After which, he ignored everyone and found some shops selling Spiritual Herbs and rare treasures, and started making inquiries.

However, after one round of inquiries, Su Mo only bought one item that contained the Dragon Force. It was a Lv 6 demonic beast, Fiery Dragon Python’s Demonic Core.

Fiery Dragon Python had a trace of Real Dragon bloodline, hence, its Demonic Core would contain a trace of Dragon Force.

However, as the Fiery Dragon Python’s Real Dragon bloodline was extremely thin, it’s Demonic Core that contained the Dragon Force was also extremely scarce.

“Aye!” Su Mo sighed in resignation. It looked like it would be very difficult for him to cultivate his physical strength in the future.

Even with the power of Emperor Xuan Palace, they did not really have any treasure that contained Dragon Force. It seemed like there would be few in the world.

There was one more shop left. There were plenty of Spiritual Herbs in the shop and Su Mo headed toward it.

“Shopkeeper, do you have any treasures that contain Dragon Force?” Su Mo asked.

The shopkeeper of this shop was a slim-and-weak young man. Su Mo wondered if he was a disciple or a Deacon of Inner Palace.

“Treasures that contain Dragon Force?” The slim-and-weak young man was stunned and his eyes flashed, but he did not reply immediately.

Su Mo was delighted, it meant there was hope, and he immediately said, “If you have, I’ll pay double the price!”

“Double the price?” The slim-and-weak young man was surprised. However, he still shook his head, and said, “Su Mo, I don’t have any treasure that contains Dragon Force.”

“Triple the price!” Su Mo instantly increased his price, as he guessed that he might have it, but was just not willing to sell it to him.

The slim-and-weak young man was speechless but still shook his head, indicating that he had none.

Su Mofrowned. He thought that the shopkeeper’s expression seemed to indicate he had something that contained the Dragon Force.

Su Mo had no choice but shook his head and was about to leave.

At this moment, that slim-and-weak young man looked outside cautiously, and suddenly telepathize to Su Mo, saying, “Su Mo, I know where you can find something that contains Dragon Force!”

Su Mo heard him and instantly stopped as he looked at the slim-and-weak young man puzzledly.

He had information, yet he did not tell him aboveboard but telepathized via Dark Force.

Apparently, he did not want anyone else to hear about it! Could there be any mystery?”

“Where can I find?” Su Mo telepathized back to him.

“I can give you the information, and you pay me ten billion Upper Spiritual Stones, ok? The slim-and-weak young man rolled his eyes, sending the message telepathically.

“Ten billion Upper Spiritual Stones!” Su Mo’s eyes narrowed. He had a huge appetite, an information in exchange for ten billion Upper Spiritual Stones.

However, if his information was true, there was no harm in giving him ten billion Upper Spiritual Stones since Su Mo was loaded with it.

“Ok!” Su Mo said, telepathizing the message.

When the slim-and-weak young man heard this, his eyes flashed with excitement, then he immediately took a Spiritual Herb from the desk in random, and said to Su Mo, “Su Mo, this is a hundred-year-old Spiritual Cedar Grass. It has the effect of calmness and attentiveness, best to use it while you are in seclusion!”

Su Mo was speechless, but he was not a fool and understood immediately. He wanted to use this Spiritual Herb to trade with him in order to muzzle the public.

After all, he was getting too much attention in the palace and many people were stealing glances at him.

“Alright! I’ll take this Spiritual Cedar Grass!” Su Mo said.

“Ok, 30,000 Upper Spiritual Stones!” The slim-and-weak young man smiled.

Su Mo nodded as he flipped his palm and a storage ring appeared.

“You may count!” Su Mo passed the storage ring to the slim-and-weak young man, then he immediately telepathized, saying, “Give me the information!”

There were not only 30,000 thousand Upper Spiritual Stones in the storage ring, but ten million Supreme Spiritual Stones, which was equivalent to ten billion Upper Spiritual Stones.

The slim-and-weak young man took his storage ring and instantly check it. He couldn’t help but smile upon seeing that there was indeed ten million Supreme Spiritual Stones.

After which, while he passed the Spiritual Cedar Grass to Su Mo, he telepathized to him, saying, “Inner Palace disciple, Kong Changfeng has a lot of Dragon Blood Herb.”

“Kong Changfeng?” Su Mo understood clearly why he dared not give him the information aboveboard, for fear of offending Kong Changfeng.

Su Mo knew who Kong Changfeng was. He was one of those Supreme Talents and ranked 12th on the List of 10,000 Talents.

“I hope your information is accurate!” Su Mo telepathized plainly. Then he took the Spiritual Cedar Grass and walked out of Treasure Palace.

Su Mo was not afraid of him playing tricks because he was only at the cultivation of Lv 6 Martial King Realm. If he dared lie to him, he would crush the man until he started questioning the meaning of life.

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