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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1459: Prepare To Be Defeated

Chapter 1459: Prepare To Be Defeated

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Su Mo’s voice echoed across the entire fighting ring, causing the once chaotic fighting ring to quieten down.

Everyone’s eyes bulged open as they stared incredulously at Su Mo.

One breath!

Two breaths!

Three breaths!

After a full three breaths of time, the entire fighting ground once again erupted into an uproar.

“My god, this fellow actually wants to challenge Mo Lang?”

“I didn’t hear it wrongly, right?”

“Mo Lang is a genius who is on par with Lu Gang, what kind of a joke is this guy trying to make?”

Tumultuous voices rose over each other as everyone was shocked by Su Mo’s words. This True Path Sect disciple actually wanted to challenge Mo Lang of the Roaring Sky Wolf Tribe!

Who was Mo Lang?

He was a gifted genius of the Roaring Sky Wolf Tribe. In his tribe alone, he was unrivalled among the Martial Emperors, with the exception of only You Lang being stronger than him.

He wasn’t any weaker than Lu Gang or Yan Huo and might even be stronger than them.

Many people silently shook their heads. It seemed that this Su Mo, a True Path Sect disciple was here to make a scene!

No one thought that Su Mo would have the capabilities to defeat Mo Lang at all. Would an unknown Rank 8 Martial Emperor have such strength?

It was obviously not possible!

Furthermore, if Su Mo was really strong, would the True Path Sect people not be aware of it? Why would they hold him back from fighting?

The eyes of Mo Lang from the Roaring Sky Wolf Tribe flashed upon hearing Su Mo’s call.

A joke!

Why would he, a top Rank 9 Martial Emperor, accept some challenge from a trash disciple of the True Path Sect?

At that moment, the group of True Path Sect members were almost driven mad with rage.

What kind of a joke was Su Mo trying to play at by challenging Mo Lang?

You are just a Rank 8 Martial Emperor and you want to challenge a top genius like Mo Lang? Are you mad?

Many wanted to slap Su Mo to death. The sect had already been shamed enough and Su Mo was still trying to degrade them further?

Feng Guang’s chubby face squirmed continuously as he was rendered completely speechless by Su Mo. He did not speak any further, afraid of others finding out that he was on familiar terms with Su Mo.


A large wave of aura escaped from Sage-to-be Zhen Gu. He could no longer control the rage within his heart.

“Su Mo, did you not hear my words?” Sage-to-be Zhen Gu glowered as a murderous red flash passed through his eyes. He was about to explode.

He really couldn’t control his rage anymore. If Su Mo was going to continue with his reckless behaviour, he was going to viciously punish Su Mo, even if Su Mo’s relation with Saint Zhen Xian was special.

Hearing Sage-to-be Zhen Gu’s words, Su Mo turned to look at him. Su Mo stared at the Sage-to-be’s murderous glare and said, “Elder Zhen Gu, why don’t you give me a chance?”

“A chance? Do you have that ability?” Sage-to-be Zhen Gu coldly growled.

“I haven’t even attacked yet, how would you know whether I have the abilities or not!”

Su Mo’s face was serious and calm as he continued, “how about this. If I lose to Mo Lang, I will kill myself on the spot. If I win, the sect will continue participating in the fight meet. What do you think?”

As the crowd heard Su Mo’s words, they were shocked. To commit suicide on the spot if he lost… was Su Mo being serious?

Everyone was utterly shocked as they carefully looked at Su Mo again. Su Mo appeared to be a calm, refined and confident man. He didn’t seem to be playing a joke at all!

Mo Lang’s face also turned stoic upon hearing Su Mo’s declaration. It was as though Su Mo was saying that Mo Lang would definitely lose.

He wasn’t willing to fight against Su Mo but Su Mo was acting so audaciously!

Sage-to-be Zhen Gu wore a confused look on his face. Su Mo was acting so confidently. Were his powers really extraordinary?

However, even if Su Mo was very strong, he couldn’t possibly defeat Mo Lang, right?

Mo Lang was a top genius and also a Rank 9 Martial Emperor. With one rank difference between them, even if Su Mo was exceptionally strong, he couldn’t possibly win, right?

“Zhen Gu, since your disciple is so confident, why not let him fight this once?”

At that moment, Elder Yin Ze spoke, carrying a warm gaze in his eyes. He found that Su Mo wasn’t a simple man and could possibly be a hidden gem.


The raging Sage-to-be Zhen Gu hesitates upon hearing Elder Yin Ze’s words. Then, he nodded his head and said, “alright!”

Since Elder Yin Ze had spoken, Sage-to-be Zhen Gu didn’t have any choice but to let Su Mo challenge Mo Lang.

“Su Mo, I really hope you live up to your claim!” Sage-to-be Zhen Gu stared at Su Mo and lightly said. At the same time, he made a decision. If Su Mo really didn’t have the capabilities and he lost, Sage-to-be Zhen Gu would give him a heavy punishment.

The group of True Path Sect disciples all wore dark looks on their faces. Su Mo was really going to challenge Mo Lang. If Su Mo was defeated in an instant, the sect would really lose all face they have.

“He doesn’t know his place!” With a heart as cold as ice, Lu Gang scoffed. Even he himself was not certain whether he could win against Mo Lang. Su Mo challenging Mo Lang, wasn’t that a complete joke?

In the fighting ring, Su Mo wore a confident smile. Since Elder Yin Ze and Sage-to-be Zhen Gu allowed him to fight, then all was good!

“Mo Lang, are you still not going to come down?” Su Mo looked up at Mo Lang and yelled.

Mo Lang stood up. Since Elder Yin Ze had agreed to let Su Mo challenge him, he would definitely not reject this challenge.


Mo Lang’s big, beastly body flashed as he flew down onto the fighting ring, standing a kilometer away from Su Mo.

The fighting ground slowly quietened down as everyone’s curiosity was piqued. They all wanted to see how the unknown Su Mo would be able to fight against Mo Lang!

If Su Mo lost, would he really commit suicide?

“Youyou, this Su Mo has been constantly staring at you. Him challenging Mo Lang couldn’t possibly be an attempt to attract your attention right?” The green shirted girl, Ling Xuan, softly said to Yun Youyou.

“Probably not!” Yun Youyou casually shook her head. There couldn’t possibly be someone so dumb. Looking at Su Mo’s overall physique, Yun Youyou thought that Su Mo was probably a man of some calibre!

“I think that that is very probable!”

Ling Xuan laughed as she continued, “it is a pity that he isn’t a match for Mo Lang, he will definitely lose!”

Yun Youyou did not reply Ling Xuan as she quietly looked down at the fighting ring.

On the fighting arena.

Mo Lang’s reluctant eyes locked down on Su Mo as he sneered, “are you trying to gain some face back for your sect? It is a pity you aren’t capable of that. You picked the wrong opponent!”

Mo Lang didn’t think highly of Su Mo. A Rank 8 Marital Emperor thinking of beating him… was it even possible? He didn’t believe that there was such a capable person in the entire Ming Xu Galaxy!

“Are you ready?” A smile stretched across Su Mo’s face.

“Ready for what?” Mo Lang lightly asked.

“Ready to be defeated!”

Su Mo laughed coldly. The moment his words fell, a purple-colored haze quickly rose from behind. Instantly, the purple haze covered Mo Lang.

In that moment, Mo Lang’s face turned pale and his entire body seemed to have been frozen still.


One breath later. Mo Lang’s big, burly body fell directly forward onto the fighting platform, causing a resounding thud to echo through the entire fighting ground.

At that moment, a dead silence engulfed the entire scene as everyone’s eyes bulged out of their sockets in disbelief.

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