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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1471: Condition

Chapter 1471: Condition

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Su Mo’s voice boomed like thunder across the fighting ground, echoing out in waves.

He didn’t know whether the fight meet allowed him to challenge more than one person at once. However, he figured that if all parties were agreeable, there wouldn’t be anything stopping him.

Everyone in the fighting ground had their eyes bulging out of their sockets as they stared at Su Mo in disbelief.


This Su Mo had stepped up onto the fighting ring with his nose held so high. To say that he was presumptuous would have been an understatement. He had actually dared to challenge all four people in a single round in a one-versus-four match.

Although Su Mo was proud previously, his superior strength had proved that his pride was justified. Many people didn’t even think that Su Mo was being too arrogant because of that. However, Su Mo actually said that he wanted to challenge all four people at once – that was way too arrogant!

Sage-to-be Zhen Gu, Elder Feng and the other elders of the True Path Sect hardened their faces as they held back the urge to scold Su Mo in front of everyone.

With Su Mo’s strength, it would be easy to compete normally and defeat all his challengers and thus gain the first rank position from there.

However, now Su Mo was taking it a step further by saying he wanted to challenge all four godly geniuses at once. Was that not dumb?

Su Mo could very easily obtain the first rank but now he wanted to do such an insane act of fighting alone against four others. Even if Su Mo was strong, how strong could he be?

At that point, the group who was most angry was Yan Lantian, Zhao Jianhao and the other two geniuses.

Who among them wasn’t a godly genius? They were all top talents among all the Martial Emperors. Being looked down upon by Su Mo enraged them completely.

“He just doesn’t understand his place!”

“What an arrogant, obnoxious fellow!”

“Are you dumb? Us four will work together to defeat you!”

“Hehe, you have no right to challenge all four of us!”

Yan Lantian and the other three geniuses coldly scoffed at Su Mo one after another but they didn’t step up onto the fighting ring. It was a joke. As godly geniuses, they were all so arrogant and prideful. How could they possibly gang up together to defeat Su Mo?

If they did do that, it would be considered a shameful victory even if they won against Su Mo!

Su Mo threw a glance at the four geniuses before he turned his head to look towards Elder Yin Ze, “Elder Yin Ze, is it possible for me to challenge four people in one round for this fight meet?”

Su Mo’s voice thundered through the grounds and everyone wore perplexed looks.

This Su Mo had actually asked a direct question to Elder Yin Ze. He was really going for it, and no one understood Su Mo’s actions.

Elder Yin Ze’s face remained calm and once he heard Su Mo’s words, a slight smile played on his lips as he said, “if they are willing, I will not oppose your proposal!”

Originally, such a move to challenge more than one person for the fight meet wasn’t allowed according to the rules. Otherwise, if everyone could do it, the rules of the fight meet would be useless.

However, Elder Yin Ze was making a special exception here. That was because he also wanted to see just how strong Su Mo was.

He could sense that Su Mo had only revealed the tip of the iceberg of his strength and he had yet to reveal his most powerful abilities.

Hearing Elder Yin Ze’s words, Su Mo smiled gleefully as he continued, “dare I ask Elder Yin Ze… if I defeat all four of them at once, will I be able to obtain four points for it?”

Su Mo did not step out with the intention of defeating all four geniuses at once. However, since the four of them were agitated and they had stepped out voluntarily as well, Su Mo decided that he would just settle all of them at once instead of wasting extra effort by challenging them one by one.

“Yes, you may obtain four points for this feat!”

Elder Yin Ze agreed as he nodded his head. Then, he said, “however, if you lose, you will be eliminated directly and you will not have the chance to continue fighting! Do you understand this?”

Elder Yin Ze had also thought it through. If he agreed to Su Mo’s request, there would be others who would not be happy with his decision as they may feel that he was being biased towards Su Mo.

Hence, he added an extra condition in that Su Mo would be eliminated directly if he lost.

Although this was a condition that appeared to be a cost that Su Mo would have to pay, it actually spurred and incentivised Su Mo’s competitors to accept the challenge. Elder Yin Ze also hoped that the four of them would agree to the challenge.

As expected, the moment the four geniuses heard the condition, their eyes flashed. If Su Mo was eliminated, then their chances to obtain the first rank position would increase greatly!

If they obtained the first rank position, the amount of benefits they would receive would be very large!

No one could deny how strong Su Mo was. As long as Su Mo wasn’t eliminated, there was a very good chance that he would rank first in the fight meet.

The four geniuses exchanged looks between each other, each of them wearing a slight look of hesitation. At first, none of them wanted to collaborate and defeat Su Mo. However, if they could really eliminate Su Mo here, they might just step up for it shamelessly!

After all, they could sacrifice their pride once for the benefits obtained for the first rank!


Su Mo nodded his head upon hearing Elder Yin Ze’s words.


That wasn’t possible!

Then, Su Mo whipped his head around and stared at the four geniuses again before he yelled out, “you four pieces of trash, if you are men, then come down and fight me!”

Su Mo’s yell turned into rolls of thunder that shook the fighting ground.

He purposely acted this way as he wanted to provoke the four geniuses into accepting the fight. Since he could defeat them all at once and obtain four points, what else was there to wait for?

Hearing Su Mo’s yell, Yan Lantian and the other three geniuses darkened their faces.

The four of them were all godly geniuses. Ever since they had started cultivating, they were at the top at whatever they did. How could they tolerate anyone calling them trash?

In an instant, the four of them were furious. The fire of the fury in their hearts burned brilliantly without control.

“He’s really seeking his own death!”

“You must be defeated!”

“Damn it. If I don’t defeat you today, then my family name is not Zhao!”

“Asshole, you will regret this!”

Yan Lantian, Ling Feng, Zhao Jianhao and Lei Yunhao roared out furiously. Then, they flew down onto the stage and gathered in one spot.

Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh!

The four of them flashed and instantly landed on the fighting ring a kilometre away from Su Mo.

Then they released their aura, letting it shoot to the sky. Terrifying forces were like the roars of mountains and the waves of the seas, sweeping through the ground.

The fighting ground was dead silent and as that happened, everyone started to feel terrified. The battle of one versus four was really about to begin!

This time, it really was a top fight between geniuses. Would Su Mo still be powerful?

One versus four… even if Su Mo was strong, it would still be hard to obtain victory right?

Although Su Mo had shown his superior strength when he defeated You Lang and Yang Tiancheng previously, he had not struggled with them at all and had easily obtained victory.

Now that it was a one versus four fight, he wouldn’t be able to defeat all four of them if he didn’t have a strength that far exceeded that of the other four geniuses.

The True Path Sect disciples were all anxious. If Su Mo won this match, then he might as well be confirmed for taking the first place. However, if he lost, then they were completely ruined and Su Mo would be directly eliminated.

“This brat!” Feng Guang wore a confused look on his face as he continued to silently chide Su Mo for acting so rashly.

At that point, not only were the True Path Sect people worried, many people were also anxious. For instance, You Lang and Yang Tiancheng were almost flying out of their seats.

Of course, they were not afraid of Su Mo losing. Rather, they were completely scared that Su Mo would win!

“Su Mo, you must lose!” Yang Tiancheng’s face was as hard as steel as a killing intent rushed through his eyes and his heart started to pump viciously.

He wanted to kill Su Mo badly in order to resolve the hatred in his heart. However, it seemed like an impossible task and hence he could only hope that Su Mo would suffer a crushing defeat this time and be eliminated.

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