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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1477: Grand Elder Jin Yang

Chapter 1477: Grand Elder Jin Yang

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The Sun Moon Inner Tribe was at the core area and its entrance was at Sun Moon City.

The elder robed in brown led Su Mo toward the northern direction of Sun Moon City.

“Elder, which Grand Elder will be providing me with guidance?” Su Mo asked as they were on their way.

“Grand Elder Jin Yang will be the one. Other than our Clan Leader, Grand Elder Jin Yang will appear in our tribe once in a while too!” The elder robed in brown replied.

“Is that so? How many Grand Elders are there in the tribe?” Su Mo asked curiously. Sun Moon Tribe was powerful and they must have a number of Empty God Realm masters!

“There are more than 10 Grand Elders with Spiritual Soul Tablets. However, only three of them are left in our tribe!” The elder said with a sigh. He did not hide the truth from Su Mo as it was an open secret. Moreover, given Su Mo’s talent, he could be recruited into Sun Moon Tribe in the future.

“Left with three?” Su Mo nodded after he had heard that and said, “Most of them must have left to travel around the universe.”

“I have no idea about it. We have not seen some of them for several millennia but since their Spiritual Soul Tables are still intact, that means they are still alive!” The elder replied.

When Su Mo heard it, he was shocked. If they had not appeared for such a long time, it showed that they were living a carefree life.

“Su Mo, it is a great opportunity for you to be able to receive guidance from Grand Elder Jin Yang!” The elder said.

“Yes!” Su Mo nodded and he was glad. It was indeed a great opportunity for him to receive a one-off guidance from an Empty God Realm master and Qingxuan was fortunate to be a disciple of one.

This could be seen clearly from Qingxuan’s cultivation level. When she left Firmament World, she had had a low cultivation level.

However, in just a few years, her cultivation level was on par with Su Mo’s. Her progress was amazing!

Su Mo and the elder chatted on their way. Through their conversation, Su Mo found out that the elder was a deacon of Sun Moon Inner Tribe and his name was Yin Meng.

Soon, the two of them came to a palace.

They had tight security in the palace. There was a spatial door in the palace that led to another world, which was where the Sun Moon Inner Tribe was located.

After Su Mo and Yin Meng entered the spatial door and went through the Space Tunnel, they came to a spacious world.

There was a boundless stretch of land, a seething river, towering mountains, and a flourishing forest. It had everything in it.

“The Spiritual Qi is so rich!”

Su Mo took deep breath as he felt the rich Spiritual Qi blowing on his face and felt refreshed.

“Hohoho! We have a few thousand top-grade Dragon’s Veins in our Inner Tribe and that explains why the Spiritual Qi is so rich!” Yin Meng said with a smile.

“A few thousand top-grade Dragon’s Veins?”

When Su Mo heard that, he was shocked and asked, “Deacon Yin Meng, are you exaggerating? How do you manage to find so many Dragon’s Veins?”

Su Mo was amazed. The top-grade Dragon’s Veins must be the Dragon’s Veins that could produce Spiritual Crystals and the Spiritual Crystals could be the Upper Spiritual Crystals.

Since there were a few thousand such Dragon’s Veins in the Inner Tribe, they must have been filthy rich.

“There is nothing strange about it. Our masters caught these Dragon’s Veins from several stars. As long as the Empty God Realm masters have the desire to catch them, the Dragon’s Veins will not be able to escape them!” Deacon Yin Meng said with a smile.

“I see.” Su Mo was enlightened. Indeed, the Empty God Realm masters would have no problem capturing the powerful Dragon’s Veins.

“Let’s go! Grand Elder Jin Yang is staying at Mount Jin Yang!”

Deacon Yin Meng called out to Su Mo and he flew to the front. Su Mo then quickly followed closely behind him.

The area of Sun Moon Inner Tribe was large. Along the way, Su Mo saw several cities. Although they had a small population and the cities were smaller than Sun Moon City, majestic auras exuded from the cities. That meant that many top powers were staying in the cities.

The entire Sun Moon Inner Tribe was like a country, or one could call it a continent.

Su Mo and Deacon Yin Meng flew at great speed. After two hours, they came to a towering mountain.

The mountain was about 100,000 feet tall and Spiritual Qi was circling around it. It was like a mountain which the immortals lived in.

There were only a few palaces on the mountain peak.

Su Mo and Deacon Yin Meng flew to the foot of the mountain and walked up the paths of the mountain. They had done so to show their respect for Grand Elder Jin Yang.

If they had flown up to the mountain, they would be treating Grand Elder Jin Yang with contempt.

“Su Mo, Grand Elder Jin Yang has a warm personality. You don’t have to be nervous.” Deacon Yin Meng said.

“All right!” Su Mo nodded.

After a while, the two of them came close to the mountain peak, where a few palaces were scattered around.

Deacon Yin Meng then brought Su Mo to the biggest palace.

“Grand Elder Jin Yang, I have brought the martial artist who obtained the number one position!” Deacon Yin Meng said respectfully as he cupped his fist at the gate of the palace that was shut.

There was silence in the palace and after a while, the gate opened automatically.

“Come to the backyard!” A charming voice said.

Deacon Yin Meng nodded when he heard it and signaled to Su Mo. He then bowed and left.

When Su Mo saw that Yin Meng had left, he took a deep breath and walked into the palace.

The palace was spacious and there was a passageway leading to the back of the palace which Su Mo walked through.

There was a large courtyard at the back of the palace with a pool in it.

The pool was not big and the water in the pool was black. The water was filled with rich Yin Qi, which was a rare sight.

It was apparent that an array had been set up in the courtyard to prevent the Yin Qi in the pool from getting out of the courtyard

When Su Mo lifted his head, he saw a figure sitting cross-legged on the surface of the pool.

The figure put on a tight-fitting black top and was of a medium build. His hair was long and it reached the surface of the water.

As the person had his back to Su Mo, Su Mo could not see his face. He also dared not use his spiritual senses to check on him.

However, the person gave Su Mo an unfathomable feeling. He was like an ocean that was deep but, at the same time, he was like an ordinary person without any cultivation.

Although the person was in front of Su Mo, Su Mo felt as though he was far away from him.

“Greetings, Grand Elder!” Su Mo cupped his fist at Grand Elder Jin Yang as he stood at a distance, away from him.

“What is your name?” Grand Elder Jin Yang asked softly and his voice was without any emotion.

“My name is Su Mo!” Su Mo replied.

“All right!”

Grand Elder Jin Yang nodded and after a while, he said, “You can ask me three questions about cultivation and I will provide you with the answers!”

Su Mo was shocked when he heard what Grand Elder Jin Yang had said. He had never expected to receive guidance in such a manner.

However, what questions should he ask?

Su Mo lowered his head and started to think through the problems that he had come across. Although he had many questions, they were small problems and he did not want to ask them in such a setting.

After all, he could only ask three questions which meant that he only had three opportunities.

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