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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1468: Dance

Chapter 1468: Dance

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“What has that got to do with me?”

Su Mo laughed lightly and said, “you confessed to the Holy Lady, that concerns me!”

“Is that so? It seems like you also fancy the Holy Lady?” Yang Tiancheng asked to confirm that Su Mo really did fancy the Holy Lady.

“She chased after me previously but now I will chase after her!” Su Mo sighed and his voice turned slightly emotional upon saying this. He couldn’t help feeling regretful.

In the past, Hong Qingxuan did hint numerous times about her feelings. However, due to various reasons, Su Mo did not give her an official answer.

Now that the circumstances had changed, Qing Xuan had lost her memory and it was his turn to chase her now.

Su Mo did not want to lose Qing Xuan either. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have entered the Sun Moon Tribe in the first place.

“The Holy Lady chased after you?” Yang Tiancheng jumped in surprise as though he had just heard the biggest joke in the world. Then, he burst out laughing, “haha, are you dreaming?”

Su Mo shook his head, not wanting to talk with Yang Tiancheng any further. A long whip suddenly appeared in his hands.

“What are you trying to do?” Yang Tiancheng immediately became anxious upon seeing the long whip. He had already found a way to escape the virtual space.

When he was causally conversing with Su Mo just now, he had secretly activated his willpower and tried to break out of the virtual space. He realised that the space vibrated along with his willpower.

“What am I going to do? Of course I am going to torture you!” Su Mo laughed as he moved his hand in a downward motion, causing the whip to fly.


A clear sound sounded as the long whip whipped Yang Tiancheng, instantly causing Yang Tiancheng’s skin to split apart.


Yang Tiancheng screamed and he gritted his teeth tightly. However, he knew that this was a virtual world and his actual body would not have been injured in the real world.

At the same time, Yang Tiancheng pushed his willpower to its maximum. His willpower took the form of an invisible sword that tried to pierce through the Dream Realm space.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

In the next few moments, Su Mo’s hand continued to whip down. The long whip relentlessly whipped Yang Tiancheng as anguished cries filled the air.

Ah ah ah!

Yang Tiancheng painfully screamed. Although he knew that all this was fake, the pain felt real to him. Ten whips across his body and he was in so much pain, cold sweat rolled down his forehead like a river.

What made Yang Tiancheng even more fearful was that the Dream Realm space was actually very stable. Despite activating his willpower to its maximum, he could only cause the Dream Realm space to vibrate violently but he couldn’t break through it.

Su Mo continued to whip his hand, continuously torturing Yang Tiancheng. The long whip turned into an illusion as it whipped Yang Tiancheng like a long snake.

“Su Mo, you asshole!”

Yang Tiancheng’s face started to turn pale as large beads of sweat rolled down from his face. A raging fire burned in his eyes as he cursed out.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Su Mo couldn’t be bothered with Yang Tiancheng and his face remained cold as he continuously whipped Yang Tiancheng.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Yang Tiancheng screams continued out painfully, as he said, “Su Mo, let me out if you have the courage to. We will fight a proper fight in the real world!”

“Are we not fighting properly now?” Su Mo coldy uttered, without stopping the whipping.

“You are just jealous – jealous that I obtained the Holy Lady’s attention!” Yang Tiancheng roared. In his opinion, Su Mo was being so merciless towards him because of the Holy Lady.

“That’s right, so what if I am jealous?” Su Mo laughed coldly as he temporarily stopped the torture.

“Humph! It is useless even if you are jealous. I will definitely win the Holy Lady’s heart. You can’t compete with me in this respect!” Yang Tiancheng saw that Su Mo had stopped the whipping and he scoffed coldly.

Yang Tiancheng was fully confident that he could chase the Holy Lady. He could be said to be an expert in this area, with countless experiences of being a playboy. He could completely understand women’s hearts.

As long as there was the chance, any woman would yield to him under his relentless pursuit of them.

“Is that so?” Su Mo narrowed his eyes.

“Of course. You can fight with me in a fair manner but you will not be able to defeat me with your underhanded ways now!” Yang Tiancheng confidently declared.

Su Mo kept silent upon hearing Yang Tiancheng’s words.

Although he wasn’t fond of Yang Tiancheng, it was true that this wasn’t a viable way for him to attract a girl’s heart.

Even if he could defeat Yang Tiancheng now and, at the same time, torture him brutally, he could not kill Yang Tiancheng.

Yang Tiancheng would continue to chase Qing Xuan after this ordeal. Su Mo had to think of an idea to prevent that from happening.

“You are also a godly genius and you are fond of the Holy Lady. Show everyone your power and fight a proper round with me. What is the use of keeping me here?” Yang Tiancheng’s eyes flashed as he continued.

“Alright, I will fight with you in a fair manner!” Su Mo nodded his head and acted as though he had been persuaded by Yang Tiancheng.

“Really? Then let me go!” Yang Tiancheng’s eyes brightened as his heart jumped internally. He had not thought that Su Mo would be so easily swayed.

He had only just randomly thrown out a few sentences and Su Mo had actually agreed so easily.

At that moment, a sinister smile played on Su Mo’s lips, “I can let you go, but I will need you to do a performance.”

“Performance? Perform what?” Yang Tiancheng’s face was utterly confused.

“You will know very soon!” Su Mo smirked without actually replying Yang Tiancheng. He had already thought of the perfect way to get back at Yang Tiancheng. He would make Yang TIancheng so ashamed that he would no longer have the guts to continue chasing after Qing Xuan!

Just as Yang Tiancheng was confused, Su Mo disappeared in front of him. Then, the steel locks that bound him to the board slackened. The torture room also vanished into thin air.

“What is going on?” Yang Tiancheng furrowed his brows slightly as the scene in front of him changed into a large, beautiful palace.

This was a familiar sight in front of him. It was his residence at the Empty Sky Sect.

At that moment, there were many young ladies dancing gracefully in the hall.

These young ladies were dressed in beautiful gowns and were flawless beauties.

As the group of dancers danced together, the entire hallway was filled with a light-hearted aura.

Yang Tiancheng’s eyes widened. Many of these ladies were ladies whom he recognised and there were even a few ladies of whom he was fond but had yet to chase.

“Brother Tiancheng!”

“Brother Tiancheng, let’s dance together!”

“Brother Tiancheng, I missed you a lot!”

Once the ladies saw Yang Tiancheng, they surrounded him and pulled at his sleeves, urging him to dance with them.

Yang Tiancheng was surprised and his mind went blank. He could only relent and start dancing with the ladies as they pulled him.

In the outside world.

On the fighting ground, Yang Tiancheng and Su Mo suddenly froze and stood as still as statues in their spots.

Everyone was shocked. Su Mo had used the mysterious purple haze again. Would Yang Tiancheng be able to overcome it?

The crowd silently waited. They knew that since the two of them were not moving, they were probably in another dimension. The outcome of the battle would quickly be known.

Everyone stared attentively and waited. However, not long later, a shocking scene appeared in front of them.

In an instant, the frozen Yang Tiancheng had suddenly started to move. Under the eyes of numerous spectators, he had started to groove and dance a woman’s dance on the fighting ring!

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