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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1509: New Mission

Chapter 1509: New Mission

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“Elder Feng!” Su Mo opened the gate and looked at Feng Guang.

“Su Mo, you are in hot water…!” When Feng Guang saw Su Mo, he sighed and started to rattle on. However, he did not complete his sentence as he was stunned and his eyes were wide-open.

He noticed that Su Mo had exuded the aura of a Martial Honored Realm martial artist.

“You…have you advanced to the Martial Honored Realm?” Feng Guang asked in amazement and his jaw dropped.

Didn’t Su Mo advance to Rank 9 Martial Emperor Realm not long ago? In about two months, he has reached the Martial Honored Realm! How can this be?

Feng Guang was dumbfounded. He found it even more stunning than when Su Mo defeated Tai Changshan.

An ordinary martial artist would need around 100 years to advance from Rank 9 Martial Emperor Realm to the Martial Honored Realm.

A genius could shorten the duration but he still needed a few years to reach that realm. Even a gifted genius would need one to two years to do so.

Gifted geniuses like Yang Tiancheng and Zhuo Jianhao had been stuck at Rank 9 Martial Emperor Realm for one to two years before they had advanced to the Martial Honored Realm!

However, Su Mo had only used two months to break through to Rank 1 Martial Honored Realm from Rank 9 Martial Emperor Realm. Feng Guang was totally stunned by it!

Although he knew that Su Mo was gifted and he could not use the normal standards to gauge Su Mo’s progress, he could not help feeling shocked.

“Yes. I have just had a break through to the Martial Honored Realm!” Su Mo nodded.

When Feng Guang heard that, his face twitched and he could not come to terms with it.

Just had a breakthrough?

Have you not just had a breakthrough to Rank 9 Martial Emperor Realm?

After a while, Feng Guang suppressed his amazement and he said grimly, “Su Mo, you are in deep trouble!”

When Su Mo heard what Feng Guang had said, he remained silent. He knew that Feng Guang was referring to the disciples from Empty Sky Sect whom he had killed.

“Elder Feng, this is no big deal!” Su Mo said and shook his head.

“No big deal? The men from Empty Sky Sect have already come to Path Sect!” Feng Guang said in amazement. Su Mo must be crazy. He is still behaving as though nothing has happened.

“Oh? Are they already here? How was the situation?” Su Mo asked curiously.

“Hu Sheng made the trip personally together with his men but our Sect Leader sent them off. They mentioned that they will not let the matter rest. You have to be more careful in the future!” Feng Guang reminded Su Mo.

“I will. Thank you for your reminder, Elder Feng!” Su Mo nodded. He knew that Empty Sky Sect would not let the matter rest since they had already sent their man to capture him.

“By the way, Elder Feng, have you heard of Li Hentian?” Su Mo asked as he thought of Li Hentian. Since he was powerful, he must be well-known.

“Li Hentian?”

When Feng Guang heard the name, he nodded and said, “Of course, I have. He is the most powerful Pro-disciple in Empty Sky Sect!”

“The most powerful Pro-disciple?” Su Mo was shocked when he heard that. No wonder he was so haughty and confident. He was extraordinary.

Fortunately, Su Mo had escaped quickly. If not, he would have been in deep trouble. However, it was due to Li Hentian’s haughtiness that Su Mo had managed to escape.

Although Su Mo had reached the Martial Honored Realm, he was not so presumptuous as to think that he was invincible.

Li Hentian was indeed powerful. Although he had not displayed his most powerful combat strength, Su Mo already knew that he was powerful based on his sharp senses.

“Why did you ask about him? Have you met him?” Feng Guang asked, looking baffled.

“Yes! I have met him just once!” Su Mo nodded and did not tell Feng Guang about the details.

“I see!”

Feng Guang then said, “Su Mo, I am here to tell you that Holy Elder Zhen Xian would like to see you!”

“Oh!” Su Mo was surprised when he heard what Feng Guang had said. Does Senior Brother Zhen Xian wish to talk to him about Empty Sky Sect?

“I will go to him now!” Su Mo nodded. He shut the gate and headed toward Wen Dao Mountain.

“Su Mo, don’t forget what you have promised me!”

Feng Guang said, looking earnestly at Su Mo as he caught up with him.

“Don’t worry! I have not forgotten about it!” Su Mo shook his head helplessly. Feng Guang wanted Su Mo to put in a good word for him with Saint Zhen Xian and he had reminded Su Mo more than five times about it.

“That’s great! That’s great!” When Feng Guang heard Su Mo’s reply, he smiled and the fats on his cheeks shook continuously.

Su Mo and Feng Guang then came to Saint Zhen Xian’s abode.

Feng Guang did not go into the palace with Su Mo and he simply stopped some distance away to wait for him. Su Mo then went into the palace alone.

Saint Zhen Xian was in a priest’s robe and he was sitting cross-legged on a Futon, meditating. He had a benevolent look and there was no aura around him. He did not look like a Martial Sage Realm martial artist.

“Sit down!” When Saint Zhen Xian saw that Su Mo had arrived, he pointed to the Futon in front of him.

“Thank you, Senior Brother Zhen Xian!” Su Mo nodded and sat down cross-legged in front of him.

“I have summoned you as there is a mission for you from Myriad Worlds Mountain.” Saint Zhen Xian said immediately.

“Mission?” Su Mo sulked within himself. Myriad Worlds Mountain has given him another mission in such a short time!

He did not take on the previous mission and had asked Saint Zhen Xian to help him call it off. He could not turn down the next mission.

“Please tell me what it is, Senior Brother!” Su Mo said.

“In half a year’s time, Sun Moon Tribe will open up the Ancient Demons Cemetery and your task will be to get one of the treasures!” Saint Zhen Xian said in a deep voice.

“What treasure is that?” Su Mo asked curiously.

“The Ancient Demon’s heart!”

Saint Zhen Xian replied. He knew that Su Mo was from the Ancientspirit Galaxy and he went on to explain, “You have been to the Demon’s Domain in Star Cangyuan. Several hundred years ago, the Demon Kingdom Galaxy invaded the Ming Xu Galaxy through the Demon’s Domain. After the demons had been defeated, many of the powerful demons died in the Ming Xu Galaxy. The remains of the powerful demons have been buried in the Ancient Demons Cemetery and there is one Ancient Demon’s heart that is still intact. Your mission is to get it!”

When Su Mo heard what Saint Zhen Xian had said, he was silent. Although he had no idea what the Ancient Demon’s heart could be used for, he knew that it must be for something special.

The mission would not be easy to accomplish.

“How long will the Ancient Demons Cemetery be open for and how many people will be there?” Su Mo asked with a grave look. He knew that once the Ancient Demons Cemetery opened, he would not be the only person to get in.

“The Cemetery will be open for one month. A lot of people will be there. Other than the Pro-disciples from the seven big forces, the Inner Tribe disciples will be there as well. This mission will be tough!” Saint Zhen Xian warned Su Mo.

Su Mo took a deep breath and nodded. He would give it a try even though the mission might be tough.

If he turned down the second mission from Myriad Worlds Mountain, he believed that he would get into deep trouble.

Most importantly, he knew that he would be rewarded for accomplishing the mission.

The tougher the mission, the greater the reward.

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