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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1449: Looking Forward To

Chapter 1449: Looking Forward To

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All the disciples of the True Path Sect gritted their teeth together and wore stoic looks on their faces.

They understood the concept of being as calm as the buddha and therefore were able to suppress their rage. Since everyone looked down upon them, they would have to show what they could do and have reality give them all a good slap in the face..

Everyone had to see that the True Path Sect disciples were not weaker than the other superpowers’ disciples.

“Lu Gang, Lin Huang, Tang Gu, the three of you cannot be careless!” Sage-to-be Zhen Gu continued as he looked upon the three with a heavy expression. If the sect was to achieve anything at this fight meet, it would be down to the three of their performances.

“Sage-to-be Zhen Gu, rest assured!”

The three nodded their heads in unison before letting out heavy breaths and adjusting their composure. They also knew that if they did not achieve good results at this fight meet, the True Path Sect would be devastatingly defeated.

Su Mo glanced at Sage-to-be Zhen Gu as he shook his head inwardly. He thought that the chances of the three of them entering the top ten were very small.

The geniuses from the other tribes seemed to be very strong. Furthermore, there were still three other superpowers who had yet to arrive!

“Su Mo, look. That person is Yan Lan Tian of the Black Flame Tribe!” Feng Guang stared at where the Black Flame Tribe members were seated and pointed one man out to Su Mo.

Su Mo lifted his head and found a tall Black Flame Tribe young man among the group of Black Flame Tribe members who was seated beside Yan Huo. Currently, he had both his eyes tightly shut and seemed to be oblivious to the noises and chaos around him.

Since the Black Flame Tribe members had very dark skin, to the point that they were almost as black as charcoal, they appeared similar to each other.

“The other two up there are You Lang from the Roaring Sky Wolf Tribe and Ling Feng from the Shining Spiritual Tribe respectively!” Feng Guang moved his gaze towards the group of Roaring Sky Wolf Tribe members and the Shining Spiritual Tribe, introducing the geniuses to Su Mo.

The reason why he was so courteous was because he wanted to build a good relation with Su Mo. He was sure that Su Mo’s relationship with Saint Zhen Xian was unusual.

Su Mo turned his head to look at where the Roaring Sky Wolf Tribe and the Shining Spiritual Tribe was. You Lang and Mo Lang sat beside each other and the both of them were equally large in stature and muscular. Looking like wild beasts, they gave off a ferocious and menacing aura that caused others to feel intimidated.

Yet, the thick hair on their bodies wasn’t the same as the other Roaring Sky wolf Tribe members. It wasn’t black, but silver in colour.

With a whole body covered silver hair, they seemed to be wearing coats of silver and were very eye catching.

As for Lin Feng from the Shining Spiritual Tribe, Su Mo couldn’t fathom the depth of his strength. He looked like a ten year old child with his small frame and youthful face.

“Elder Feng, are the inner members of the Sun Moon Tribe not coming?”

Su Mo wasn’t concerned about these geniuses but was only interested in whether Qing Xuan would come. However, the northern stands were currently empty and it didn’t seem like any inner members of the Sun Moon Tribe had arrived.

“Of course they will, the fight meet between the seven superpowers is organized by the Sun Moon Tribe. How could they not come?” Feng Guang replied nonchalantly.

“Then… do you think the Holy Lady will come?” Su Mo awkwardly asked.

“Holy Lady?”

Feng Guang was shocked by Su Mo’s questions. Looking over Su Mo, Feng Guang lightly laughed, “Hehe, so you are actually interested in the Holy Lady!”

“I am just asking out of interest!” Su Mo said defensively.

“It is hard to say whether the Holy Lady will come. If she doesn’t have any business, she probably will. Afterall, she is a Martial Emperor and she wouldn’t want to miss a fight meet between the top geniuses in the Martial Emperor rank!”

Feng Guang pondered for a while before he continued, “of course, if she has business to attend to, or if she closes herself up to cultivation, then she may not come!”

Su Mo nodded his head. Feng Guang’s words made sense.

Yet, he couldn’t help sighing. He had to rely on fate’s decision on whether Qing Xuan would come or not.

Feng Guang looked at Su Mo’s dejected face and his heart jumped in surprise. Was Su Mo infatuated with the Holy Lady? Did he come to this fight meet not to observe it but to see a glance of the Holy Lady?

“This lad seems to be very mysterious. I didn’t expect him to have such intentions!”

Feng Guang silently criticised Su Mo and then, he deepened his voice to one befitting of an elder and said, “Su Mo, the Holy Lady is the successor of the Sun Moon Tribe and her status is very high. You should just give up on such frivolous thoughts and focus on cultivating the martial way!”

Su Mo couldn’t help frowning. It seemed as though Feng Guang thought he was infatuated with the Holy Lady!

“I know!” Su Mo nodded his head.

“Su Mo, there are many other beautiful female disciples in our sect. If you feel lonely, I can actually introduce you to some beauties. That would be great wouldn’t it?” Feng Guang carried a look of cheekiness as he spoke.

“Elder Feng, you are thinking too much. I don’t need that!” Su Mo shook his head and directly rejected Feng Guang’s suggestion.

If he wanted to find a partner, why would he need Feng Guang’s help?

Furthermore, even if he wanted to find a partner, he would find someone he loved and he wouldn’t just randomly pair up with any lady.

“Hehe, feel free to tell me anytime you are looking for a partner!” Elder Feng laughed and his face tightened.

Su Mo was speechless. He could tell that Elder Feng was full of dirty thoughts.

Just as the two of them were talking, another group of people arrived at the fighting ground. This group was comprised of around 160 to 170 people and every one of them carried an ancient sword on their backs. Their gazes were all serious and the sword auras from them were brilliant.

“It is the Imperial Sword Faction!”

“There are so little people, only around a hundred!”

“Ha ha! So what if they are small in numbers? The strength of Natal Swordsmen is not one we can look down upon. They can even suppress the Shining Spiritual Tribe members.

Looking at the arrival of this group, the entire fighting ground erupted into an uproar again as voices rang through the sky.

Just as the Imperial Sword Faction me arrived, the Empty Sky Sect members and the Thundercloud Birds Tribesmen also arrived.

The two of these tribes had more men with no fewer than 300 men each.

A few moments later, the men of these three tribes flew towards the southern stands.

Everyone from the seven superpowers had arrived and around 2000 people filled the entire southern stand.

The fighting ground was bustling with activity as spirits were raised, voices and laughter sounded in the air, reverberating through the nine heavens and in all eight directions.

Su Mo closed his eyes and shut off the sound from his ears as he sat down quietly in a corner.

The inner members of the Sun Moon Tribe had not arrived and hence the fight meet would not begin yet. He couldn’t be bothered to observe the geniuses from the other superpowers.

In other words, Su Mo did not come here for the fight meet. If it was possible, he wouldn’t even participate in the meet this time.

He was not interested in the fights and he had only come here to the Sun Moon Tribe to see Qing Xuan.

Time flew by quickly as everyone waited. Around half an hour later, the inner members of the Sun Moon Tribe finally arrived.

Large numbers of martial artists swarmed into the fighting ground from the entrances.

While there was a large number of them, they did not swarm in all at once but instead, they streamed in small groups to the fighting ground.

Su Mo slowly opened his eyes and stared hard at the entrance, looking forward to seeing whether Qing Xuan would come.

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