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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1482: You Are Not Qualified!

Chapter 1482: You Are Not Qualified!

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Su Mo scanned through the tasks and saw that most of the rewards were Spiritual Crystals – mostly Middle Spiritual Crystals.

All the rewards were attractive. The rewards for the tasks that were under the Iron level ranged from 100 to 200 Middle Spiritual Crystals; the rewards for the Bronze level ranged from 300 to 500 Middle Spiritual Crystals; the rewards for the Silver level was between 700 to 800 Middle Spiritual Crystals; and the rewards for the Gold level was at least 1,000 Middle Spiritual Crystals.

The different levels of task were assigned according to ability. The disciples who wished to undertake the Iron level tasks had to have a cultivation level of Rank 1 Martial Honored Realm. For the tasks under the Bronze level, one had to be at Rank 2 Martial Honored Realm. A cultivation level of Rank 3 Martial Honored Realm was required for a Silver level task, and a minimum of Rank 4 Martial Emperor Realm was required for the Gold level tasks.

The rewards are pretty attractive!

Su Mo’s eyes glittered as he looked at the rewards. He had made the right decision to earn his Spiritual Crystals by taking on tasks.

After looking around for a while, Su Mo evaluated himself. When he was at Rank 8 Martial Emperor Realm, he could easily defeat a Rank 1 Martial Honored Realm martial artist. Although there was a great difference in strength between the Martial Emperor Realm and Martial Honored Realm, given Su Mo’s current strength, he would have no problem defeating a Rank 2 Martial Honored Realm martial artist.

However, everyone was different. Two martial artists could have the same cultivation level but their strength might differ greatly.

After evaluating his own strength, Su Mo decided to take on the tasks that were at the Bronze level.

Given his current strength, he would have no problem accomplishing the Bronze level tasks.

Having made up his mind, Su Mo started to look at the different tasks that were pasted on the wall for the Bronze level.

Very quickly, he had decided on a task.

There were no rewards stated for that task but one could bring the spoils to exchange for rewards and it immediately caught Su Mo’s attention.

The task was not located at Sun Moon Star but Star Cangyuan.

According to the details stated on the parchment, one area of Star Cangyuan was inhabited by the demons and they created trouble around.

All the body parts of the demons were precious and they could be used to refine Honorable Weapons. After the martial artist had killed the demons, he would bring the demons to the Sect to exchange for a large amount of Spiritual Crystals.

However, the task was not exclusive to one person and it was open to all. Anyone could bring the demon that they had killed to the Sect to exchange it for rewards.

Su Mo nodded and took note of Star Cangyuan and the location of the demon-inhabited area. He then turned around to walk out as he wished to look around.

He had decided to head toward Sun Moon Tribe to look for an opportunity to meet Qingxuan after he had earned some Spiritual Crystals.

“Su Mo!”

Someone suddenly shouted out just as Su Mo was about to walk out.

When Su Mo heard his name being called, he stopped moving and turned his head around. A youth in a purple shirt was looking at him in the Inner Sect Hall.

The youth had a big build and his determined look made him look proud.

“Yes?” Su Mo asked, looking baffled.

“I want to challenge you!” The youth said. The moment he made that statement, the rest of the disciples in the Inner Sect Hall were shocked.

The youth could not suppress his desire any longer. In fact, all the disciples wanted to challenge Su Mo but they had held themselves back.

They knew that if they managed to defeat Su Mo, they would straight away be challenged by the rest of the disciples. It was not easy to secure the position of a Pro-disciple.

In fact, after the disciples heard that Su Mo had become the 49th Pro-disciple, they were already eyeing his position.

Some of the Martial Honored Realm disciples longed to be a Pro-disciple but they were not powerful enough. They were no match for the 48 Pro-disciples and thus they had been unable to fulfill their wish.

As a Pro-disciple, they would be honored and could enjoy special status. On top of that, they had many privileges thus many people were eyeing on the position.

As Su Mo was the new Pro-disciple and he was only at Rank 8 Martial Emperor Realm, the disciples felt that it was a great opportunity for them.

“Do you want to challenge me?” Su Mo was stunned when he heard them. He did not know why the youth wanted to challenge him as he had not offended him.

“That’s right. I know you are talented but you are not qualified to be a Pro-disciple!” The youth said in a deep voice.

When Su Mo heard what the youth had said, he realized that the youth wanted to challenge him and replace him as the Pro-disciple!

After sizing the youth up, Su Mo curled his lips. He is only at Rank 1 Martial Honored Realm and he wants to challenge him!

“I am sorry but you are not qualified to challenge me!” Su Mo said flatly. He had no wish to accept the challenge.

When the rest of the disciples heard what Su Mo had said, they were shocked. They felt that Su Mo was arrogant!

The name of the youth who had challenged Su Mo was Fu Tong. Although his cultivation level was only at Rank 1 Martial Honored Realm, he had great combat strength and was near to the Rank 2 Martial Honored Realm. However, Su Mo commented that he was not qualified to challenge him!

“Am I not qualified?”

When Fu Tong heard that, he said, “Su Mo, I know you are powerful and have great combat strength. However, that is within the Martial Emperor Realm. How dare you behave so presumptuously in front of me!”

“You can look for me after you have advanced to Rank 2 Martial Honored Realm!”

Su Mo said flatly. He could not be bothered with Fu Tong. He then walked out of the Inner Sect Hall.

“Stop where you are!”

Fu Tong shouted when he saw Su Mo walking out. In a flash, he went in front of Su Mo and stopped him, saying, “Why are you in a rush to go off? Are you scared of me? If you admit that you are no match for me, hand over your position as the Pro-disciple to me!”

Su Mo’s face immediately turned cold when Fu Tong made that statement. Fu Tong is walking all over him. He needs to be taught a lesson!

Suddenly, Su Mo had a thought and he smiled and said, “Fine. If you want to challenge me, let’s raise the stakes!”

“What stakes?” Fu Tong asked, looking baffled.

“1,000 Middle Spiritual Crystals. Whoever loses will give the winning party 1,000 Middle Spiritual Crystals. Do you dare to take me on?” Su Mo asked with a smile. Since Fu Tong wanted to challenge him, he would rip a tidy sum off of him.

“1,000 Middle Spiritual Crystals?” Fu Tong frowned when he heard it. The amount of the bet was too high for him and he did not have 1,000 Middle Spiritual Crystals.

Even without the bet, Su Mo had to accept his challenge according to the rules!

However, if he did not agree to the bet, he would be seen as a coward and bring shame to himself.

As he did not have absolute confidence in beating Su Mo, he would not agree to the bet of 1,000 Middle Spiritual Crystals.

“Let’s put it as 100 Middle Spiritual Crystals. If you do not agree to it, we can forget about the bet!” Fu Tong said.

“All right! We shall make it 100 then!” Su Mo nodded. 100 Middle Spiritual Crystals was equivalent to 100,000 Lower Spiritual Crystals, which was a tidy sum. It was better than nothing.

Fu Tong was elated when he heard it. He then looked at the middle-aged Elder in the Inner Sect Hall and said, “Elder Li, please be the witness for us!”

Fu Tong had asked the middle-aged Elder, who was known as Elder Li, to be their witness. An Elder had to be around to witness the fight before the disciple who had defeated a Pro-disciple could successfully take over his position.

“All right!” Elder Li nodded.

When the disciples who were in the Inner Sect Hall saw it, their eyes glittered. The fight among the Martial Honored Realm disciples for the position of a Pro-disciple had begun.

No matter which of them won, none of them would be able to secure the position of a Pro-disciple.

If Fu Tong managed to defeat Su Mo, someone else would challenge Fu Tong to take over his position.

If Su Mo won the fight, the rest of the disciples would know his actual strength and more powerful disciples would take him on.

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