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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1489: Turning Point Of The Battle

Chapter 1489: Turning Point Of The Battle

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Su Mo looked at Tai Changshan flying toward him and his eyes immediately turned dark. If they competed based on strength alone, he would simply not be a match for Tai Changshan.

The difference in their cultivation was too large to be compensated for. Even if he used Archean Martial Skills or merged his various elements Dark Force together, it wouldn’t be possible for him beat Tai Changshan.

However, this did not mean that he was inferior to Tai Changshan.

He activated Sword Fighting Souls and these Fighting Souls were the sources of strengths for his sword strikes. It made his attacks sharper and stronger. However, based on pure strength alone, his sword attacks were not enough.

Fortunately, he still had many other types of Fighting Souls. He had devoured many different Fighting Souls which had different powers and there were many Fighting Souls that could increase his fighting strength.

Su Mo did not have any other methods and so he prepared to compete with Tai Changshan based on strength.

Buzz buzz~~

Suddenly, a terrifying aura gushed out of Su Mo. He gave up on activating Sword Fighting Souls and switched to using fifteen other types of Fighting Souls.

Among these fifteen were, Mountain Peak Fighting Souls, Stone Rock Fighting Souls and Copper Hammer Fighting Souls that could boost Su Mo’s strength.

In an instant, the exceptional radiance around Su Mo disappeared. In place of that was a thick, strong, mountain-like power.


Su Mo didn’t retreat further but instead rushed forward to meet Tai Changshan’s attack.

Zap! Zap!

The two of them attacked virtually at the same time. Then, the smooth Sword Radiance and the blinding Axe Radiance struck against each other.


Another explosion sounded as the starry sky blew apart when the strong forces collided against each other. Although it wasn’t a thunderous explosion this time, the magnitude of it wasn’t smaller than it had been before, as terrifying streaks of energy swept out in all directions again.

Shoosh! Shoosh!

Both parties were forced backwards a few hundred meters from the impact.

As the onlookers saw this scene, their eyes widened surprise. Tai Changshan was actually forced backward!

How could that be?

Su Mo still looked like he was about to be crushed by the previous attacks. How could Su Mo’s aura suddenly change and how could he actually be on par with Tai Changshan?

Tai Changshan stopped himself and his face hardened. By fighting Su Mo first-hand, he was the person who best knew how much Su Mo’s aura had changed in that previous attack.

Before, sword forces were erupting from Su Mo’s body and Su Mo was glowing brightly in the Sword Radiance. However, everything had changed instantly and Su Mo had thick, mountain-like forces bursting out of him in the last attack.

“Tai Changshan, I don’t think it is possible for you to defeat me with your current strength!” Su Mo lightly yelled as his heart turned cold. This person’s strength was dark and mysterious. It might be difficult for Su Mo to defeat Tai Changshan without using the Devouring Fighting Soul.

The Dream Realm Fighting Soul and the Invisible Fighting Soul were probably not going to be effective in this battle. Since Tai Changshan was at the Rank 2 Martial Honorable Realm, his willpower and sensory skills would be much higher than a Martial Emperor.

“Is that so?”

Tai Changshan didn’t believe Su Mo’s words and his stiffened his body in preparation for his next attack. Then, gripping his war axe tightly in his hands, he swung the axe towards Su Mo.


In an instant, a long streak of Axe Radiance measuring a few thousand feet long sliced through the air. As it split the space it travelled over, it flew towards Su Mo like a bolt of lightning.

The moment Su Mo saw that, he lifted his hand and swung his sword down to reveal a dazzling streak of Sword Radiance.

At the same time, streaks of Sword Radiance appeared beside him in a thought, surrounding him from all corners. Instantly, the Sword Radiance turned into the Ten Direction Natal Spiritual Sword Snake Array and attacked Tai Changshan from the left, right, up and down directions.

Since he could match Tai Changshan’s attack, Su Mo did not hold back further and he prepared to display his full might towards his opponent.

Of course, Su Mo wouldn’t use his Devouring Fighting Soul unless he was forced into a corner. That Fighting Soul was his greatest secret and he could not reveal it. Afterall, there were too many experts in the True Path Sect.

In the blink of an eye, the Sword Qi and the Axe Radiance collided against each other as an explosion that shattered the two attacks occurred.

Shoosh shoosh shoosh!!!

The Ten Directoin Natal Spiritual Sword Snake Array sped through the sky and closed down on Tai Changshan.

Tai Changshan frowned slightly upon seeing this scene. He had not thought that Su Mo would actually use a sword array. Seeing the Ten Direction Natal Spiritual Sword Snake Array nearing him, Tai Changshan quickly retreated backward.

“Get lost!”

With a fierce roar, Tai Changshan continuously waved the war axe in his hand as he retreated backward. Streaks of Axe Radiance appeared in the sky and attacked the Ten Direction Natal Spiritual Sword Snake Array.

Boom boom boom!!

Explosions sounded unstoppably as the Ten Direction Spiritual Sword Snake Array scattered apart and the swords flew across the sky.

However, in the next moment the Ten Direction Spiritual Sword Snake Array converged again like a chewing gum. ‘

Su Mo didn’t attack again but exerted his all to control the sword array. Then, Su Mo began to move the sword array in a blizzard-like manner towards Tai Changshan.

This man’s strength was too high. Su Mo had thought it though clearly. It wouldn’t be likely that he would defeat Tai Changshan if he relied on his strength alone.

Only by using the sword array and the Invisible Fighting Soul could Su Mo have a chance of defeating Tai Changshan.

Boom boom boom!!

Tai Changshan did not stop with his retaliatory attacks and he relentlessly crushed every Spiritual Sword Snake with his axe.

However, the Ten Direction Natal Spiritual Sword Array was like a rush of water and it crashed around in every direction. As waves and waves of sword array assembled and struck out tirelessly at Tai Changshan, Tai Changshan became very exhausted from the unstoppable cycle.

Boom boom boom!!

After a few hundred rounds of the same movement repeating over and over again, with Tai Changshan continuously defending himself against the Spiritual Sword Snakes, he suddenly realised that Su Mo had disappeared.

“What is going on?” Tai Changshan’s face turned dark. However, he didn’t have time to check out where Su Mo was because the Ten Direction Natal Spiritual Sword Array assaulted him from all directions again.

Tai Changshan could only retreat backwards while continuously striking out and destroying the Spiritual Sword Snakes. The axe in his hand seemed to be dancing as the Spiritual Sword Snakes struck him.

Right at that moment, Tai Changshan felt a dangerous force creep up on him that caused a shiver down his spine.

“Not good!” Tai Changshan didn’t have any moment to think and could only dodge sideways reflexively.


A streak of Sword Radiance burst forward and a stream of flesh blood stained the sky. Tai Changshan managed to avoid a fatal blow but he sustained a scrape of Sword Radiance to his arm.

“How is this possible?” Tai Changshan’s face took a drastic turn. Before he could even check out his wound and even before he could check out where the invisible Su Mo was with his willpower, the Ten Direction Natal Spiritual Sword Snake Array lashed out at him again from all four directions.


Tai Changshan yelled angrily as he spurred the Dark Force in him. The war axe spun viciously and Axe Radiance formed around him to protect his body in preparation for the incoming Natal Spiritual Swords.

However, despite his superior strength, he could only prevent the Natal Spiritual Swords from reaching him with the protective barrier. In the next moment, the sword array had formed once again.

Standing on the spot, a dangerous sensation once again crept up on him. This time, Tai Changshan was prepared for the sneak attack and his body flashed quickly to move a few feet away from his original spot.


A cold flash shone through the air.

However, the cold flash disappeared quickly again and Tai Changshan still could not find out where Su Mo was.

The onlookers watching the scene were completely shocked. The tide of the battle had taken a drastic turn suddenly. Su Mo seemed to be unable to block Tai Changshan’s attack initially. Right now, the situation had turned completely and it seemed like Tai Changshan was in a bad state.

Not only was Su Mo a Natal Spiritual Swordsman, he also had a mysterious invisible technique. With the use of these two abilities, Su Mo didn’t allow a chance for his opponent to fight back.

Feng Guang’s eyes were wide-open as he watched the scene before him incredulously. His heart was shrivelled up and surprised as he had not at all imagined that Su Mo would have the upper hand here.

How was it possible?

Was Su Mo even stronger than Tai Changshan?

Feng Guang’s face twitched uncontrollably. This was unbelievable!

At that point, Tai Changshan’s face was also completely black. However, he did not have the abilities now to check where Su Mo was.

The Ten Direction Natal Spiritual Sword Snake Array was a pain in the ass for him as it relentlessly assaulted him from all four directions. He had no choice but to exert his full attention to block the sword array.

“How could this be?” With a dark face, Tai Changshan tried to block the Spiritual Sword Snake and simultaneously tried to come up with a strategy to overcome his situation. The current battle situation made him feel rather helpless. His entire body was full of strength, but he had no way to use it.

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