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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1445: Imperial Pagoda

Chapter 1445: Imperial Pagoda

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“Elder Feng, what are you doing?” Su Mo frowned and asked. He had not imagined that Feng Guang would actually want to stay with him.

“Hehe! Su Mo, aren’t there a lot of rooms in this building? It is enough for the two of us!” Feng Guang joked as his eyes flashed in amusement.

Su Mo felt helpless. There were so many other rooms in the building but Feng Guang actually wanted to stay with him. Was he really an elder? Where was the sternness and power that an elder would have? He seemed so hopeless!

“Alright!” Nodding his head, Su Mo did not bother with Feng Guang further as he found a room and started to rest immediately.

The dust in the room had piled up to a thick layer and it was obvious that no one had lived there for a long time. Sweeping aside his long robe, a rush of air swept into the room, lifting up the dust.

Then, Su Mo, sat down crossed legged in his room as he pondered how he would be able to see Qing Xuan.

Although Qing Xuan had had her memories erased, he wasn’t sure to what extent the memories had been lost.

If only a portion of memories had been wiped, or if everything before she entered the Sun Moon Tribe had been erased so nothing was left, he would have to find out.

Of course, the latter was more probable.

“Qing Xuan is definitely in the inner tribe!” Su Mo mumbled to himself. It was highly unlikely for him to be able to see Qing Xuan in Sun Moon City.

Therefore, he could only wait until the Fight Meet where the disciples from the seven superpowers would battle together. Qing Xuan would probably be there!

Although the Sun Moon Tribesmen wouldn’t be participating in this Fight Meet, there was probably going to be a lot of them who were going to be spectators!

As the Holy Lady of the Sun Moon Tribe, Qing Xuan would not miss this Fight Meet.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Right at that moment, a heavy banging sound came from the door. Su Mo didn’t even need to think to know that it was Feng Guang.

Then, Su Mo rose up to open the door and let Feng Guang in.

“Su Mo! Let’s talk!” Feng Guang marched into the room and smiled.

“Talk about what?” Looking at Feng Guang’s expression, Su Mo knew that he was going to be a bother. This Elder Feng Guang was such a peculiar person!

“Sigh! I feel very spiritless being in the sect and I always have to help with errands. For instance, in this Fight Meet!”

Feng Guang sighed and wore a dejected look on his face as he continued, “your relationship with Saint Zhen Xian is not simple. Can you…. Help me put in a few good words to him and get him to change my job!”

Ordinary elders in the sect would have matters they had to handle by themselves. Amongst all these, there were both good and bad matters.

For instance, Elder Zheng from the sect hall would usually be busy handling serious matters. However, Feng Guang from the outer sect would always be left with to deal with random things.

“Elder Feng, I am a junior. How would I be able to ask a favour from Saint Zhen Xian. If I provoke him? I’d be dead meat!” Su Mo shook his head, he would definitely not help Elder Feng.

Furthermore, he had just joined the sect and it was thanks to Saint Zhen Xian. How could he ask Saint Zhen Xian to help him with something like that?

Most importantly, he didn’t like Elder Feng’s personality.

“Ugh. Since you are not willing to help me, then never mind!”

Feng Guang sighed lightly upon hearing Su Mo’s words. He also knew that it would be very hard for him to seek Su Mo’s help now. Afterall, he wasn’t really on familiar terms with Su Mo.

However, he had already decided that he would establish a good relationship with Su Mo. That would be all benefits and no harms for him. Perhaps, he might even be able to rely on a big character like Saint Zhen Xian in the future.

“Su Mo, there is still three days to go until the Fight Meet. I will show you around Sun Moon City now!” Feng Guang lightly laughed.

“Forget it. I will just cultivate silently, Elder Feng do what you want!” Su Mo shook his head, rejecting Feng Guang’s invitation.

It wasn’t as if he would be able to see Qing Xuan around Sun Moon City. His primary goal now was to continue cultivating and training.

“Hehe! Su Mo, you don’t know this but there are quite a lot of fancy places in this city. Since you are here, why not take the opportunity to look around!” Feng Guang laughed. He was familiar with the city as he had been there almost a hundred times.

“What kind of good places?” Su Mo asked, although he wasn’t really interested.

“I will you to the Imperial Pagoda first!” Feng Guang said.

“Imperial Pagoda? What kind of a place is that?” Su Mo asked.

“This Imperial Pagoda is where the craftsmen of the Sun Moon Tribe are. It is modelled after the Buddhist pagodas at Ah Mi galaxy. Although it is just an imitated building and there isn’t really anything special about it, it is very beneficial for a martial artist’s Ultimacy!” Feng Guang carefully explained.

“Oh?” Su Mo’s eyes sparkled in excitement upon hearing Feng Guang’s words. His Ultimacy was lagging behind and he could take this chance to go to the Imperial Pagoda.

“Lets go! I believe that quite a number of disciples have already gone there!” Elder Feng urged him on. He also wanted to head down to the Imperial Pagoda.

This Imperial Pagoda was very suitable for Martial Emperors but even ordinary Marital Honourables would find it useful. He was only a Rank 6 Martial Honourable and going to the Imperial Pagoda would still bring him significant benefits.

Typically, he would always go over to the Imperial Pagoda every time he came to the Sun Moon Tribe.

“Mm!” Su Mo nodded his head. Since there was really such an interesting place there, he would not miss out on the chance.

Then, he followed Feng Guang to leave his living quarters. Walking out of the building, they headed towards the Imperial Pagoda.

The Imperial Pagoda was north of the Sun Moon City. Being a thousand feet tall, Su Mo could still see it clearly, even from afar.

“Elder Feng, where is the Ah Mi Galaxy that you spoke of just now?” Walking along the streets, Su Mo asked Feng Guang.

“Ah Mi Galaxy is very near Ming Xu Galaxy and it is also called the Buddhist Galaxy as everyone there practices Buddhist principles!” Feng Guang replied.

Upon hearing that, Su Mo was surprised. This world actually had Buddhist principles as well. Was it similar to the Buddhist ways of the earth?

The two of them strode forward, winding through the streets of the city before shortly arriving at the Imperial Pagoda.

The pagoda was situated in the middle of large square. Stretching up a thousand feet tall, it took up an area of a few hundred square metres on the ground. There was no special Qi radiating from the pagoda but its entire body was greyish white and it gave off an ancient vibe.

However, at that moment, a large crowd of Sun Moon Tribesmen were surrounding the door of the pagoda. Loud voices were calling out and it seemed like a conflict had happened inside the pagoda.

“It is Lu Gang, Tang Gu and Lin Huang!” Su Mo could clearly see a group of True Path Sect disciples among the crowd. However there weren’t many of them. Roughly only about 50-60 disciples.

Facing the group of True Path Sect disciples was a group of black men.

That’s right, black men!

This group was larger and there were over a hundred of charcoal black man whose teeth were the only white coloured part of their body.

The group of black men here all had something similar and that was that they harboured a Fire based Dark Force that seemed to want to explode at any moment. It was as if their entire body was a furnace of charcoal that was constantly burning.

The Black Flame Tribe!

Looking at this group, Su Mo couldn’t help thinking about this specific tribe who had tribe members with such unique appearances.

“What is going on? Lets go and take a look!” Feng Guang’s expression changed upon seeing the scene before him. As an elder of the True Path Sect, it was naturally his responsibility to protect the disciples of the tribe.


With the conflict between the disciples and the Black Flame Tribe members brewing before him, he immediately sped towards the heart of the conflict.

Su Mo followed closely behind.

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