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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 970: The Killing Ultimacy

Chapter 970: The Killing Ultimacy

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Using his Ghostly Magic Sight Martial Soul, Su Mo’s vision instantly improved.

He scanned the surrounding tens of thousands of kilometers and saw countless mountains and martial artists.

He even saw some martial artists fighting over certain Ultimacies.

After scrutinizing the area, he still could not find Wu Shan, but he did see Jiang Fengran.

Jiang Fengran was currently sitting cross-legged and as still as a monk on a mountain, learning an Ultimacy.

The mountain he was on was howling with strong winds and surrounded by sharp wind blades.

It definitely contained a wind Ultimacy, which was perfect for Jiang Fengran.

Su Mo could not find any trace of Wu Shan and sighed defeatedly. He decided to keep an eye out for Wu Shan as he searched for an Ultimacy for himself.

He did not care about cultivating regular Ultimacies, even Five Elements Ultimacies.

Although the Five Elements Ultimacies meshed well with his cultivation skill, it would be impossible to learn all five!

No matter how high his cultivation or how strong his comprehension, it would still be difficult.

Instead of learning only one or two of the Five Elements Ultimacies, it was better to search for special Ultimacies.

As he flew around, Su Mo released his spiritual consciousness to explore what kinds of Ultimacies were around him.

“I wonder where the immortality Ultimacy that Xi’er mentioned is?” Su Mo murmured quietly.

Su Mo was very interested in this Ultimacy, which was one of the strongest in the world.

However, the Fighting Spirits’ Plane was so large that he had no idea how to find it.

Su Mo searched for a while in vain and felt quite dejected.

At this moment, a chilling Ultimacy entered into Su Mo’s spiritual consciousness.

In an instant, he felt an icy shudder run through his body and stopped in his tracks.

“What kind of Ultimacy is this?”

Su Mo was shocked. His spiritual consciousness had not detected any special mountains, so why did a strange Ultimacy enter his senses?

This Ultimacy was not only piercingly cold, but also contained endless killing desire, making Su Mo’s heart tremor.


Without hesitation, he stopped and flew toward the Ultimacy.

He moved so quickly that his body turned into a bold of lightning flitting through the void.

Soon, a special mountain appeared before him.

It was almost 3000 meters tall, many times taller than the other mountains. Its pitch black figure stood quietly in the void.

Before even stepping foot on the mountain, Su Mo felt overwhelming Ultimacy flooding from the peak. The Ultimacy was brimming with killing desire that chilled him to the bone.

Su Mo was not alone. There were also a couple dozen others martial artists surrounding the mountain.

At this moment, they were not comprehending the Ultimacy, but fighting violently with booming explosions.

Fighting Spirits’ Plane’s rules allowed for only one person to comprehend each Ultimacy, or else no one would reap its benefits.

Therefore, these people had to fight to obtain this Ultimacy.

Su Mo glanced at the people fighting and saw three Netherworld Devil Sect martial artists, but Wu Shan was not one of them.

Besides those three, Dugu Sheng from the Dugus, Number Six on the List of 10,000 Talents, was also there.

The other people were also experts, with most of their cultivations at the Martial Royal Realm.

Dugu Sheng was very powerful, about as powerful as Shangguan Hao. He was wielding a long spear menacingly like a flood dragon.

Currently, it was Dugu Sheng against all the other dozens of people.

However, his opponents were very powerful as well and had him at a standstill.

When they saw Su Mo approaching, everyone stopped and looked at him seriously.

They all knew that Su Mo was very powerful, and that they would be in big trouble if he joined the fight.

“What kind of Ultimacy is this? Is it the killing Ultimacy?” Su Mo murmured to himself.

He ignored everyone else and walked through the void, heading straight for the peak.

Although Su Mo did not know what kind of Ultimacy it was, he knew it was exceptional, and he had to take advantage of it.

Such a powerful Ultimacy would drastically boost his combat strength.

Everyone’s eyes narrowed as they saw Su Mo try to take this Ultimacy.

Dugu Sheng’s face darkened. He had come to Fighting Spirits’ Plane with the sole purpose of obtaining the killing Ultimacy.

He had expected the process to be easy, but then Su Mo showed up.

Dugu Sheng activated his Dark Force, determined to fight for the killing Ultimacy. He would fight for it even if Zhan Luan showed up, let alone Su Mo.

Su Mo walked towards the peak, and when he neared the crowd, he suddenly shot out nine Natal Spiritual Swords.

The nine swords pierced through the air incredibly quickly toward the three martial artists from Netherworld Devil Sect.

“Oh no!”

They had not expected Su Mo to suddenly attack them.




The three of them roared angrily while retreating and blocking at the same time.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Fist radiance, claw radiance, and saber radiance shattered the air and shot toward the Spiritual Swords.


However, the three of them were only at Lv 1 Martial Royal Realm and were no match for Su Mo’s Natal Spiritual Sword.

Their attacks were instantly pierced by Su Mo’s.

Then, the nine swords struck the three of them like lightning.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

They screamed as the Spiritual Swords pierced their bodies and exploded with Dark Force inside them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three Netherworld Devil Sect experts exploded into bursts of blood and guts.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Everyone watching this gasped in shock.

Even Dugu Sheng was stunned and terrified.

Although they had heard that Su Mo was strong, they had never seen it with their own eyes before.

Now, they could not help but wonder at how mercilessly and easily the Lv 5 Martial King Realm Su Mo slaughtered Lv 1 Martial Royal Realm martial artists.

His ability to fight above his level was unreal!

Even those who were skeptical about his strength before could now no longer dismiss him.

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