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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1535: Bi Qinghan

Chapter 1535: Bi Qinghan

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“Wind Thunder Attack has somewhat reached Small Accomplishment. But, Sea Attack still has some way to go!” Su Mo muttered to himself. After ten days of tough training, he had made huge improvements.

It could be said that his strength had also improved slightly. Although it did not meet expectations, it was already considered to be not bad.

After a while, Su Mo left the Jade Bangle Space and walked out of the palace.

The sun was shining brightly outside. In the afternoon, Su Mo took a deep breath and felt refreshed.

“I wonder how many days are left before the opening of Ancient Demons Cemetery?” Su Mo said to himself. He knew that the time was almost up but he was unsure how much time he had exactly.

Being in seclusion exclusively and practicing Swordplay, Su Mo felt quite mentally drained and was prepared to go out for a walk. At the same time, he wanted to ask someone about the specific opening time of Ancient Demon Cemetery.

There were many disciples on Wen Dao Mountain. People came in and out and it was bustling with activity.

“Senior Su Mo!”

“Hello Senior Su Mo!”

“Hello Senior Su Mo!”

A few disciples who saw Su Mo greeted him, their faces full of respect for Su Mo.

Now in Path Sect, Su Mo’s name was at the apex, renowned beyond words. Almost everyone knew about Su Mo.

Even the First Pro-disciple Yi Wei was less well-known than Su Mo.

Su Mo was rising too quickly, it was too shocking!

First, he was of Level 8 Martial Emperor Realm Cultivation and won first place in the Fight Meet of the Seven Super Forces. He then went on to kill Pro-Disciple Wu Ren of the Empty Sky Sect when he was of Level 9 Martial Emperor Realm Cultivation.

Previously, Su Mo was only of Level 1 Martial Honoured Realm Cultivation and had already killed the second Pro-disciple of Empty Sky Sect, Yang Tianwei.

It could be said that in a short span of just a few months, Su Mo had defied all odds. Going from being an unknown, nameless junior to becoming a renowned being in Sun Moon Star and even a well-known talent in Ming Xu Galaxy.

As such, in Path Sect today, Su Mo’s reputation was simply ubiquitous.

A few ordinary Path Sect Disciples naturally admired Su Mo.

Faced with the crowd’s greetings, Su Mo nodded slightly and maintained a smile.

Su Mo was ready to find Lu Gang. Lu Gang might also go to Ancient Demon Cemetery, as such, he wanted to specifically know the timing.

“Well?” Just at that moment, Su Mo was stumped and looked into the distance.

A young man in black was situated on a road in the distance and entered a large hall,

“This person…!” Seeing this, Su Mo’s eyes instantly flashed. This person seemed to be the skinny black youth who had been with Li Hentian previously in the stars.

“Why are the people of Empty Sky Sect here?” Su Mo was curious. He fell silent for a while and his body flashed. He chased after the skinny black youth.

The black youth entered the hall, which was the trading Hall of Path Sect.

In a breath, Su Mo came to the Trading Hall and immediately started looking for the black youth.

With his spiritual senses, Su Mo scanned the surroundings and found him.

At that moment, the black youth was squatting before a stall and looking at a type of unknown Spiritual Crystal.

Su Mo’s cold gaze fell. Sure enough, the skinny black youth was the one who had tried to kill him with Li Hentian.

This person’s cultivation was strong. His cultivation had reached the Peak of Level 3 Martial Honoured Realm.

Just as Su Mo’s cold gaze fell upon the black youth, the latter immediately felt his gaze and turned around.

In an instant, the two of them were staring at each other.

Su Mo saw the dumbfounded expression in the youth’s eyes and the latter saw the coldness in Su Mo’s.

Step! Step! Step!!

Su Mo looked indifferent as he lifted his feet and walked over to the black youth.

Seeing this, the black youth slowly stood up, his face as dignified as ever.

Soon, Su Mo came to the black youth’s side, staring directly into the latter’s eyes.

“You are a Path Sect Disciple?” Su Mo asked coldly. Those who came to the Trading Hall were always disciples of the Path Sect.

If he was a disciple of the Empty Sky Sect, how was he able to enter the Trading Hall of the Path Sect?

Furthermore, Su Mo was now suspicious that someone from his Sect was telling the Empty Sky Sect about his own whereabouts.

“What has it got to do with you?” the black youth said coldly, his words stinging.

The atmosphere between the two of them was cold, as if there was a bitter and deep hatred between the two of them.

When the people inside the Trading Hall saw that, they were all secretly shocked. What enmity did Su Mo and Bi Qinghan have previously?

“What has it got to do with me?”

Hearing this, Su Mo sneered. He said, “You told Empty Sky Sect about my whereabouts for them to kill me, yet you still dare to ask what it’s got to do with you?”

The crowd was shocked upon hearing this. They had also heard that some time ago, Su Mo had been attacked by the people of Path Sect and been severely injured.

Did that incident actually have something to do with Bi Qinghan?

“Nonsense!” the youth in black, Bi Qinghan sneered. There was no way he would admit it.

Based on Su Mo’s words alone, no one would believe that Bi Qinghan was the one providing information to Empty Sky Sect.

“I will make all my enemies go to hell!”

Su Mo said coldly. Sword Radiance flashed in his hand and the Stone Sword appeared in his hand.

“Do you want to destroy Wen Dao Mountain?” Seeing this, Bi Qinghan was fearless, with a sneer on his face.

He knew that Su Mo would not start the fight. However, once he did, many people would die in the Trading Hall. Wen Dao Mountain would also suffer great damage.


However, something contrary to Bi Qinghan’s expectations was that after he had finished speaking, Su Mo instantly took the first move. His stabbed his sword straight into Bi Qinghan’s head.

This action was fast beyond compare, as if it were a lightning strike. Although there was not much Dark Power, it was still extremely poignant and sharp.


Bi Qinghan was no weakling. In-between the light and Fire Stone, his body immediately retreated and he tilted his head, narrowly avoiding the sword.

“Su Mo, you dare take unscrupulous means in Path Sect!” Bi Qinghan shouted, his face full of fury.

“Don’t you want to kill me? Then let’s leave Path Sect and fight for our lives!” Su Mo said coldly.

“I can’t be bothered with you!” Bi Qinghan shouted and his body flashed, rushing towards the exit of the Trading Hall.

Bi Qinghan did not want to be involved with Su Mo. He knew that although he was a Path Sect Disciple was inferior to Yi Wei, his power would be much weaker than that of Su Mo’s if they were to fight.

In addition, the biggest possibility was if their strengths were evenly matched!

After all, Su Mo was able to murder Yang Tainwei. This power would not be weaker than his.

As such, he left the Trading Hall.

“Where are you going?”

Seeing this, Su Mo immediately chased after him at the speed of light out of the Trading Hall.

Bi Qinghan was extremely fast. After leaving the Trading Hall, he was just like a gust of wind as he flew towards the residence of the Pro-disciple into a palace.

Su Mo stood in front of the Trading Hall. He did not chase any further.

As Bi Qinghan had said, this was Path Sect. He did not dare to be unscrupulous. Furthermore, the Pro-Disciple palace was heavily guarded.

However, knowing that Bi Qinghan was a Path Sect Disciple and knowing his place of residence, Su Mo had a chance of dealing with him,

After a moment of silence, Su Mo turned around and returned to the Trading Hall.

“Brother, what was the name of that man just now?” Su Mo asked a young disciple as he came to his side.

“That was Bi Qinghan!” The young disciple said. He was slightly speechless. Su Mo did not even know who Bi Qinghan was, yet he had actually wanted to kill him.

“Bi Qinghan?” Hearing this, Su Mo nodded. He seemed to have heard the name before. Among the Pro-disciples, Bi Qinghan was only inferior to Yi Wei.

The murderous intent in his heart surged as Su Mo turned to leave the Trading Hall. The second Pro-Disciple would definitely be at Ancient Demon Cemetery. He would settle everything at once then!

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