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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1485: Only Mediocre

Chapter 1485: Only Mediocre

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“Oh?” Su Mo squinted his eyes when he heard what Jia Yan had said. Jia Yan was so confident that he had increased the bet.

After sizing Jia Yan up, Su Mo did not find anything special about him. His aura was only slightly stronger than Fu Tong’s.

“All right. Since you want to increase the bet, I have no objection!”

Su Mo nodded. He would not object to earning more Spiritual Crystals.

He did not look down on Jia Yan and since Jia Yan had increased the bet, he must be powerful.

“All right, this is great. I can get both the Spiritual Crystals and Pro-disciple status!” Jia Yan smiled and looked confident.

The disciples were surprised to see that Jia Yan was confident of defeating Su Mo.

However, since he was at Rank 2 Martial Honored Realm, it made sense for him to think so.

Make way, make way!

The disciples immediately moved back and made way for Su Mo and Jia Yan.

Su Mo and Jia Yan looked at each other and were filled with fighting spirit.

Although Jia Yan was confident of defeating Su Mo, he did not take Su Mo lightly. After all, Su Mo was well-known.

News about him had traveled far and wide through the entire Sun Moon Star.

Moreover, Jia Yan had heard that Su Mo had defeated Fu Tong, who was at Rank 1 Martial Honored Realm, with one blow. Such a powerful combat strength was equivalent to a Rank 2 Martial Honored Realm martial artist.

Green Dark Force surged in Jia Yan’s body and it kept changing. It looked as though several hands were moving around.

“Oh?” Su Mo was surprised to see that Jia Yan seemed so powerful. At least the means that he had used were special.


Suddenly, Jia Yan stretched out his hand.

Green rays shot out from his five fingers at lightning speed.

Strangely, the green rays that shot out from his fingers turned into five Green Vines and they spread out to attack Su Mo from five different directions.

“This is interesting!”

Su Mo was shocked when he saw it and he immediately moved back. At the same time, sword radiance flashed across his hand and he threw out a blow with his sword.

In an instant, a long stretch of powerful Sword Qi shot across the sky and slashed at the Green Vines.

Pom! Pom!

There were two loud thuds as the Sword Qi hit two Green Vines and sent them flying in other directions.

The other three Green Vines attacked Su Mo from both sides, with one coming down from the top.

They are so sturdy! Su Mo was surprised by the sturdiness of the Green Vines. The earlier blow that he had thrown out was unable to cut the Green Vines apart.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

As Su Mo moved back, he struck again and threw out three blows consecutively, sending the three Green Vines flying to the other directions.

“You will definitely be defeated!”

Jia Yan shouted with confidence. He moved his five fingers and the five Green Vines that had been diverted attacked Su Mo again.

At the same time, Jia Yan stretched out his other hand and five green rays shot out from his fingers. They then turned into five Green Vines.

The 10 Green Vines moved up to the sky and they were lengthy. They besieged Su Mo and attacked him frantically.

Suddenly, Su Mo was trapped in the middle as the Green Vines besieged him.

All the people fixed their gazes on the fight. Since the beginning of the fight, Jia Yan had had the upper-hand. The situation was against Su Mo!

“Can’t the vines be cut off?”

Light glittered in Su Mo’s eyes and he stopped moving. A ray of light flashed in Su Mo’s hand and the Upper Honorable Stone Sword appeared.

“Smash it!”

With a shout, Su Mo struck with his sword again. The sword power in his body shot up to the sky and he activated 15 types of Sword Fighting Spirit in one go.


The sword radiance swept smoothly through the space and a three-colored Sword Qi formed a circle and slashed out.

The blow was sharp and formidable.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The dazzling sword radiance tore everything apart. In an instant, it cut off eight Green Vines and the Green Vines flew far away from the area.

Two Green Vines were left and Su Mo ducked away from them effortlessly.

“What?” Jia Yan’s face turned pale. The power of the Green Vines was mighty and any ordinary Rank 2 Martial Honored Realm martial artist could not possibly have been able to cut them off. However, they had been cut off by Su Mo.

Although the Green Vines had been cut off, Jia Yan was not worried as he could still make them grow back.


Jia Yan shouted and 10 green rays shot up from his fingers. The Green Vines that had been cut off grew back again.

The five Green Vines on each of his hand intertwined with one another and formed two huge Green Vines.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Jia Yan moved his arms and the two huge, long Green Vines shot out like whips and attacked Su Mo from both sides.

The power of the blow was mighty. The Green Vines smashed the space and entered into the void, leaving no trace behind.

“What a lousy trick!”

Su Mo sneered. Although the Green Vines were quick, they had their roots, which were connected to Jia Yan’s fingers.

By following the roots, Su Mo would be able to trace the tracks of the Green Vines.

“Smash!” Su Mo shouted and struck with his sword again. The sword radiance glittered as Su Mo slashed at both sides.

At the same time, he triggered his thoughts. Several rays of sharp sword radiance appeared and attacked Jia Yan.

It was the Spiritual Swords!

100 Spiritual Swords turned into a Ten Direction Natal Spiritual Sword Snake Array and attacked Jia Yan.

Pom! Pom!

There were two explosions and the two huge Green Vines were being cut apart. The Green Vines turned into green light and disappeared from the area.

“How can this be!” Jia Yan’s face turned pale. He had not expected Su Mo’s attack to be so powerful that his Green Vines were unable to contend with it.

Jia Yan quickly moved back when he saw the Ten Direction Natal Spiritual Sword Snake Array coming toward him. The two huge Green Vines in his hands shrunk instantly and turned into 10 Green Vines. They then attacked the Ten Direction Natal Spiritual Sword Snake Array.

Pom! Pom! Pom!

There were loud explosions as the 10 Green Vines and the Ten Direction Natal Spiritual Sword Snake Array continued to attack each other fiercely.

The Green Vines were unable to defeat the Spiritual Sword Snake Array and, likewise, the Spiritual Sword Snake Array was unable to cut the Green Vines apart. Their strength was on par with each other.

Su Mo laughed. On one hand he manipulated the Ten Direction Natal Spiritual Sword Snake Array to pin the Green Vines down and, on the other hand, he shot up to the sky and charged down on Jia Yan from above.

“You have lost!”

Su Mo shouted and his voice shook the firmament. He was high up in the sky and the Dark Force in his body was vast. The sword power was mighty as he brandished the Stone Sword in his hand.

Su Mo did not hold back and he displayed his most powerful combat strength.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Rays of mighty Sword Qi slashed down from the sky and formed a mighty Sword Qi windstorm. They covered the area and moved toward Jia Yan to attack him.

After the quick exchange of blows earlier, Su Mo roughly knew Jia Yan’s strength. His strength was mediocre and Su Mo had no problem defeating him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The vast Sword Qi windstorm destroyed everything and the power was overbearing. It smashed everything apart and covered Jia Yan.

“It is so powerful!”

When Jia Yan saw it, he gasped. He felt that Su Mo’s attack was powerful, like that of a Rank 3 Martial Honored Realm martial artist.

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