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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1484: 500 Middle Spiritual Crystals

Chapter 1484: 500 Middle Spiritual Crystals

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At that moment, Fu Tong regretted his decision. He should not have challenged Su Mo. He could have waited for someone else to challenge Su Mo so that he knew his actual strength before challenging him.

However, it was too late for regrets now.

Fu Tong’s expression kept changing and, after a while, he gritted his teeth and waved his hand. A small pile of white Spiritual Stones flew toward Su Mo. They were the Middle Spiritual Crystals.

The spectators were impressed by Su Mo’s strength. There was a great disparity between Su Mo’s strength and Fu Tong’s strength.

When they looked at Su Mo, they exclaimed within their hearts.

He has lived up to his name as the number one in the Fight meet.

He is indeed the most powerful person. He has defeated the gifted geniuses from the six forces.

Indeed, he has the prerequisites to become a Pro-disciple.

When Su Mo saw the Middle Spiritual Crystals flying toward him, he smiled. He then waved his sleeve and kept the Middle Spiritual Crystals. He felt excited.

It was so easy to earn Spiritual Crystals!

If more people challenged him and gave him Spiritual Crystals, he would not have to take on any other tasks!

This way of earning Spiritual Crystals was faster than taking on tasks!

Su Mo then pondered for a while before he turned his head to look at the disciples who had come to watch the fight and said loudly, “Is there anyone else who wishes to challenge me? Do it quickly! If any of you agree on 300 Middle Spiritual Crystals as the stake, I will take you on!”

Su Mo increased the bet. When the people heard what he had said, they were stunned.

All of them became speechless.

Crap! Su Mo wants to earn Spiritual Crystals by accepting challenges!

The rest of the Pro-disciples were afraid of being challenged as they did not want to lose their Pro-disciple status. However, Su Mo had invited the disciples to take him on!

“Is there anyone who wants to challenge me? The bet is 300 Middle Spiritual Crystals. If you defeat me, you can have 300 Middle Spiritual Crystals and, at the same time, you take over my position as Pro-disciple!” Su Mo said again when he saw that no one wanted to challenge him.

When the disciples heard what Su Mo had said, they had different expressions on their face. Some of them frowned and some of them were unhappy with his presumptuous disposition. Some found him strange and funny while most of them were dumbfounded by him.

Su Mo made them speechless. He was behaving like a businessman who was treating the challenges like a transaction.

After a while, Su Mo sighed when he saw that no one wanted to challenge him.

He pondered for a while and said again, “I will set up a betting station in the starry sky for three days and I welcome everyone to come and challenge me. The bet includes the Spiritual Crystals and the Pro-disciple status. I hope you will not miss out the opportunity. If no one challenges me within these three days, I will go out for my learning trip and I have no idea when I will be back. You will then miss the opportunity to challenge me!”

Having said that, Su Mo shot up and headed for the starry sky.

He wanted to earn some Spiritual Crystals through such means. After the fight with Fu Tong, Su Mo was more confident of his strength.

Most of the Pro-disciples were at Rank 2 Martial Honored Realm and Rank 3 and thus those disciples who were eyeing the Pro-disciple position were at either Rank 1 or Rank 2 Martial Honored Realm.

Su Mo had no problem dealing with that group of disciples.

Moreover, if anyone managed to defeat him and take over his status as a Pro-disciple, he did not mind it at all.

He had earned his Spiritual Crystals and with his cultivation speed, he could easily get the status back in no time.

In the twinkle of an eye, Su Mo was already at the Nine Heavens and he flew up to the starry sky.

When the disciples saw that Su Mo had left, they were shocked. Su Mo is setting up a betting station!

After a while, many of them flew up to the starry sky as some of them wanted to watch the fight and some of them wished to challenge him.

Some of the disciples who had a lower cultivation level headed toward Wen Dao Mountain to inform the Sect about it. They wanted to get the powerful Martial Honored Realm disciples to challenge Su Mo.

“What? Has Su Mo set up a betting station in the sky?”

“300 Middle Spiritual Crystals as the bet?”

“If anyone defeats Su Mo, he will get 300 Middle Spiritual Crystals on top of the Pro-disciple position?”

“Su Mo is so presumptuous! What makes him so arrogant!?”

The disciples brought the news back to the Sect and there was an uproar. Many disciples then grouped together and headed towards the starry sky.

Many Elders were shocked by the news as well. Su Mo had created havoc.

“Oh no! What is he up to now?” When Feng Guang heard the news, he immediately stopped whatever he was doing and flew up to the sky.

Many disciples in Wen Dao Mountain flew towards the starry sky, moving in a formation like a Milky Way.

Saint Zhen Xian, who was dressed in a priest’s robe, lifted his head to look at the sky. He seemed able to pierce through the void and see what was happening in the starry sky.

After a long while, he shook his head helplessly. He was speechless.

Outside Sun Moon Star, Su Mo sat cross-legged in the starry sky. Many disciples and Elders from Path Sect had gathered around him.

He was waiting for the disciples to challenge him and he believed that someone would do so.

He knew that many Martial Honored Realm disciples desired to be a Pro-disciple.

Someone would challenge him.

Time passed by quickly and more people gathered around him, making the place boisterous.

However, no one challenged Su Mo. They did not challenge him. Not because they were afraid of him, but they did not want to be the first to take him on.

Even if they managed to defeat Su Mo, the other disciples would challenge them.

After Su Mo had waited for more than two hours, no one had challenged him and he started to get impatient.

“Is there no one who wants to challenge me?”

Su Mo stood up and looked around. He then asked loudly, “Are you not interested in becoming a Pro-disciple?”

When the disciples heard that, their eyes glittered and they were deep in thought.

Su Mo continued and said, “If you don’t even have the courage to challenge me, you can forget about being a Pro-disciple. You are not qualified to become one!”

Su Mo’s voice resounded in the area and those disciples who had the desire to challenge him looked unhappy. Su Mo is only at Rank 9 Martial Emperor Rank, but he seems fearless. Does he think that he is invincible among the Martial Honored Realm martial artists?

“Let me defeat you!”

Someone suddenly shouted and a figure shot up from Sun Moon Star towards the starry sky.

It was a youth robed in green with long hair and a thin face. He gave one a feeling that he was full of vitality.


The youth robed in green was soon standing before Su Mo, looking at him sharply with his pair of green eyes.

“It is Jia Yan!”

“Jia Yan has challenged Su Mo. Let’s see how long Su Mo can remain so arrogant!”

“Jia Yan’s cultivation level is at Rank 2 Martial Honored Realm and he is extremely powerful!”

When the people saw Jia Yan, they were excited. Finally, a Rank 2 Martial Honored Realm top power had challenged Su Mo.

Su Mo was a Rank 9 Martial Emperor Realm martial artist and Jia Yan was a Rank 2 Martial Honored Realm martial artist. This time around, it would be impossible for Su Mo to defeat Jia Yan!

Su Mo sized Jia Yan up and he was not afraid of him. He smiled and asked, “Do you dare to bet 300 Middle Spiritual Crystals?”

“300 Middle Spiritual Crystals?”

When Jia Yan heard it, he curled his lips into a smile and shook his head, saying, “Do you think this is child’s play? 300 Middle Spiritual Crystals is no fun. Let’s make it 500!”

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