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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1506: Water And Earth Properties

Chapter 1506: Water And Earth Properties

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When Sect Leader Quan heard what Lu Gang had said, he lifted his head and looked at Hu Sheng and said, “Hu Sheng, Su Mo has killed your Pro-disciples as they were in the wrong and they had asked for it. You cannot blame Su Mo!”

“Ha! Sect Leader Quan, it is so obvious that you are trying to make excuses for Su Mo!” Hu Sheng snorted. In actual fact, he did not expect Sect Leader Quan to hand Su Mo over to them.

After all, Su Mo was a gifted genius whom any sect would want to protect if he was their disciple.

However, Hu Sheng had to show Path Sect that Empty Sky Sect was not to be trifled with.

“Hu Sheng, I am an impartial person. If Su Mo is in the wrong, I will definitely punish him. However, he has done nothing wrong so how can you say that I am trying to make excuses for him?” Sect Leader Quan said and shook his head. Even if Su Mo was in the wrong, Path Sect was determined to protect him.

“Hohoho! Do you think that what your disciple said was true? It was a one-sided story!”

Hu Sheng listened to what Sect Leader Quan said with disdain. He no longer wanted to argue with Sect Leader Quan and sneered, “Sect Leader Quan, let me tell you this. Regardless of whether Su Mo is in the wrong, he has killed two of our Pro-disciples and we will not let the matter rest!”

“Oh? Hu Sheng, are you threatening us?” Sect Leader Quan asked and squinted his eyes.

“I am not threatening you but Su Mo has to be held accountable for his evil deeds!” Hu Sheng said flatly.

Sect Leader Quan frowned. If Empty Sky Sect was out to kill Su Mo, Path Sect indeed had no way to protect him.

After all, Su Mo could not possibly stay in Wen Dao Mountain. Once he left Wen Dao Mountain, Empty Sky Sect would send someone to assassinate him.

After pondering for a while, Sect Leader Quan warned Hu Sheng, “Hu Sheng, don’t forget that Su Mo has obtained the number one position in the Fight meet and Sun Moon Tribe values him. Grand Elder Jin Yang has also personally given guidance to him. If you kill Su Mo, you will have to be held accountable to Sun Moon Tribe!”

When Hu Sheng heard what Sect Leader Quan had said, he frowned. That was his worry as well. He had come to Wen Dao Mountain in the hope of convicting Su Mo of his crimes and, after he had killed Su Mo, Sun Moon Tribe would not be able to do anything about it.

However, Path Sect had shielded Su Mo, thus it was not easy for Hu Sheng to convict Su Mo of his deeds.

“Sect Leader Quan, Sun Moon Tribe cannot blame us for punishing an evil-doer!”

Hu Sheng sneered. He then stood up and said, “Since you are not being impartial and you take sides with your disciple, there is no point for us to continue with our conversation. We shall leave now!”

Having said that, Hu Sheng waved his sleeve and stepped out of the Hall.

When the top powers from Empty Sky Sect saw that Hu Sheng had left, they stood up as well and walked out of the Hall.

Yang Tiancheng sneered. Empty Sky Sect would not let the matter rest. Su Mo had to pay for it with his life.

After Hu Sheng and the rest of the men from Empty Sky Sect had left, Sect Leader Quan shook his head. Su Mo is a troublemaker.

However, he did not probe into the matter as it was trivial. He simply passed down the instructions for his men to handle.

After Hu Sheng and his men had left Wen Dao Mountain, they returned to Empty Sky Sect.

Yang Tiancheng flew beside Hu Sheng in the sky and asked, “Elder Sheng, what shall we do next? We must not let Su Mo off!”

“Definitely. Su Mo has openly killed two of our Pro-disciples. If we let him off, how are we to face the rest of the people!” Hu Sheng said flatly.

“What shall we do then?” Yang Tiancheng asked.

“Let’s find out where Su Mo is and then we will decide what to do!” Hu Sheng replied.

“All right!” Yang Tiancheng nodded. They had to find out where Su Mo was and, after they had captured him, they would decide what to do with him.

Su Mo immersed himself totally in trying to understand the theories of the Five Elements at the ninth level of the Imperial Pagoda. He did not know that Empty Sky Sect had gone to Wen Dao Mountain.

As Su Mo continued to study the Five Elements, he had a deeper understanding of them.

Currently, he had already merged the earth and metal properties together, along with the wood and fire properties. Together with the property of the water Dark Force, his Dark Force had become a three-colored Dark Force.

His next step would be to merge the water property with either the earth and metal properties, or the wood and fire properties.

As Su Mo continued studying the Five Elements, he realized that it was difficult to merge the water property together with the earth and metal properties.

There was less resistance in merging the water property with the wood and fire properties.

The earth begat metal, and metal begat water. Water and earth did not complement each other, thus it was difficult to maintain a balance between the two.

However, water begat wood, and wood begat fire. Water and fire restricted each other and wood could bring the power of the two to a balance.

That should be what it meant by having restrictions in life and, in restrictions, there must be life.

Su Mo continued to dwell on the water, wood, and fire properties to understand the mystery in them.

He spent all his time dwelling only on the three types of properties.

Two weeks later, after Su Mo had a deeper understanding of the three properties, he left the Imperial Pagoda and stayed in the mansion that was meant for Path Sect.

He sat cross-legged in the Bangle Space and looked grim.

“Balance!” Su Mo muttered. As long as he could bring the properties of the water, wood, and fire to a balance, he would be able to merge them together.

However, in order to do so, he had to keep on trying and make adjustments. It was not an easy task.

After a while, Su Mo lifted up his hand and three rays of thin Dark Force appeared on three of his fingers.

The three rays of Dark Force were blue, green, and red respectively. They were the Dark Forces of the water, wood, and fire properties.

Su Mo had to merge the water and wood properties together before he merged the Dark Force of the fire property.

He had already merged the Dark Forces of the fire property and wood property together, but was still unable to do so for the water and wood properties.

Once he succeeded in merging the water and wood properties together, it would be easier for him to merge the fire property.

Although the process seemed simple, it was, in actual fact, extremely complicated.

Su Mo had to go through a process of trial and error as he had no one to guide him. He could only depend on himself.

He could not help it. Since he had chosen a special cultivation path, he had to keep exploring on his own if he wanted to become more powerful.

After a while, Su Mo started to move his fingers and try to merge the water and wood properties together.


The Dark Forces of the water property and wood property compressed together and very shortly, the Dark Force of the water property exploded.

That had happened as the Dark Force of the water property was weaker than the Dark Force of the wood property.

Su Mo sighed. He had to work on the Water Based Cultivation Skill to increase the Dark Force of the water property before merging them together again.

He then activated the Narcissus’s Record and started to work on his Water Based Cultivation Skill.

He worked on it for more than 10 days and, in between, he would try to merge the properties of the water and wood together to test the power of the two Dark Forces.

Finally, he managed to maintain a balance between the two properties after several attempts. His next step would be to merge them together.

“It has almost been one month!”

Su Mo sighed. He could only stay in Sun Moon Tribe for one month and if he exceeded the one-month duration, he had to top up with extra Spiritual Crystals.

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