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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1508: I Am Too Careless!

Chapter 1508: I Am Too Careless!

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When Li Hentian heard what Su Mo had said, he nodded. Since Su Mo did not know what was good for him, he would have to show him what he was capable of.


Li Hentian stretched forth his hand in the sky to grab at Su Mo.

A long, huge Dark Force Palm suddenly appeared. It smashed through the sky and came down on Su Mo.

The huge Dark Force Palm was powerful. Even before it came near Su Mo, Su Mo had already felt a strong restrictive power coming down on him.

The huge Palm was filled with killing intent and it seemed capable of suppressing all things and destroying them.

The space seemed to have been stifled and Su Mo felt a strong oppression coming over him.

He is so powerful! Su Mo was shocked. He had underestimated Li Hentian.

As the huge Dark Force Palm was coming over Su Mo at a lightning speed, a sword radiance flashed across Su Mo’s hand and the Stone Sword appeared. The mighty sword power tore the space apart and the Qi around Su Mo surged vigorously.


Su Mo shouted and waved his Stone Sword. The sharp, three-colored sword Qi filled up the sky and smashed the air around. It then slashed hard toward the huge Dark Force Palm.

Although the blow was not Su Mo’s deadly blow, it was still powerful. It was invincible, like the blow of a deity.

After Su Mo’s cultivation level had advanced to the Martial Honored Realm, his strength had enhanced tremendously. Although the blow that he had thrown out was not his most powerful blow, it was much more powerful than his previous deadly blow when he was still at the Martial Emperor Realm.

As Su Mo had already advanced to the Martial Honored Realm, he had the confidence to fight Li Hentian, who was at Rank 4 Martial Honored Realm.


There was a loud explosion when the three-colored Sword Qi hit hard against the huge Dark Force Palm.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three-colored Sword Qi exploded. It turned into powerful air billows and swirled out all over the place.

The huge Dark Force Palm was mighty. Only a small part of its finger had been smashed and it remained powerful. It shot toward Su Mo and its vast Qi surged up to the Nine Heavens.

“What?” Su Mo’s face turned pale. Immediately, his body tore the oppression around him like a sword and he moved back quickly.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

At the same time, 100 Spiritual Swords shot out to form the Ten Direction Natal Spiritual Sword Snake Array in a fan-shape and attacked the huge Dark Force Palm.

The sharp sword power shot up to the sky and filled the area. In an instant, the Ten Direction Natal Spiritual Sword Snake Array hit the huge Dark Force Palm.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

There were loud explosions and the mighty force turned into shockwaves which swept across the sky

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Spiritual Swords were thrown out and they shot all over the area like rain.

After the two rounds of attack, holes started to appear on the huge Dark Force Palm and its power weakened. However, it had not been destroyed. It remained tough and continued to attack Su Mo.

Su Mo’s face turned pale. Li Hentian was indeed powerful.

At that moment, Su Mo thought of escaping. Even if he had used all his trump cards, he might not be a match for Li Hentian and it would not be wise for him to continue fighting with him.


Su Mo moved around in a flash to avoid the attacks of the huge Dark Force Palm and, finally, he dashed across the sky at a lightning speed and ran away.

He was decisive. Since he had no confidence of defeating Li Hentian, he might as well escape.

“Are you thinking of running away?” When Li Hentian saw Su Mo escaping, a gloomy look flashed across his eyes. He had never expected Su Mo to escape from his blow.

Although Su Mo’s cultivation level was at the Martial Honored Realm and it was different from what he had heard, he didn’t spend much time thinking about it.

No low-rank Martial Honored Realm martial artist was able to counter his blow. Even the Pro-disciples from the seven big forces who were at Rank 2 and Rank 3 Martial Honored Realm could not counter his blow.

However, he was surprised that Su Mo, who was only at Rank 1 Martial Honored Realm, was able to counter it.

Li Hentian had heard about Su Mo’s strong combat strength but it seemed like Su Mo was even more powerful than he had heard!

However, it would not be easy for Su Mo to escape from him.


In a flash, Li Hentian gave chase to Su Mo like a phantom.


Su Mo escaped quickly into the sky but he was not at all afraid of Li Hentian. Although he was not as powerful as Li Hentian, it would not easy for Li Hentian to capture him.

“Su Mo, you can’t escape from me!” Su Mo heard Li Hentian shouting behind him.

Su Mo turned his head around and realized that Li Hentian had caught up with him. His speed was faster than Su Mo’s.

“You can continue to give chase!” Su Mo gave Li Hentian a derisive look.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

At that moment, 100 Spiritual Swords pierced through the void and came back to Su Mo. He left one Spiritual Sword in his hand and kept the rest of them.

Su Mo stepped on the Spiritual Sword and traveled on it. His speed increased tremendously and he pierced through the space and went into the void.


When Li Hentian saw it, he frowned. He had forgotten that Su Mo was a Natal Swordsman and he could travel on the sword and go at a fast speed.

Su Mo’s speed was much faster than the other Natal Swordsman who were at the same rank as him.

“I am too careless!” Li Hentian shook his head helplessly. The Holy Elder, Hu Sheng, had given him the task of capture Su Mo but he had not taken it seriously.

It was a trivial matter and he did not think that he had to do it personally. However, since Hu Sheng had instructed him to do so, he could not turn it down.

Li Hentian had thought that he would not have any problem capturing Su Mo, but Su Mo was more powerful than he had thought. Since Su Mo had escaped, it would be difficult to catch up with him.

If Li Hentian had known that Su Mo was so powerful, he would not have given Su Mo the opportunity to escape!

However, Li Hentian was not bothered by it. If he was unable to capture Su Mo this time around, the Sect would think of some other way.

Li Hentian’s speed was fast and he was almost as fast as Su Mo. After all, he was a Rank 4 Martial Honored Realm martial artist.

He chased after Su Mo and, in an instant, they traveled a far distance and went deep into the void.

Su Mo’s face looked indifferent. It was impossible for Li Hentian to catch up with him and he knew that he was safe.

However, his heart became heavy. Since the men from Empty Sky Sect had come after him, it meant that they would not let him off.

He had to be more careful in the future. For the time being, it would be better for him to stay at Wen Dao Mountain.

Path Sect would be a safe place for him.

Although Path Sect might not protect him, Saint Zhen Xian would definitely protect him as he was a disciple of Myriad Worlds Mountain.

Su Mo did not know much about Myriad Worlds Mountain but he was certain that Saint Zhen Xian would not allow any misfortune to befall him.

After about two hours, Su Mo shook Li Hentian off and he could no longer see him.

However, Su Mo did not reduce his speed and he headed straight toward Wen Dao Mountain.

In less than three days, Su Mo reached Wen Dao Mountain and went back to his palace.

He then sat cross-legged in the palace and tried to merge the water and wood properties together.

He was not worried about Empty Sky Sect. It was more crucial for him to enhance his strength.

However, soon after he had reached the palace, a fat figure came to the gate. It was none other than Elder Feng Guang.

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