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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1505: Spouting Nonsense

Chapter 1505: Spouting Nonsense

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Sect Leader Quan’s face became grim. Hu Sheng had brought the elders from Empty Sky Sect to Path Sect as Su Mo had killed two of their Pro-disciples.

“Su Mo has killed two of our Pro-disciples: Wu Ren and Lu Chong, at the Demons Domain in Star Cangyuan.”

Hu Sheng nodded and continued, saying, “Even our genius, Yang Tiancheng, was nearly killed by him.”

“That’s right. Su Mo is ruthless. He is evil and must be punished!”

Yang Tiancheng, who was standing beside Hu Sheng, spoke with a cold look on his face. His eyes were filled with killing intent as he hated Su Mo to the core.

They had come to Path Sect to capture Su Mo.

When Sect Leader Quan heard what they had said, he was silent. He then said, “Hu Sheng, this is only your side of the story. I need to know the whole situation!”

“Our side of the story?”

When Hu Sheng heard that, he sneered, “Yang Tiancheng is not the only witness around. Many people have seen it. You can simply go out and ask around!”

“Sect Leader Quan, you can summon Su Mo and confront him!” Yang Tiancheng said. Many people had witnessed the scene and there was no way for Su Mo to deny it.

Sect Leader Quan nodded and immediately sent someone to summon Su Mo. However, Su Mo was not in the Sect.

“Hu Sheng, Su Mo is not in the Sect. Why don’t you go back first and when Su Mo is back in the Sect, I will ask him about it!” Sect Leader Quan said with a smile. Hu Sheng and his men did not come with good intentions and it was fortunate that Su Mo was not in the Sect.

Su Mo was the genius of Path Sect and, even if he was in the wrong, Sect Leader Quan would not want him to be killed by the men from Empty Sky Sect.

However, as the Sect Leader of Path Sect, he had to put up a front and pretend to be fair.

“Sect Leader Quan, I cannot allow our two Pro-disciples to die in vain. We need an answer from you today on how you intend to punish Su Mo!” Hu Sheng said as his face darkened. He would not leave simply because Su Mo was not around!

Su Mo was a gifted genius but he did not belong to his Sect. Thus, he must kill Su Mo.

“Sect Leader Quan, Lu Gang was there as well. You can summon him and ask him about it!” Yang Tiancheng said.

Sect Leader Quan nodded and immediately get someone to summon Lu Gang.

After a while, Lu Gang came to the Sect Hall. When he saw Yang Tiancheng and the top powers from Empty Sky Sect, he immediately knew what was going on.

“Greetings, Sect Leader!” Lu Gang bowed respectfully at Sect Leader Quan.

“Lu Gang, I have heard from the men of Empty Sky Sect that Su Mo has killed two of their Pro-disciples. Is this true?” Sect Leader Quan asked immediately.

“Yes!” Lu Gang took a deep breath and nodded. He did not hide the truth from Sect Leader Quan.

Too many people had witnessed it in the Demons Domain and even if he wanted to hide the truth, there was no way to do so.

When the men from Empty Sky Sect heard what Lu Gang had said, they sneered. Since Lu Gang had confirmed it, it would be easy for them to put pressure on Path Sect.

“Lu Gang, tell me what happened in detail!”

Sect Leader Quan said. A ray of light flashed across his eyes and he added, “Remember, I want to hear the details!”

When Lu Gang saw the expression on Sect Leader Quan’s face, he was stunned. Sect Leader Quan looked perplexed. What does he mean? What is he trying to hint to him?

Lu Gang was not stupid. After he had thought for a while, he knew that the Sect Leader wanted to protect Su Mo!

After a while, Lu Gang said, “Sect Leader, when Su Mo was at the Demon’s Domain, he fought with Wu Ren, the Pro-disciple from Empty Sky Sect, over the control of the Demon’s Domain. Su Mo successfully defeated Wu Ren and the disciples from Empty Sky Sect…!”


Before Lu Gang could finish what he had to say, Sect Leader Quan interrupted him and asked, “Did you say that Su Mo defeated Wu Ren and the disciples from Empty Sky Sect? What is Su Mo’s cultivation level?”

Sect Leader Quan was curious. He had heard that Su Mo was at Rank 8 Martial Emperor Realm when everyone was talking about the Fight meet.

How can someone with such a low cultivation level defeat the Pro-disciple of Empty Sky Sect?

Has Su Mo advanced to the Martial Honored Realm? That would be too fast!

“Sect Leader, Su Mo is at Rank 9 Martial Emperor Realm!” Lu Gang replied.

“Oh?” When Sect Leader Quan heard that, his eyes lit up. As a Rank 9 Martial Emperor Realm martial artist, Su Mo had managed to defeat the Pro-disciple of Empty Sky Sect. He must be powerful!

“How many strokes did Su Mo use to defeat Wu Ren?” Sect Leader Quan asked, curious. At the same time, he thought within himself that if Su Mo was gifted, it was all the more reason to protect him!

“Sect Leader Quan!”

At that moment, Hu Sheng opened his mouth with his face darkened. He reminded Sect Leader Quan, “We are currently not asking about Su Mo’s combat strength but his evil deeds!”

“Hohoho! You are right!”

Sect Leader Quan laughed when he heard what Hu Sheng had said. He waved his hand and said, “Lu Gang, continue with what you have to say!”

When Lu Gang heard, he nodded and continued, saying, “After Su Mo has gained control over the Demons Domain, Wu Ren and the disciples from Empty Sky Sect left. A few days later, Wu Ren brought along Yang Tiancheng and Lu Chong back to the Demons Domain and they tried to kill Su Mo. However, they were no match for Su Mo and Wu Ren and Lu Chong were killed by Su Mo…!”

“Crap! He is spouting nonsense!”

Before Lu Gang could complete his statement, he was interrupted by Hu Sheng. Hu Sheng stood up and he looked furious. The powerful oppression from his body straight away pressed onto Lu Gang.


Lu Gang groaned and his face turned pale. His body shook and he nearly fell to the ground.

“Lu Gang, you are talking rubbish. We were only trying to take over the control of the Demons Domain but Su Mo was ruthless and he has killed Wu Ren and Lu Chong. If I had not escaped on time, I would have been killed by him as well!” Yang Tiancheng shouted angrily. He wanted to put all the blame on Su Mo.

When Sect Leader Quan saw what Hu Sheng had done, his face turned cold. He waved his sleeve and Hu Sheng’s oppressive aura dissipated. He reminded Hu Sheng in a cold voice, “Hu Sheng, this is Path Sect, not your Empty Sky Sect!”

After the oppression dissipated, Lu Gang heaved a sigh of relief. He was already sweating all over.

Although Hu Sheng had only used a little oppression on him, Lu Gang was unable to take it and he had suffered internal injuries.

“Sect Leader Quan, your disciple is spouting nonsense. He is not telling the truth!” Hu Sheng said coldly as he looked at Sect Leader Quan.

“Hu Sheng, are you telling me that what your disciple has said is true and what my disciple has said is a lie? What do you mean by this?”

Sect Leader Quan sneered and he looked at Lu Gang and asked, “Lu Gang, are you telling the truth?”

“Sect Leader, what I have said is true. I dare not lie about it!” Lu Gang said grimly. He knew that the Sect Leader wanted to protect Su Mo thus, even if the men from Empty Sky Sect were enraged, the Sect Leader would not give in to them.

Whatever Lu Gang had said must be to Su Mo’s advantage lest he enraged the Sect Leader.

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