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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1478: Three Questions

Chapter 1478: Three Questions

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Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Su Mo was anxiously thinking about the questions which he should ask Grand Elder Jin Yang.

The questions had to be related to cultivation or else Grand Elder Jin Yang would not answer them.

After pondering for a while, Su Mo lifted up his head and asked, “Grand Elder, is there a way in this world to help a dead person come back to life?”

The question that Su Mo had thrown out did not seem related to cultivation.

When Grand Elder Jin Yang heard Su Mo’s question, he was stunned. Apparently, he did not expect Su Mo to ask such a question.

However, since Su Mo wanted to waste his opportunity, he would let him do so.

After pondering for a while, Grand Elder Jin Yang replied, “Yes, there is!”

“How can it be done?” Su Mo asked immediately. He had posed this question as he wished to save Qian Xunyue.

Back then, the Flaming Devil Ghost Sage had told him that he had to look for the Gate of reincarnation if he wanted to save Qian Xunyue.

However, Su Mo would not listen to only one person. After all, the Flaming Devil Ghost Sage was not omniscient. There might be some other ways to save Qian Xunyue that he did not know of.

“Can I consider this the second question?” Grand Elder Jin Yang asked flatly.

“Eh…alright!” Su Mo said, after hesitating for a while.

“I shall count it as one question until you get a satisfactory answer!”

Grand Elder Jin Yang shook his head and said, “You will have to reconstruct the Spiritual Soul if you want to bring the person back to life. However, if the Spiritual Soul has been dispersed for too long, there is nothing you can do about it!”

Su Mo’s heart sank when he heard that. Qian Xunyue’s Spiritual Soul has been dispersed for more than 10 years! Will it still be possible to bring her back to life?

Qian Xunyue is currently left with only her conviction and even that bit of conviction is about to disperse.

After keeping quiet for a long while, Su Mo took in a deep breath. He did not ask Grand Elder Jin Yang to help him save Qian Xunyue as he knew that Grand Elder Jin Yang would turn him down.

“The second question is, how can I merge the power of the Five Elements together, Grand Elder?” The second question that Su Mo had asked was of great importance to him. He had been unable to merge the power of the Five Elements together.

“Power of the Five Elements?” When Grand Elder Jin Yang heard the question, he was silent. He seemed to be deep in thought and, after a long while, he said, “Wood is the beginning of the elements and water is the end. Earth is in the middle, and this is the order of nature. Wood begets fire, and fire begets earth. Earth begets metal, and metal begets water. Lastly, water begets wood. Their relationship is like a father and a son’s. If you want to merge the Five Elements together, you will need to have a great opportunity. There must be life, and there must be restrictions. If there is no life, there is no birth. If there is no restriction, there will be damage. There must be restrictions in life and, in the restrictions, there must be life. This is the cycle and they constantly contrast and complement each other.”

Grand Elder Jin Yang said. It sounded complicated but he had pointed out the essentials of merging the Five Elements together. Although those were theories, he had pointed out the source.

When Su Mo heard what Grand Elder Jin Yang had said, he looked confused. On one hand, he seemed to have grasped the concept but, on the other hand, he seemed unable to comprehend it.

“You have one question remaining!” Grand Elder Jin Yang said.

“Why must there be restrictions in life and, in restrictions, there must be life?” Su Mo asked. His third question was related to the second question.


“It means that they restrict each other in order to survive and come to a balance!”

Grand Elder Jin Yang said. He only spoke from his knowledge but he did not know if it was feasible. After all, he did not cultivate the Five Elements.

“I understand!” Su Mo nodded. He was slightly enlightened, although there were still many areas that he still did not understand and he had no concrete idea how to learn.

“All right. You may leave now!” Grand Elder Jin Yang said.

Su Mo sighed when he heard it. He could only ask three questions in this one-off guidance. Although he had benefited from it, it was far from what he had expected.

However, since Grand Elder Jin Yang had asked him to leave, he could not stay on and ask any more questions.

“I will take my leave then!” Su Mo cupped his fist and bowed, leaving the backyard.

After Su Mo had left, the courtyard became quiet. Grand Elder Jin Yang was like a stone statue as he sat on the surface of the pool.

After a while, footsteps were heard and a lady in blue walked into the back yard. It was Yun Youyou.

“Greetings, Master!” Yun Youyou said as she bowed to Grand Elder Jin Yang.

“Youyou, you are here!” Grand Elder Jin Yang said. He then turned around slowly and revealed his youthful appearance. Grand Elder Jin Yang looked as though he was less than 30 years old. He was good-looking and manly.

However, that was only his appearance and it did not represent his true age.

He was similar to Su Mo. Although he was already over 30 years old, he still looked like 19 years old. Moreover, given his cultivation level, even if he was 100 years old, he would still look the same.

“Master, how can Su Mo be so powerful?” Yun Youyou asked. That was her purpose for visiting Grand Elder Jin Yang as she was curious about Su Mo.

“This guy is extraordinary. He has cultivated the power of the Five Elements and he even wants to merge them together!” Grand Elder Jin Yang said. He was shocked by the cultivation path that Su Mo had chosen.

Although the cultivation path was powerful, there were a lot of hindrances. It was a tough path to take.

“Is the power of the Five Elements so mighty?” Yun Youyou was shocked when she heard it.

“Indeed, it is. Moreover, he must have reached a certain level which explains why he is able to defeat those gifted geniuses who have a higher cultivation level than him!”

“I see!” Yun Youyou nodded. No wonder Su Mo is so powerful. He has taken a special cultivation path.

“Youyou, you should be focusing on enhancing your own cultivation level and not worry about the others!” Grand Elder Jin Yang said and smiled warmly.

“Master, I am working hard on it!” Yun Youyou said as she nodded obediently.

“Hohoho! It’s great that you are working hard on it. I will help you to become a Sage before you turn 100 years old!” Grand Elder Jin Yang said casually, as though it were an easy task to become a Sage.

“Thank you, Master!” Yun Youyou bowed at Grand Elder Jin Yang. She respected her Master as he had given her a lot of guidance and precious resources.

“All right. I hope that you will not let me down!” Grand Elder Jin Yang said.

“Master, don’t worry. Youyou will not disappoint you!” Yun Youyou said, looking determined.

Grand Elder Jin Yang nodded. He then waved his hand and said, “All right, you may go now!”

“I will take my leave then, Master!”

Yun Youyou bowed respectfully to Grand Elder Jin Yang again and left.

Grand Elder Jin Yang watched Yun Youyou as she left and a mysterious light sparkled in his eyes.

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