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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1532: Oh No

Chapter 1532: Oh No

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This time against Su Mo, Empty Sky Sect was already equipped with the determination to kill Su Mo and did not harbour any thoughts of taking him as a prisoner.

They definitely had to kill him. They had to kill Su Mo in one shot in order to resolve the hatred in their hearts and revive the reputation of the Empty Sky Sect.

Su Mo had become addicted to killing. Even if they wanted to kill Su Mo, the Path Sect and even the Sun Moon Tribe would be speechless.

As such, this time, they would not relent in the slightest.

The middle-aged man in the yellow robe took his first shot. His power was extremely strong and his murderous intent was intense.

The mighty Fist Strength instantly shattered the starry sky. The vast White Colored Fist Ray was like a Light Pillar, immediately closing in on Su Mo.

The terrifying Qi on Su Mo’s body was enveloping Tian Wei, and tens of thousands of mountains were beside them, causing the blood in his body to almost solidify.

“Oh no!” Su Mo was shocked. This person’s power had exceeded his expectations and given him an invincible feeling.

He was a Level 6 Martial Honoured Realm warrior. Compared to Super Geniuses like Yang Tian Wei, who were of Level 3 Martial Honoured Realm, he was much stronger.

At that moment, the Fist Ray closed in on him and Su Mo wanted to crush the Life Saving Symbol that Saint Zhen Xian had given him. However, it was already too late.

Between the electric light and flint, Su Mo activated the Blood Strength and his body immediately changed drastically.

His body burst into a grayish white light as if it had turned to stone, and his appearance was extremely shocking.

Su Mo had devoured a variety of Blood Force Physiques, ranging from the earliest Divine Sun Body to the latest Deep Heavens martial body, Colored Glaze Treasure Body, body of the Guardian Warrior and Sky Bone Physique. These were several rather powerful Blood Force Physiques.

Several Blood Force Physiques had been blended together and turned into an indescribable new physique.

Even Su Mo himself was unable to describe this physique. In short, his current Blood Force Physique had the unique ability to absorb different kinds of Blood Force Physiques and was extremely powerful.

The most striking characteristic was its defense. Regardless of if it was a Sky Bone Physique, body of the Guardian Warrior, or Colored Glaze Treasure Body, they were all known for their strong defense.

As such, in the first instant Su Mo immediately activated Blood Force Physique and activated it to its maximum potential.

At the same time, Su Mo turned around and, with a stroke of his sword, brutally slashed the Fist Ray that was closing in on him.


The wind howled and thunder roared. Dazzling Three-Colored Sword Radiance violently came into contact with the Fist Ray.

The Seven Calamities Swordplay, Wind Thunder Attack!


Another shocking sound reverberated in the endless starry sky. Three Colored Sword Radiance and White Fist Ray crashed. It was just like a star collision and its terrifying mannerism caused the entire Star to collapse, as if it were the end of the world.


A terrifying force exploded, sweeping hundreds of miles just like a doomsday storm. It was frightening beyond compare.


Blood spewed out of Su Mo’s mouth and rushed towards the skies. Su Mo had been attacked by a terrifyingly powerful force. His body was like a falling meteorite, advancing towards the Sun Moon Star at lightning fast speed.

Su Mo was originally not far away from the Nine Skies Hurricane of the Sun Moon Star. Almost in an instant, he fell into the Nine Skies Hurricane layer and brutally crashed onto the ground of the Sun Moon Star.


Another loud noise resounded. Su Mo crashed into the ground and had completely disappeared, leaving behind a bottomless hole in the earth.

Among the stars, the middle-aged man in the yellow robe stopped. Like lightning, his gaze penetrated through the Nine Skies Hurricane layer and looked at the vast land of the Sun Moon Star.

Swoop! Swoop!

Two ear-piercing sounds erupted. Li Hen Tian and the other tall, skinny youth in black came to the side of the middle-aged man in the yellow robe.

“Elder Lu, how is it? Is Su Mo dead?” Li Hentian asked in a deep voice. He had single-handedly prepared this blow to kill Su Mo.

However, he had expected that Su Mo would be able to use the sword to defend himself. Accompanied by the fact that he was able to escape quickly, Li Hentian was worried that Su Mo would run away. As such, the Sect had arranged for Elder Lu to go with them.

“I don’t know!” the middle-aged man in the yellow robe shook his head slightly. His power just now was sufficiently strong. He had originally thought that he would be able to smash Su Mo to pieces with that one blow and completely destroy his Fighting Soul. Who knew that he was far from doing so?

This was because Su Mo’s physical body did not collapse and the possibility of destroying the Fighting Soul was extremely low.

Under normal circumstances, as long as the physical body was still present, it would be difficult to destroy the Fighting Soul.

“Should we continue to go up ahead and kill him?” Li Hentian asked once again.

“Forget it, he has fallen to the ground and is close to Path Sect. We must leave immediately!” the middle-aged man in yellow sighed.

He wanted to rush down as well and completely finish Su Mo off. However, he knew better than to do so.

He was afraid that there was a large gap with the Path Sect elites and thus had to leave immediately.

“Bi Qing Han, quickly return to Path Sect and report Su Mo’s status to me!” the middle-aged man in yellow looked at the skinny black youth again.

The skinny black youth was a Pro-disciple of the Path Sect. The news of Su Mo leaving Path Sect was also conveyed by him.

“Alright, I’ll make a move first!” the youth in black, Bi Qing Han nodded. With a flash, his body quickly disappeared.

“Let’s go too!” the middle-aged man beckoned to Li Hentian as the two of them hurriedly left.

In the blink of an eye, peace was restored in the endless starry sky.

Swoop swoop swoop!

After a while, powerful figures appeared successively in the starry sky.

Among these people were Path Sect Leader Quan, Saint Zhen Xian, Sage-to-be Zhen Gu and a few other powerful elites of Path Sect.

“Who is the one pitching a fight here?” Sect Leader Quan frowned slightly as he scanned the surroundings.

“It seems like Su Mo, I can sense his aura!” Sage-to-be Zhen Gu said in a deep voice.. Su Mo’s aura lingered and Sage-to-be Zhen Gu could feel it.

Saint Zhen Xian was expressionless. A faint glimmer flashed in his eyes. Did someone want to kill Su Mo? Was it the people of the Empty Sky Sect?

“It seems like someone has just fallen, it could be Su Mo!” said an elite.

“I’ll go down to see!”

Immediately after, these Path Sect elites did not stay in the sky but immediately went to the bottom of the Sun Moon star.

In a breath, the few of them arrived on the ground and looked straight ahead.

Before them, was a small pit that had a diameter of only a few feet. However, it was extremely deep to the point where one could not see the bottom of it.

“Zhen Gu, go down and have a look!” Sect Leader Quan told Sage-to-be Zhen Gu.

“Yes, Sect Leader!”

Sage-to-be Zhen Gu nodded. With a flash, he went into the pit.

The pit was pitch black. However, it did not affect Sage-to-be Zhen Gu one bit as it was like daytime to him.

Sage-to-be Zhen Gu was extremely fast. He dove continuously, diving a few hundred thousand miles in a breath, yet he still did not reach the bottom.

After another breath, Sage-to-be Zhen Gu dove another hundred thousand miles and finally came to the bottom of the pit.

“Su Mo!” Sage-to-be Zhen Gu was shocked to see the scene at the bottom of the pit. Su Mo was lying at the bottom, bleeding from his body, blood was splattered everywhere and his bones were shattered. His physical body seemed as if it were on the verge of falling apart.

“Elder Zhen Gu!” Squinting his eyes, Su Mo looked at Sage-to-be Zhen Gu as he whispered. He was still conscious.

“Su Mo, how are you?” Sage-to-be Zhen Gu asked as he came to Su Mo’s side, his face etched with worry.

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