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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1513: Sixth Chamber of Commerce

Chapter 1513: Sixth Chamber of Commerce

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Ancient Tong City, on the huge Sun Moon Star, was an extremely famous grand city.

This City belonged to the Roaring Sky Wolf Tribe, with a population of more than one hundred billion people, taking up ten-thousand squares. It was vast beyond comparison.

Ancient Tong City was quite prosperous and it could be said that it was full of traffic and people.

Su Mo and Lu Gang both strode on the streets of Ancient Tong City, able to personally experience the prosperity of the city.

“Brother Su, if you want to sell your treasures at a high price, it would be best to auction them!” Lu Gang said to Su Mo.

“Yes, but won’t an auction be time-consuming?” Su Mo asked.

“It won’t take much time. There are many in the Ancient Tong City Chamber of Commerce. There are auctions basically every day!” said Lu Gang.

“Alright! Let’s ask around where the auction will be held tomorrow!” said Su Mo.

“I know a few big Chambers of commerce. I’ll take you there now!”

After he had finished speaking, Lu Gang brought Su Mo to wander around the Ancient Tong City.

After consecutively asking four large Chambers of Commerce, they finally found one that was holding an auction on the next day.

The Sixth Chamber of Commerce was a luxuriously decorated hall.

Su Mo and Lu Gang sat down on the seats of lower priority. Those higher priority seats were taken by an elder in his seventies, clad in Tibetan robes.

“Old Man Gong Zhong, do the two of you have items to be auctioned tomorrow?” the old man looked at Lu Gang and Su Mo, first briefly introducing himself before asking with a smile.

When he saw Su Mo, his eyes flashed with a faint beam of light. He could see that Su Mo had changed his appearance at a glance.

“That’s right, I have a lot of good treasures that are ready to be auctioned tomorrow!” Su Mo nodded.

“Hehe, you two youngsters came to the right place – my Sixth Chamber of Commerce. Tomorrow’s auction is a large-scale auction. There will be many warriors. You will definitely be able to auction your items for high prices!” Old Man Gong Zhong said with a smile.


Su Mo nodded. He then flipped his palms over and a Storage Ring appeared in his palm He passed it to Gong Zhong and said, “All the items that need to be auctioned are here. Senior, you may count them.”

Gong Zhong nodded and received the Storage Ring. He carefully counted the items in the Storage Ring.

“There is a total of 183 pieces of items in the Storage Ring. Of which, three are Sacred Weapons, one is an Upper Honourable Weapon, as for the Middle Honourable Weapons…!” Gong Zhong reported the countings in detail.

The Three Sacred Weapons were naturally the Three Void Wrecking Golden Arrows. As for the Upper Honourable Weapon, it was the Huge Golden Bow of Wu Ren.

As for the other treasures, they were basically Middle Honourable Weapons and Lower Honourable Weapons. There were weapons and also Martial Arts Techniques, most of which were of a lower grade.

“Yes, that’s right!” Su Mo nodded. He had already counted them beforehand.

“With regards to the commission, this old man has to make it clear. We will take ten percent!” said Gong Zhong in a deep voice.

“I understand!” Su Mo said. The auction would naturally take commission. It was the custom everywhere.

“Alright, I hope the two of you will participate in the auction tomorrow!”

Gong Zhong smiled as a golden invitation appeared in his hands and he passed it to Su Mo.

Su Mo received the invitation and looked at it for a while before keeping it.

The invitation was very simple. Only the room number of a VIP room was written on it.

“Senior, since that is the case, we will get going!” Su Mo rose and cupped his fist towards Gong Zhong.

“I won’t send you out!” Similarly, Gong Zhong cupped his fist.

Subsequently, Su Mo and Lu Gang left the Sixth Chamber of Commerce.

“Su Mo, where are we going now?” Lu Gang asked while walking on the streets of Ancient Tong City.

“Don’t you want to buy high-grade Fist Skills?” Su Mo asked. He did not have any high-grade fist skills amongst the treasures he was auctioning. Otherwise, he would have given them to Lu Gang.

“The auction is the auction. Of course, I’ll buy them at the auction!” Lu Gang said. Although the price at the auction would be higher than the outside, there were more choices there.

“Alright, let’s find an inn to rest at for the night!” Su Mo nodded. Immediately after, both of them found an inn to stay in to prepare for the auction the next day.

After staying there, Su Mo once again entered the Spacial Device and tried to continue blending.

In Ancient tong City, in another lobby of the inn, there were three young warriors drinking and chatting.

Two of them were men and one of them was a lady. One of the men was Yang Tian Cheng.

As for the other two people, the man was dressed in a Chinese costume and looked similar to Yang Tian Cheng. On the other hand, the lady was clad in green and looked beautiful, like a girl from a good family.

“Brother Tian Wei, I’ve heard that this auction of the Sixth Chamber of Commerce is a huge one. We must pick good things!” Yang Tian Cheng savoured his wine and said to the youth in the Chinese costume.

“Yes, there is less than three months remaining before the Ancient Demons Cemetery opens. We have to buy as many treasures as possible to increase our Fighting Strength and Defense!” said the youth in the Chinese costume.

This young man’s name was Yang Tian Wei, brother of Yang Tian Cheng. He was also a Pro-disciple of Empty Sky Sect and was second only to the existence of Li Hentian.

“Yes, at that point in time when there are too many elites, it will be extremely difficult to attain the Sky Demon Flower!” Yang Tian Cheng nodded.

Ancient Demons Cemetery was a unique place that contained a large number of ancient demon spirits. It had not been scattered for millions of years and had formed a strange Sky Demon Flower, which was of great benefit to the warriors.

Ancient Demons Cemetery that opens once every ten years is the product of the Pro-Disciple of the Seven Super Forces as and Sun Moon Tribe Disciples. Between them, the battle was extremely dangerous and failing was a common thing.

“Brother Tian Cheng, now that Su Mo has already become a Pro-Disciple of Path Sect, will he go to Ancient Demons Cemetery at that time?” the beautiful lady in green asked at that moment.

Hearing the beautiful lady’s words, Yang Tian Cheng’s face instantly darkened. He boiled with rage whenever he thought about that hateful Su Mo.

“Sister Gao, if he dares to go, I will bury him in an unmarked grave!” Yang Tian Cheng said through clenched teeth, his voice full of murderous intent.

Seeing this, the beautiful lady could not help but sigh. She had never seen Yang Tian Cheng hate someone so much before.

Yang Tian Cheng used to be a gentle, elegant individual with an extraordinary aura which had made her obsessed with him.

However, the Yang Tian Cheng now was short-tempered and his character was becoming stranger.

“Tian Cheng, he probably will not go!” Yang Tian Wei shook his head. From what his saw, Su Mo was no fool. Knowing that Sky Empty Sect wanted to deal with him, how was it possible for him to dare to go?”

“That’s true!” Hearing this, Yang Tian Cheng breathed a sigh of relief. According to the investigations of the Sect, Su Mo had not left Path Sect since his return. They reckoned that he would not dare to come out for the time being.

After which, the three of them stopped talking about Su Mo and started discussing the auction once again.

After a long chat, the three of them also stayed in the inn and were ready to participate in the auction the next day.

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