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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1534: Recovery

Chapter 1534: Recovery

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Saint Zhen Xian was aware of Su Mo’s talent. Although Su Mo was only of Level 1 Martial Honoured Realm Cultivation, his Fighting Strength was invincible, as could be seen when he killed Yang Tianwei of the Empty Sky Sect.

According to Saint Zhen Xian’s guess, even if Su Mo’s current strength was not on par with that of the First Pro-disciple Yi Wei, it was close.

After a moment of silence, Saint Zhen Xian said in a deep voice, “If you are really resentful, I will not stop you!”

Hearing this, Su Mo nodded slightly. Saint Zhen Xian’s words had indirectly expressed that he could carry out a massacre.

However, immediately after, Saint Zhen Xian continued, “However, if you kill too many people, I’m afraid Path Sect will not be able to protect you!”

“I understand!” Su Mo nodded. If he was too brutal, it would spark even more fury of Empty Sky Sect, which would be troublesome.

“Su Mo, Empty Sky Sect did not kill you this time, but in Ancient Demon Cemetery, they will definitely take action. As such, it’s gonna be a killing scenario!” Saint Zhen Xian said.

“Strength will prove who will kill or be killed!” Su Mo said in a deep voice, without a hint of fear in his face.

“Yes, you have great confidence!”

Saint Zhen Xian nodded slightly. He continued, “After completing your mission, if the massacre is too intense, you can choose to leave Path Sect and leave Ming Xu Galaxy.”

From Saint Zhen Xian’s point of view, if Su Mo were to kill too many people in Ancient Demon Cemetery, it would be best for him to leave Ming Xu Galaxy.

“Senior Zhen Xian, I don’t want to leave Ming Xu Galaxy!” Su Mo said. He had come to Ming Xu Galaxy for Qing Xuan. Now that he had yet to achieve this, how could he leave!

“I’m not letting you leave. It’s just that if you kill too many people, you can lie low until it blows over. The tunnel in Myriad World Mountain is the best Galaxy Transportation Array. You can go to any galaxy you’d like!” Saint Zhen Xian said.

“I understand!” Su Mo nodded. Indeed, the tunnel was the best Transportation Array. He could be transported to other galaxies anytime.

“Also, I need to remind you that you should not underestimate Li Hentian!” Saint Zhen Xian said gravely.

“I won’t underestimate anyone!” Su Mo said in a deep voice.

“Alright! Go ahead!” Saint Zhen Xian waved his arms slightly and then closed his eyes as he continued to meditate silently.

“Goodbye Senior Zhen Xian!” Su Mo cupped his fists to Saint Zhen Xian and then turned to leave the palace.

After Su Mo left, Saint Zhen Xian opened his eyes once again, and they were filled with helplessness.

In the past few years, he had only managed to recruit two disciples, namely Su Mo and Jiang Shenye. Of course, the one that he had high hopes for was Su Mo.

However, with the current situation, Jiang Shenye was more suited for Myriad World Mountain.

A few days ago, he had gone to Myriad World Mountain. Jiang Shenye had already completed his second Mission for Myriad World Mountain and earned quite a few plus points. Soon, he would become a True Disciple of Myriad World Mountain.

As for Jiang Shenye’s Cultivation, it had already reached the end of Level 2 Martial Honoured Realm. It was only a matter of time before it reached Level 3 Martial Honoured Realm.

As for Su Mo, although the increase of his Cultivation Strength was not slow, it was not satisfactory for Myriad World Mountain.

Saint Zhen Xian helplessly shook his head. He thought no further and continued to meditate.

After Su Mo bade Saint Zhen Xian goodbye, he returned to his own palace and shut himself off from the outside world.

He wanted his strength to recover to its peak before dealing with the crisis in the Ancient Demon Cemetery.

Inside the Jade Bangle Space.

Su Mo sat down cross-legged on the grass patch, focusing on his Elixir Field, gauging his own Divine Elixir.

The small cracks on his Fire-Based Divine Elixir and Metal Based Divine Elixir were still evident.

These cracks heavily impacted his strength. With these cracks, he did not dare to forcefully activate Divine Pills. Otherwise, they would collapse easily and the damage would be irreversible.

As such, his plan of action was to quickly allow his Divine Pills to recover until they were as good as new.

After a while, Su Mo abandoned that thought and tried his best to fix the two types of Divine Pills.

There was no shortcut to fixing the Divine Pills. One could only reply with continuous tempering and congealing the cracks before slowly recovering.

The process was going to be slow, but Su Mo had no choice but to keep going.

Time passed by and Su Mo was like an old monk meditating, turned to stone.

Hour after hour passed. Day after day passed. Soon, a month went by.

In that entire month, Su Mo had already recovered by about 90%, and only a few minor scars were left behind.

In another few days, he would be as good as new.

Su Mo did not stop. Just like that, in another five days he had finally finished refining and opened his eyes.

“I’ve finally recovered!” Su Mo’s eyes flashed. His Strength had also recovered to its Peak.

At that moment, there were only 10 days before the opening of Ancient Demon Cemetery.

After a moment of silence, Su Mo stood up and started practicing Seven Calamities Swordplay in the Jade Bangle Space.

Previously when he was attacked by the people of Empty Sky Sect, his Seven Calamities Swordplay had been of great use. Otherwise, his physical body would definitely not be able to handle the blow.

This Swordplay was extremely powerful. Su Mo was prepared to make use of the remaining time to improve his Swordplay achievements.

He was extraordinarily clear on his own Cultivation situation. It was impossible to break through the bottleneck to reach Level 2 Martial Honoured Realm in a span of ten days.

His Cultivation had reached Martial Honoured Realm, and the shackles of this Realm were much stronger than that of Martial Emperor Realm.

As such, he wanted to increase his power a little by increasing the attainments of the Seven Calamities Swordplay before the opening of Ancient Demon Cemetery.

Swoop! Swoop! Swoop!

Like water, Sword Radiance shone constantly as the grey Sword Qi surged like great waves, piling layer upon layer. It was extremely turbulent.

Seven Calamities Swordplay – Sea Attack!

In order to not destroy the Jade Bangle Space, Su Mo had only activated the Earth Based Dark Force and tried his utmost best to suppress the intensity of this Dark Force.

Even so, the grey Sword Qi formed a wave which was still extremely terrifying. The wave went in all places, destroying everything.

The Empty Space collapsed, destroying the ground as endless smoke and dust gushed in all directions.

Seeing this, Su Mo could only suppress the strength once again and activate a bit of Dark Force.


With a wave of his sword, the wind howled and thunder roared. A thin streak of Sword Qi instantly rocketed to the sky.

Seven Calamities Swordplay – Sea Attack!

Sword Radiance flashed and Sword Qi rocketed to the sky as thunder roared. Waves roared from time to time, endlessly.

Su Mo continued practising, constantly wielding his sword. He only cultivated two moves: Wind Thunder Attack and Sea Attack. As time was tight, he did not have time to continue cultivating the third move.

In order to achieve better Cultivation effects, he did not worry about damaging the Jade Bangle Space, as Long as he was able to quickly increase his Swordplay achievements.

Su Mo’s talent and comprehension was of a high level. With great concentration, he improved very quickly.

He was using and becoming more familiar with Wind Thunder Attack and Sea Attack. Naturally, his power had gradually increased as well.

Su Mo practiced non-stop for a full ten days before halting his practice.

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