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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1517: Raise

Chapter 1517: Raise

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The moment Su Mo’s voice fell, the entire auction hall went silent.

This was because the bid that Su Mo called had directly raised the bid from 2300 Middle Spiritual Crystals to 2700 Middle Spiritual Crystals – a full 400 Spiritual Crystals increase.

That was a very large raise. From the beginning of the bidding for the Golden Wreck Bow until now, no one had raised the bid by 400 Middle Spiritual Crystals in one shot.

Now that it was already the final stages of the bid, someone raised the bid by 400 Middle Spiritual Crystals at once. If that person wasn’t someone trying to boast of his wealth, then it was someone who was purposely raising the value of the bid.

“Who is that?”

“A 400 Middle Spiritual Crystals raise in one shot, isn’t that way too high?”

“Will the price of this bow end up above 3000 Middle Spiritual Crystals?”

The crowd started discussing among themselves in the auction hall as they all stared at room 29.

An incomprehensible flash of light passed through Gong Zhong’s eyes. Su Mo had not participated in the bid previously and Gong Zhong thought that Su Mo wouldn’t interfere in the bidding process and let all his items be sold freely in the auction.

It seemed that Su Mo could not help but interfere now.

Su Mo’s raise stunned the people in room 1 and room 7 temporarily as they failed to react and follow the bid.

In room 10.

Yang Tiancheng’s eyes brightened in wonder as he stared hard at room 29. A mocking expression was held in his eyes.

“As expected, it must be Su Mo!” Yang Tiancheng muttered under his breath. His heart was quivering with excitement. He had guessed correctly, Su Mo had really came to the auction.

“Senior Tianwei, we must kill Su Mo here!” Yang Tiancheng looked at Yang Tianwei as he said. He knew that he himself was not Su Mo’s match and he would require the help of Yang Tianwei.

“Capturing him and bringing him back to the sect will give us the greatest rewards. We shouldn’t kill him directly!” Yang Tianwei shook his head and declared.

“This…!” Yang Tiancheng’ face fell. He wanted to kill Su Mo directly so that he could take his revenge and absolve his regrets.

“Tiancheng, rest assured! Once he is brought back to the sect, he will also be killed quickly!”

Yang Tianwei knew that Yang Tiancheng hated Su Mo, and it was only natural that Yang Tiancheng wanted to kill Su Mo. Then, Yang Tianwei consoled Yang Tiancheng, “once we capture him, you can take your revenge by torturing him any way you like. Let’s drag a dead dog back to the sect!”

“Alright, that is fine too!” Yang Tiancheng nodded his head and his mind started to turn its gears as he thought of how he would torture Su Mo!

In the previous fight meet, Su Mo had pulled him into a virtual torture room where he was struck continuously with a long whip, causing him to be in absolute pain.

This time, Su Mo would fall into their hands. Yang Tiancheng wanted to let Su Mo understand what despair and torture really was.

“Hehe!” As he thought of how he could torture Su Mo very soon, a sinister smile stretched across Yang Tiancheng’s lips.

Time seemed to stop for a moment in the auction hall before Gong Zhong asked loudly whether anyone wanted to raise the bid again. Yi Wei from Room 7 raised the bid again.

“2800 Middle Spiritual Crystals!”

Yi Wei’s voice was colder than before and she was evidently annoyed at the raise in the bid.

“2900 Middle Spiritual Crystals!”

Just as Yi Wei raised the bid, the person in room 1 also immediately raised it again.

Su Mo grinned from ear to ear. Judging from the current circumstances, the bow could be sold for over 3000 Middle Spiritual Crystals.

“Su Mo, if I didn’t guess wrongly, it should be Tian Lang of the Roaring Sky Wolf Tribe in room 1!” Lyu Gang said with a serious face.

“Oh? Who is Tian Lang?” Su Mo asked curiously.

“Tian Lang is a top genius of the Roaring Sky Wolf Tribe and he is a Rank 4 Martial Honorable. Like You Lang, he has a Blood Force similar to that of his ancestors, it is very similar to the Silver Moon Roaring Sky Wolf!”

Lyu Gang explained. At the same time, he also felt speechless at how could Su Mo could be clueless about so many things. Where did this person come from?

“Is that so?” Su Mo was slightly surprised. This auction didn’t seem to be on a very large scale and he had not expected it to attract so many top talents.

However, Su Mo wasn’t overly concerned with that. It was his primary goal to raise the bid.

“3000 Middle Spiritual Crystals!” Su Mo raised the bid without much hesitation, rendering Lyu Gang speechless again.

“3100 Middle Spiritual Crystals!” A cold, feminine voice echoed through the auction hall. Yi Wei had raised the bid again.

In room 7, Yi Wei wore a red colored-shirt as she lay lazily on an animal skin chair.

Across her were several other young men who were obviously True Path Sect disciples.

“Senior Yi Wei, the bid has already exceeded the normal range of an Upper Honorable weapon!” A young man reminded Yi Wei.

“It is fine!” Yi Wei shook her head. Although the bid was high, it was still within an acceptable range for her.

After all, she had to obtain things that caught her eye and there was no way she would let anyone have the bow.

In room 1, a fierce-looking man carried a large gold sword in one hand as he lay on an animal-skin chair.

This young man was about 10 feet tall and he wore a black-colored shirt. With hair as silver as a needle, he gave off a domineering vibe.

This man was Tian Lang of the Roaring Sky Wolf Tribe and he was the top of the top talents in the Roaring Sky Wolf Tribe.

At that point, Tian Lang was leaning against his chair. His eyes were as dark as the night sky, the value of the Golden Wreck Bow had increased beyond the range of a typical Upper Honorable Weapon.

Yet he was trying to buy this Golden Wreck Bow now for his own use.

“3200 Middle Spiritual Crystals!” A few moments later, Tian Lang raised the bid again. At the same time, he made up his mind to give up on the auction if the bid was raised again.

“3300 Middle Spiritual Crystals!” Su Mo raised the bid once more. This time, he only raised it by the minimum 100 Middle Spiritual Crystals. He wasn’t dumb as he knew that it was a strain to further raise the bid when it was at such a high price already.

Hearing this, Tian Lang shook his head and immediately gave up on his bid.

In room 7, Yi Wei’s eyes flashed coldy.

“Who is in room 29?” Yi Wei lightly asked.

“Senior Yi Wei. There are two people in room 29. One of them is Lyu Gang but I am not sure of the identity of the second person!” A young man replied him. The young man recognised Lyu Gang from when he had purchased a Fist Skill previously.

“Lyu Gang!” Yi Wei’s was shocked. She had heard Lyu Gang’s name before. After all, Lyu Gang was known to be a top genius in the True Path Sect.

“He doesn’t know his place!”

Yi Wei’s eyes were cold. The unknown person in room 29 really was bold to bid against her. Then, Yi Wei raised the bid again, “3400 Middle Spiritual Crystals!”

Su Mo’s face darkened in the room. This Yi Wei didn’t seem to show any signs of stopping. Would he continue raising the bid?

“Su Mo, don’t raise it anymore, it isn’t good to offend Senior Yi Wei!” Lyu Gang once again told Su Mo as he wore an embarrassed look on his face.

“What are you talking about? If I raise the bid I am offending her, but isn’t she offending me by raising the bid?” Su Mo bellowed. Then, he raised the bid again, “3500 Middle Spiritual Crystals!”

Lyu Gang was at a loss for words at this as he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the current circumstances. Su Mo really wasn’t afraid of anything!

“Damn it!” In room 7, Yi Wei shot out of her chair. Her clear, bright eyes flashed with malice as she glared at room 29.

At that point, she was furious. Was the person in room 29 trying to go against her?

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