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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 977: The Invincible Zhan Luan

Chapter 977: The Invincible Zhan Luan

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“Are you joking? Where can I find so many Martial Royal Realm Experts for you?”

Su Mo said helplessly as his face twitched.

Even if there were enough Martial Royal Realm experts in the Firmament World, he could not kill them for no reason.

“Of course I’m serious!”

The Demonic Spirit said seriously, “It’s not that I must take Martial Royal Realm experts’ blood. If there are a million Martial King Realm martial artist or 100 million True Darkness Realm martial artist, that’ll do too!”


Su Mo stared agape. This guy was insane.

What the fu*k!

A million Martial King Realm martial artists?

100 million True Darkness Realm martial artists?

If he really killed so many people, what was the difference between him and a devil?

“That’s obviously impossible!”

Su Mo shook his head and said, “But, I’ll save the blood for you if I kill people in the future.”


The Demonic Spirit sighed and disappeared.

He didn’t force Su Mo to do this since this was unbearable for a good person.

But he believed that Su Mo would change his mind soon.

Then, Su Mo took the Demonic Sword and left this peak.

There was no Killing Ultimacy on this peak now.

But he had noticed an extremely light amount of Ultimacy was emerging.

In the Fighting Spirits’ Plane, the Ultimacy on every peak would regenerate itself.

Of course, this recovery process was extremely slow and would take ten years to fully recover.

That was why the Fighting Spirits’ Plane opened for every ten years.

After leaving the peak, Su Mo rambled in the void, looking for other peaks with powerful Ultimacies.

The Demonic Spirit said that he could comprehend the Killing Ultimacy from the Demonic Sword.

Since that was the case, he wanted another Ultimacy.

He was anxious that he still had not found Wu Shan.

His main goal here was to capture Wu Shan.

The spiritual consciousness was poured out to this place, spreading through the peaks.

He also exerted the Ghostly Magic Sight to the extreme.

He was thinking while searching. Super talents like Shangguan Hao and Dugu Sheng had powerful life-saving methods.

As the young master of the Netherworld Devil Sect, Wu Shan must have powerful life-saving methods.

Therefore, he must find a way that could 100% capture Wu Shan.

Su Mo flew like lightning above the peaks.

Some martial artists on the peaks were scared as hell upon seeing Su Mo, and they were relieved upon seeing Su Mo leave.

Time flew, and three days passed quickly.

Su Mo still had not found Wu Shan or an Ultimacy that he was interested in.


On this day, Su Mo heard a series of rumbles from the distance while rambling in the void.

 ”There’s a big fight!”

Su Mo’s eyes glittered as he immediately rushed to the source of the noise.

Soon, the scene came to his sight.

It was a huge peak and was 100 meters taller than the Killing Ultimacy peak.

A surging Ultimacy was breaking the space within 30,000 meters.

This was a special Ultimacy as if it contained a power that could destroy the world. A sense of destruction spread around it.

There were five people fighting.

To be exact, there were four people fighting one person.

However, the four people could not match that one person and were retreating.

This one person was Zhan Luan, the Number one on the List.

On the other side, none of the four people was weak. They were the No.4 Linghu Xingchen, the No.7 Tai Yi, the No.8 Beitang Lin, and the No.9 Yin Zong.

Their attacks were earth-shockingly mighty. Linghu Xingchen was the strongest one among them.

It was worth mentioning that Linghu Xingchen also used Spiritual Swords.

Linghu Xingchen controlled 7 Spiritual Swords with dazzling starlights.

The seven swords formed into a sword formation that kept attacking Zhan Luan.

Linghu Xingchen was the leading one, while the other three were assisting him to attack.

However, they could not hurt Zhan Luan at all.

The burly Zhan Luan stood straight in the void with dazzling violet light on his body. His pan-sized fists crushed every single attack from the four people.

Linghu Xingchen and the other three people kept retreating under Zhan Luan’s attacks.


Zhan Luan’s mad and arrogant laugh sounded as he stepped in the void at ease with a face full of disdain.

“You losers. I only need my physical strength to crush you!”

Zhan Luan looked invincibly confident. He rose high above and punched downward violently.

The vast fist force destroyed everything that it came across.

The four people instantly attacked to block the fist force.

The seven Spiritual Swords circled and spun rapidly, charging to the fist force.

The other three also unleashed their ultimate attacks. The powerful saber Qi and finger radiance moved in an unstoppable manner.

The four attacks moved overwhelmingly to the fist force.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The fist force completely shattered the four attacks with an earthshaking explosion.

Linghu Xingchen’s Spiritual Swords were even sent off to nowhere!

The remaining fist force immediately hit the four people.

“Puff! Puff! Puff!”

The Body-protection Dark Force was broken and they were knocked back with blood spurting out from their mouths.

“Humph! Losers!”

Standing in the void, Zhan Luan looked down upon the four people.

He was not that arrogant. He was just invincible in the younger generation, and nobody worthed his attention.

Only the Flood Dragon Prince was qualified to fight him.

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