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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1488: Ten Steps To Heaven Skill

Chapter 1488: Ten Steps To Heaven Skill

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“This is…?”

Su Mo’s heart jumped in surprise. This Tai Changshan’s aura seemed strong at first, but it was still within his expectations and understanding.

However, with every step that Tai Changshan took, his strength started to increase and become even stronger. By then, it had already reached a terrifying stage.

Tai Changshan’s increase in strength showed no signs of stopping and like a devil or a god, powerful strength burst out of his body and swept to all eight corners.

Under this massive force, Su Mo felt his heart quaver and he felt crushed to the point that it was hard to breathe. He felt like he was battling a middle ranked Martial Honorable and not a typical Rank 2 Martial Honorable.

“I can’t let him finish his steps!” Su Mo did not hesitate any longer and he began his attack. Tai Changshan was obviously using a secret technique that allowed his power to accumulate. If Tai Changshan was allowed to continue taking further steps, a powerful force would crush Su Mo and by then it would be hard for Su Mo to continue fighting.

“Break!” With a loud roar, Su Mo waved the stone sword in his hand, causing a dazzling three-colored Sword Qi streak to strike down towards Tai Changshan.

The Sword Qi was powerful and sharp as it forced its way towards Tai Changshan, instantly meeting its target.

“Shatter!” Tai Changshan did not falter and he cut down with his war axe. A mesmerizing streak of powerful axe radiance heavily sliced down onto the Sword Qi.


An explosion sounded and the Sword Qi shattered apart to become streaks of energy that rained down from the sky.


Once he had sliced apart the Sword Qi, Tai Changshan took another step forward as his heavy footsteps thundered across the sky. His power increased by another fold again.

The crowd stared, shocked at the vast amount of power Tai Changshan had. This secret technique he had used to accumulate his power was called the Ten Steps To Heaven Skill. With every step he took, he could gather power from the surroundings and hence, his strength would increase sharply.

As soon as he had taken all ten steps of the skill, his power would reach its maximum and his strength would be insurmountable.

Su Mo wasn’t aware of this skill at all and did not attack earlier on, thus allowing Tai Changshan to take his eighth step.

If Su Mo didn’t beat Tai Changshan before all ten steps were taken, then it was almost a definite thing that Su Mo would lose.

Su Mo’s face gradually turned harder in the battle as he felt the aura from Tai Changshan getting stronger and stronger. His heart was palpitating very quickly as he wondered if Tai Changshan’s strength would continue increasing.

That was highly unlikely. Even if it was a godly skill, there was no way there would be no limit to the extent of the increase in Tai Changshan’s strength.


At that moment, Tai Changshan stepped out once again to complete his ninth step. His powers surged again as the space below his foot shook violently. As though an earthquake had occurred, everything within a kilometer radius from him shattered apart.

The crowd switched their gazes between Tai Changshan and Su Mo and silently shook their head. Su Mo was completely unaware of Tai Changshan’s skill as he did not attack Tai Changshan at all. At this rate, Tai Changshan would complete his tenth step.

The moment that happened, Tai Changshan’s strength would reach the maximum possible level. Mo would definitely not be able to go against Tai Changshan then!

Su Mo looked at the wargod-like Tai Changshan but he didn’t attack as he was also gathering strength within himself. The five Divine Elixirs in his body were activated to their maximum and his body shone brilliantly as dazzling gold and glaze-colored streaks of light glowed.

At that point, Su Mo wasn’t going to reserve any strength. He had released his special body constitution lifeblood.

Everyone who saw this scene was startled.

“This is… Su Mo also has a special body constitution?”

“Amazing. So Su Mo had been hiding his strength!”

“This will be interesting. Maybe Su Mo can really go against Tai Changshan!”

The crowd buzzed among themselves. No wonder Su Mo had appeared fearless throughout all the battles – he had had a hidden card under his sleeve, his special body constitution.

However, having a special body constitution didn’t guarantee that Su Mo would be able to go against Tai Changshan. After all, special body constitutions had their strengths and weaknesses. Some special body constitutions could increase the user’s strength greatly while others were practically insignificant to strength.

“He even has a special body constitution?” Feng Guang rubbed his chubby face despondently. Su Mo’s powers were already so godly, and he still had a special body constitution?

This made Feng Guang feel incredulous. How much more monstrous would Su Mo’s strength be?


Right at that moment, another booming sound echoed through the air as Tai Changshan finally took his tenth step. The Ten Steps To Heaven Skill allowed his strength to surge uncontrollably to its maximum level.

Boom boom boom!!!

Tai Changshan was unimaginably strong at that point as his aura seemed to mirror the power of that of a devil and a god.

“Fight!” As he roared out loudly, Tai Changshan’s body shot out like a bolt of lightning towards Su Mo. Instantly, he arrived right before his opponent.


Tai Changshan slashed down his war sword as fast as a lightning strike from the nine heavens. It seemed as though he could not be beaten.

Su Mo felt the depths of Tai Changshan’s immense power in this one slash. It felt as though ten thousand mountains were falling from the sky. Nonetheless, Su Mo was not fearful and he lifted up his long sword and blocked the attack.

In the blink of an eye, the war axe clashed against the stone sword.


An ear-piercing sound rang through an area a few kilometers wide, sounding along with the terrifying explosion resulting from the impact of the two weapons. Instantly, it reduced the space a kilometer away from the two martial artists to nothingness.


Su Mo’s body was forced back helplessly. He had only managed to get a hold of himself and control his body enough to a stop after a few hundred meters.

“What power!” Su Mo’s face turned as dark as water. The axe blow from Tai Changshan was so strong that even when Su Mo used his special body constitution, he did not manage to completely block it.

This was a real Rank 2 Martial Emperor before him. His previous opponent, Jia Yan, was much weaker than this Tai Changshan. They didn’t seem like they were the same rank, Rank 2 Martial Honorables, at all.

However, Tai Changshan’s powers did not make Su Mo scared at all. Rather, it excited Su Mo and it spurred the battle spirit that had been lying dormant in his heart.

In the past, all his opponents had been far weaker than him. Most of them were ants before him. Now that Su Mo had finally met a strong opponent, the battle spirit was surging within him.

Buzz buzz~~

The stone sword held in Su Mo’s hands started to buzz as dazzling three colored Sword Qi rushed through it like an open tap, thus causing the stone sword to shine brilliantly.


At that point, Tai Changshan rushed forward once again as he closed the distance between him and Su Mo for his attack.

The speed of Tai Changshan was very high and he immediately travelled a kilometer forward. As he waved his war axe, bright radiance burst out from his hands and covered the starry sky as he prepared for his blow at Su Mo.


Su Mo was fearless and he once again swung his sword forward to clash against the war axe.

In the next moment, a ground-shaking impact between the long sword and war axe occurred.


Again, an explosion occurred and Su Mo’s body flew from the sky like a meteor. He was forced back a few hundred meters backward from the impact.

Those watching the scene shook their heads. Su Mo was finally going to lose as he was no match for Tai Changshan.

Su Mo had boldly invited people to challenge him and not only was he finally going to lose and be forced to hand over all the Spiritual Crystals he earned, he would also lose his reputation.

However, no one looked down upon Su Mo. Even if Su Mo lost here, everyone still gave him their respect.

Afterall, for a Rank 9 Martial Emperor to have accomplished so much, such that he could somewhat withstand a few blows from Tai Changshan, this strength was already considered extraordinary.

Feng Guang shook his head quietly as he thought to himself. He ought to go forward and console Su Mo after Su Mo has lost against Tai Changshan. He could also give a few consolation Spiritual Crystals to Su Mo to establish an even closer relationship with Su Mo.

“You, will lose!” The icy cold Tai Changshan who looked like a war god declared. As the forces on his body burst out magnificently, it rolled out through the air in waves. Then, his body flashed again as he shot forward to attack Su Mo a third time.

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