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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1538: Kill And Be Killed

Chapter 1538: Kill And Be Killed

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Su Mo had some understanding about this Demon Monument.

With regards to the Myriad World Mountain mission previously, he had discussed it in detail with Saint Zhen Xian and had a more detailed understanding.

It was said that the Ancient Demons buried in Ancient Demon Cemetery were all-powerful beings of Empty God Realm and that their powerful ancient power had the ability to penetrate the sky.

The blood and remains of those ancient devils had extraordinary and unpredictable power.

The Ancient Demon Cemetery was specially made for the fallen Ancient Demon and the remnants of the Ancient Demon would form a variety of demonic creatures.

This Sealed Demon Monument was to suppress those demonic creatures within the Ancient Demon Cemetery, in order to prevent them from breaking through the Empty Space and ravaging the outside world.

This Ancient Demon Cemetery was the best experimental place for the disciples of the Sun Moon Tribe and the Seven Super Forces.

As for the Ancient Demon’s heart to be obtained in the mission, even Saint Zhen Xian did not know where it was. He could only look for it on his own after entering Ancient Demon Cemetery.

However, there was something that Saint Zhen Xian had to be held accountable for. The Ancient Demon’s heart was the core of the Ancient Demon. It was big and filled with the essence of escape. It would definitely produce a very powerful demonic creature.

As such, there may be an Ancient Demon’s Heart wherever a powerful Demonic Creature was at.

After observing the Sealed Demon Monument for a moment, Su Mo returned to where the Path Sect Disciples were and sat down with Lu Gang.

As not everyone had arrived, Ancient Demon Cemetery was obviously not open yet. They might as well use the time to Cultivate!

Now, Su Mo’s Cultivation had already reached the Peak of Level 1 Martial Honoured Realm. He was only a few steps away from achieving Level 2 Martial Honoured Realm.

However, it was not easy to complete these few steps.

Initially, Su Mo had planned to upgrade to Level 2 Martial Honoured Realm before entering Ancient Demon Cemetery.

Although it was difficult, the possibility of doing so was not small.

However, the attack of the people from Empty Sky Sect had ruined all his plans and his recovery had taken up a lot of his time.

As such, naturally, his cultivation had been delayed and he simply did not have the chance to try breaking through to Level 2 Martial Honoured Realm as his foundation was not solid enough.

After a while, Su Mo attentively and silently activated the Grand Chaos Five Elements Skill and started to cultivate quietly, refining his cultivation and consolidating his foundation.

As long as he was able to cultivate his foundation for some time, he would be able to break through to the Level 2 Martial Honoured Realm.

Lu Gang saw that Su Mo had entered Cultivation and also got down to beginning his Cultivation.

The noise around fluctuated. Regardless of if it were Path Sect disciples or disciples of other Forces, many were engaged in discussion. However, they did not affect Su Mo at all.

Time passed by slowly. At sunset, there was a burst of a sound on the horizon. A large group of elites quickly flew into the valley.

Su Mo opened his eyes and turned his head to look. He immediately narrowed his eyes. This group of people were from Empty Sky Sect.

There were many people from Empty Sky Sect, close to two hundred, when both the Elders and Disciples were added up. They had more people than the Path Sect.

“Everyone has come!” Su Mo’s eyes flashed coldly. Among the people of Empty Sky Sect, he saw Yang Tiancheng, Li Hentian and the middle-aged man in the yellow robe who had attacked him.

When the enemies met, their eyes reddened. The murderous intent in Su Mo’s heart could not help but surge.

Su Mo was currently unable to deal with the middle-aged man in the yellow robe, however, he definitely would not let both Li Hentian and Yang Tiancheng off.

Swoop! Swoop! Swoop!

In a breath, a group of people from Empty Sky Sect arrived in the valley as they descended successively.

The people in the valley looked at the lineup of the Empty Sky Sect as the latter also looked around and examined the Path Sect, Imperial Sword Faction, Roaring Sky Wolf Sect and other Forces line up in the valley.

Many people’s gaze had fallen on Li Hentian. As the first Pro-Disciple of Empty Sky Sect, he was undoubtedly the enemy of everyone.

Meanwhile, the gaze of Li Hentian, Yang Tiancheng and even more than 80% of the Empty Sky Sect disciples fell on Su Mo.

The Sect had already explained that this time in Ancient Demon Cemetery, as long as Su Mo came, they would kill him at all costs.

Their Empty Sky Sect and Su Mo had already formed a great enmity that had to be resolved as soon as possible. Otherwise, with the speed of Su Mo’s growth, it would not be long before he entered the Sun Moon Tribe. By that time, it would be hard to kill him.

Li Hentian’s eyes flashed coldly. He had already known that Su Mo would not fall in the previous attack as Bi Qinghan had told him about the news.

Su Mo’s gaze first fell upon the middle-aged man in the yellow robe, then went to Yang Tiancheng and finally landed on Li Hentian.

The four of them looked at each other like a pin against an awl as their sharp gazes collided, causing cracks to appear in the Empty Space.

Li Hentian sneered. Immediately after, he picked himself up and strode towards Su Mo.

Seeing this, the crowd was instantly bewildered. The entire valley immediately fell silent and everyone’s gaze fell upon Su Mo and Li Hentian, the atmosphere as still as ever.

The crowd was curious, what did Li Hentian want to do? Was he going to confront Su Mo now?

The crowd were not foolish either, Su Mo had killed Wu Ren and Yang Tianwei, Pro-Disciples of the Empty Sky Sect. Empty Sky Sect would definitely deal with Su Mo, and this could be seen from one look at the expressions of the Empty Sect disciples.

Sage-to-be Zhen Gu’s face was pale, as if he took no notice of the atmosphere at that moment.

After a while, Li Hentian walked to Su Mo’s side, standing tall and straight while the expression on his face was cold.

“Your life is really tenacious!” Li Hentian looked down at Su Mo, who was sitting down cross-legged, and said coldly. The attack from Elder Lu was really powerful, even Li Hentina himself could not defend it. Yet, Su Mo was able to save his life even under that attack. His vitality was really amazing.

Li Hentian did not care if others knew that they had attacked Su Mo previously. Su Mo dared to kill the disciples of Empty Sky Sect. It was only reasonable for them to try to kill Su Mo.

“Stronger than yours!” Su Mo was not the least bit afraid of Li Hentian as he glared at him.

“There is nowhere to escape in Ancient Demon Cemetery!” Li Hentian laughed coldly with a sneer in his eyes.

Su Mo had managed to escape the previous two times. This time, Su Mo had no place to escape to.

In this trip to Ancient Demon Cemetery, he was already fully prepared and was definitely able to kill Su Mo.

Although Su Mo’s power was strong, it seemed that he was almost of his level, yet he still had to die.

“I hope you know if you will kill or be killed!” Su Mo said drily.

“Hehe, I can’t be bothered to argue with you. We will find out in Ancient Demon Cemetery!” Li Hentian laughed lightly. Immediately after, he spoke no further and turned back to return to where Empty Sky Sect was.

Looking at Li Hentian’s silhouette, Su Mo’s eyes narrowed. Li Hentian had seen his strength before, yet he was still so confident. How was he so confident?

Did Li Hentian have some kind of superpower?

Su Mo’s heart sank slightly. He secretly picked himself up mentally. It seemed that he could not afford to make the slightest mistake in Ancient Demon Cemetery. Otherwise, there would be big trouble if it benefited Li Hentian.

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