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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1481: Rank 9 Martial Emperor Realm

Chapter 1481: Rank 9 Martial Emperor Realm

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In the cultivation room, Su Mo activated the array. He was afraid that when he had a breakthrough, the force would get out of the palace.

He sat cross-legged and waved his hand and 500 Middle Spiritual Crystals appeared before him.

The Middle Spiritual Crystals were white and their Spiritual Qi was stronger than the Lower Spiritual Crystals’. The 500 Middle Spiritual Crystals were equivalent to 500,000 Lower Spiritual Crystals.

“Swallow!” Su Mo shouted and released his Devouring Fighting Soul. In an instant, the 500 Middle Spiritual Crystals were gone, swallowed by the Devouring Fighting Soul.

Majestic Spiritual Qi then surged crazily in Su Mo’s body.

Suddenly, his body trembled and the imposing aura in his body surged like a beacon. He started to breakthrough to Rank 9 Martial Emperor Realm.

Su Mo had lots of experience in breaking through the shackles of the realms. He focused his mind and put away other thoughts.

The vigorous Spiritual Qi continued to surge and caused Su Mo’s body to tremble non-stop.

Time passed by quickly and after more than 10 hours, the aura in Su Mo’s body shot up high like a volcano that had erupted.

After a while, the aura slowly came down as it started to calm down.

Su Mo opened his eyes, after waiting for a while, blew out a mouthful of foul air. He had successfully advanced to Rank 9 Martial Emperor Realm and he was near to the Middle Stage of Rank 9 Martial Emperor Realm.

I shall continue to push through to the Peak of Rank 9 Martial Emperor Realm!

Su Mo took a deep breath and took out the other 500 Middle Spiritual Crystals and started to devour them.

After Su Mo had devoured the 500 Middle Spiritual Crystals, his cultivation level did not reach the Peak of Rank 9 Martial Emperor Realm and he only managed to reach the Later Stage that was close to the Peak.

He sighed. The Spiritual Crystals were not enough for him and he was penniless again.

“I must think of a way to earn some Spiritual Crystals!” Su Mo muttered. He had to think of a way to earn his Spiritual Crystals and other resources and the first method that came to his mind was to kill the other martial artists to get their treasures.

He had experience of taking treasures from the other martial artists after killing them and it was a hefty sum. That was the best method of getting Spiritual Crystals.

“I must think of some other ways!” Su Mo sighed. He had killed too many people and he felt that he should use the right method to earn his Spiritual Crystals.

Moreover, it was wrong to kill innocent people. After a while, Su Mo left his palace as he had decided to go to the Sect Hall to look for tasks that promised high rewards.

As for the Dragon’s Vein, he was not in a hurry to receive it. Even if he had one at that moment, he would not have dared to devour it.

He did not know if he could devour a Low-Grade Dragon’s Vein and, even if he was able to do so, he might explode as his body might not be able to take it.

Soon, Su Mo came to the Sect Hall.

As usual, the Sect Hall was bustling with people.

“Su Mo is here!”

“Su Mo is now a Pro-disciple. I am so envious of him!”

“He has been given an exception to become the 49th Pro-disciple. He is so powerful!”

“I think he has advanced to Rank 9 Martial Emperor Realm!”

When Su Mo walked into the Sect Hall, the disciples who saw him started to talk about him among themselves.

When Su Mo saw it, he touched his nose. He had become well-known in Path Sect!

“Elder, is there any suitable task for me?” Su Mo walked into the Sect Hall and asked the Elder with a goatee.

“Su Mo, you are now a Pro-disciple so you are no longer under the Sect Hall. Go to the Inner Sect! There will be suitable tasks for you there!” The short Elder with a goatee said.

“Thank you!” Su Mo cupped his fist at the Elder and after asking for the direction of the Inner Sect, he left the Sect Hall.

Everyone watched Su Mo walking out of the Sect Hall and they had different expressions on their face. They had heard a lot about Su Mo.

They had heard that Su Mo joined the Sect for less than two months and he was on good terms with Elder Feng Guang. Some of them had commented that Su Mo was related to Holy Elder Zhen Xian.

In less than two months, Su Mo had made great contributions to the Sect. For that reason, the Sect had made an exception and allowed him to be the 49th Pro-disciple.

Su Mo’s achievement was amazing and that made him mysterious. Many people were curious about him and the female disciples were filled with admiration for him.

After Su Mo left the Sect Hall, he was soon at the Inner Sect Hall.

The Inner Sect Hall was a majestic palace and there were few people around. It was located at the other side of the mountain and there were no more than 10 disciples in the Hall at that moment.

The Inner Sect Hall was in charge of the disciples who were at least at the Martial Honored Realm. In total, there were only a few hundred disciples in Path Sect who were at the Martial Emperor Realm, including the Pro-disciples.

“Elder, is there any task for me to take on?” After Su Mo walked into the Inner Sect Hall, he asked a middle-aged Elder who was guarding the Hall.

The middle-aged Elder was over 40 years old and he had a square face with a stern look.

“Are you…Su Mo?” The middle-aged Elder asked Su Mo in amazement as he sized Su Mo up. Although he did not know Su Mo, he recognized him from the description that he had heard from the people.

“Yes, I am!” Su Mo nodded.

There were more than 10 Martial Honored Realm disciples in the Hall and when they heard the conversation between Su Mo and the Elder, they looked sharply at Su Mo.

Light glittered in the eyes of those disciples as they sized Su Mo up and they seemed to be in deep thought.

There were only 48 Pro-disciples in Path Sect and if anyone wanted to become a Pro-disciple, they had to defeat one of the existing Pro-disciples to replace him.

Due to that reason, the Pro-disciples in Path Sect had been changing.

Although that was the case, there was not much movement as the Pro-disciples were powerful. Only a few disciples had the ability to challenge the Pro-disciples.

However, the addition of a Pro-disciple whose cultivation level was only at the Martial Emperor Realm had brought joy to many disciples.

Since Su Mo was a Pro-disciple, if they could defeat him, they could take over his position and become a Pro-disciple.

Although Su Mo had great talent and he was powerful, that applied only to the Martial Emperor Realm. The disciples at the Martial Honored Realm felt that he was not as powerful as them.

Many disciples smiled as they looked at Su Mo. However, they were not in a hurry to challenge him. After all, it would be better for them to wait and observe him before they went into action.

“Su Mo, there are many tasks here but they are tough to handle. You can take a look at them first!” The middle-aged Elder smiled and pointed to the wall on one side of the Hall.

Many parchments had been pasted on the wall and text was written on them. A few disciples were standing before the wall and, apparently, they were looking at the tasks.

“All right!” Su Mo nodded and walked to the wall and started to look at the tasks.

There were about 60 pieces of parchment pasted on the wall and every piece contained a task.

The tasks had been segregated according to the level of difficulty and there were four levels. They were the Iron level, the Bronze level, the Silver level, and the Gold level.

If the task was more difficult to accomplish, the rewards would naturally be higher as it would involve more risk.

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