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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 961: Intolerable

Chapter 961: Intolerable

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After Su Mo left Treasure Palace, he went straight to look for Kong Changfeng.

As a Supreme Talent ranked 12th on the List of 10,000 Talents, Kong Changfeng was definitely a celebrity in Emperor Xuan Palace. Su Mo randomly asked a disciple and instantly knew where he stayed.

At the mountainside, there were many small palaces situated there, one of them belonged to Kong Changfeng.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Su Mo came to Kong Changfeng’s palace and gently knocked on the door.

He came to purchase Dragon Blood Herb from him, so he must be polite.

He had never heard of Dragon Blood Herb before, so he wouldn’t know how effective it was, or how much Dragon Force was contained in it.

“Come in!” After knocking on the door, a deep voice was heard from the inner palace, then Su Mo opened the door and walked in.

The living room of the palace was quite spacious and a dozen people were gathered inside.

“Su Mo!” They saw Su Mo and instantly exclaimed.

Su Mo glanced across and caught two familiar faces. They were Shangguan Yun and Tang Ao.

Shangguan Yun was Shangguan Hao’s cousin, who had been lectured by Su Mo previously, while Tang Ao used to be the second disciple of the Outer Palace.

Tang Ao had a Berserker Martial Soul, which Su Mo defeated once.

As he glanced at the two of them, he noticed that Shangguan Yun was at a cultivation at peak of Lv 8 of True Darkness Realm, while Tang Ao actually attained a cultivation of Lv 2 Martial King Realm.

“Both of you, it’s been a while since we last met!” Su Mo smiled at both of them.

Shangguan Yun and Tang Ao did not say anything, both of their faces turned dark, especially Shangguan Yun, where his face was extremely gloomy.

They already knew Su Mo was the Outer Palace disciple who had once defeated both of them.

Su Mo had been extremely arrogant when he was in the Outer Palace. He insulted all the Outer Palace disciples by calling them trash. And at the cultivation of Lv 6 True Darkness Realm, he swept the whole of Outer Palace by defeating them.

None of them ever expected Su Mo to become strong enough to defeat Shangguan Hao within a short span of less than one year.

Both of them found it to be unbelievable. Shangguan Yun secretly trembled, it was so horrifying!

After greeting both of them, Su Mo glanced at the rest of the people, and asked, “May I know who Kong Changfeng is?”

Although he asked, he had already set his eyes on a white-robed young man.

This person was good looking with an outstanding disposition and he was diffusing a deep and immense aura. It was apparent that he had already attained a cultivation of Martial Royal Realm.

“I am. Su Mo, what can I do for you?” The white-robed young man frowned slightly and asked plainly.

He did not know Su Mo, so he wondered why Su Mo would come looking for him!

“I heard that you have Dragon Blood Herb?” Su Mo smiled and asked.

Kong Changfeng heard and his eyes flashed brightly and narrowed, then he asked in a deep voice, “Who told you I have Dragon Blood Herb?”

“You don’t need to know!” Su Mo shook his head. He definitely would not tell him that the information came from the slim-and-weak young man.

Su Mo pondered and said, “I’m willing to pay a high price for your Dragon Blood Herb. I hope you can sell it to me!”

Su Mo stared at Kong Changfeng with gleaming eyes and waited for his response.

Nevertheless, Kong Changfeng’s face sank and he said coldly, “Sorry I’m not selling!”

Kong Changfeng was determined. He did not give Su Mo face at all.

Su Mo frowned slightly. However, since he refused to sell, there was nothing much he could do. Su Mo could not possibly snatch it from him!

Su Mo shook his head in resignation and walked out of the palace.

As he walked out of the palace, he could hear the disdainful cold laughter coming from the palace.

“That bumpkin. He thought he could take Senior Brother Shangguan’s position just by defeating him!”

Upon hearing this sentence, Su Mo stopped and his eyes flashed coldly because it was Kong Changfeng who had said that.

“Very well!” Su Mo smiled and turned back to the palace. Since he was seeking death, then don’t blame him for being heartless.

“Hmm?” Kong Changfeng, Shangguan Yun and the rest of the people stared at Su Mo in shock when they saw him returning.

“You have three breaths of time to hand over the Dragon Blood Herb!” Su Mo looked at Kong Changfeng and said plainly, but yet domineering.

“What!” Kong Changfeng’s face sank immediately and shouted angrily, “Su Mo, surely you don’t mean you want to snatch it from me?”

“Two more breaths of time!” Su Mo did not answer him, but said in an extremely cold voice.

“How arrogant!” Kong Changfeng’s expression hardened, and he said angrily, “Snatching from a fellow disciple is against sect rules, aren’t you afraid that Palace Master will punish you?”

“Three breaths of time is up!” Su Mo shook his head and walked toward Kong Changfeng.

Kong Changfeng became furious. Su Mo actually did not respect him at all, he was totally abominable.


Those beside Kong Changfeng, like Shangguan Yun and the rest, were intimidated and immediately dodged to the side because they knew how fierce Su Mo could be.

Moreover, Shangguan Hao and Tang Ao knew very clearly that Su Mo was a limitless arrogant fella. There was nothing he dared not do as they had once witnessed the incidents at the Outer Palace.

“Su Mo, if you dare to snatch my Dragon Blood Herb, I’ll definitely report this matter to Palace Master!” Kong Changfeng shouted angrily as he watched Su Mo stepping forward. He took a few steps back.


At this moment, a flash of lightning appeared in front of Su Mo and shot toward Kong Changfeng’s finger.

The electric light was so swift that it cut through the void and was so fast it was difficult to see with the naked eye.

As Su Mo was less than 20 meters away from Kong Changfeng, the electric light appeared without any sign, Kong Changfeng was just about to react when the electric light instantaneously shot his finger.


A dash of blood spilled out as Kong Changfeng’s finger was chopped off and fell to the ground.

“Ah!” Kong Changfeng screamed in pain as he retreated immediately.


Su Mo stretched his hand and immediately grabbed the chopped-off finger.

The finger that was chopped off from Kong Changfeng had a greyish white storage ring. After Su Mo removed the storage ring, he threw the finger away.

“Many thanks!” Su Mo smiled and elegantly turned his back and walked out of the palace.

“Bastard!” Kong Changfeng was completely enraged. Su Mo was so arrogant as to cut off his finger and snatch his storage ring.

Kong Changfeng was going crazy. How could he tolerate it? He shouted loudly and decisively attacked Su Mo.

“Slash!” A long saber appeared in Kong Changfeng’s hand and he wielded. A sharp wind blade flashed toward Su Mo’s back like a flash of lightning.

This wind blade was quick and swift, transparent yet sharp, it contained an immensely Ultimacy of the wind.

A Martial Royal Realm martial artist was stronger for they had understood the Ultimacy, which increased their attacking power by a few folds.

This was the biggest difference between a Martial Royal Realm and a Martial King Realm martial artist. However, although Su Mo was not enlightened on Ultimacy, his solid foundation was not something any average lower Martial Royal Realm artist could compare to.

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