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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1539: The Sun Moon Tribe Lineup

Chapter 1539: The Sun Moon Tribe Lineup

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Of course, Su Mo was only being secretly vigilant. With his current strength, he did not have to be afraid of Li Hentian.

After a while, Su Mo closed his eyes and continued cultivating.

Not long after, the people of Shining Spiritual Tribe and Thundercloud Birds Tribe arrived successively. The lineup of every force was extremely powerful.

This was especially so for the Thundercloud Birds Tribe. They actually had two disciples that were of Level 4 Martial Honoured Realm, which was rather surprising.

In the valley, there were thousands of people from the Seven Super Forces. However, they were relatively quiet and did not make much noise.

Everyone was waiting for the arrival of the people from the Sun Moon Tribe.

The sky had already darkened. The people of the Sun Moon Tribe might only arrive the next morning.

Sage-to-be Zhen Gu came to Su Mo’s side and sat down cross-legged.

“Su Mo, you have to be extra careful in Ancient Demon Cemetery!” Sage-to-be Zhen Gu said, only moving his lips slightly.

He was afraid of being heard by other people so Sage-to-be Zhen Gu used his thoughts to transmit this voice into Su Mo’s mind.

Hearing this, Su Mo opened his eyes and gently nodded.

“The people of Empty Sky Sect want to kill you. You definitely have to be prepared and not make any mistakes!” Sage-to-be Zhen Gu transmitted the message.

“They want to kill me, I want to kill them too!” Su Mo said coldly, transmitting his message in the same way.

“For your safety, this old man will lend you something!” Sage-to-be Zhen Gu flicked his finger and a Storage Ring instantly flew to Su Mo’s palm.

Seeing this, Su Mo was stumped. Immediately after, he looked into his thoughts, entered the Storage Ring and looked at the contents inside.

“This is…!” Su Mo was shocked. There was only one thing in the Storage Ring, which was a long, silver sword.

This sword was about eight feet long and twice as long as an ordinary long sword. Its blade was wide and it could be called a giant sword.

“This is my sword, a Lower Sacred Weapon. I am lending it for you to use!” Sage-to-be Zhen Gu said, transmitting his message through his thoughts.

Su Mo was heartened. Sage-to-be Zhen Gu was actually lending him his weapon to use.

“Thank you Elder Zhen Gu!” Su Mo said without a sound as he stowed the Storage Ring. He would forever remember his kindness.

“No worries, your safety is of utmost importance. Safety first!” Sage-to-be Zhen Gu slightly shook his head.

“OK!” Su Mo nodded slightly.

Afterwards, the two of them spoke no further and waited quietly.

The night passed by quickly. The sky gradually brightened. When the sun rose slowly, the people of the Sun Moon Tribe had finally arrived.

Swoop swoop swoop!!

An ear-piercing sound reverberated in the boundless sky. Upon hearing it, the crowd was instantly shaken and turned around to look at it.

A pitch black scene was seen in the skies and about three to four hundred people were flying toward the valley.

The person leading the Tai Yin Tribe was still Elder Yin Ze, Martial Sage Realm Elite.

Su Mo scanned the group of people of the Sun Moon Tribe. His eyes instantly lit up when he saw Hong Qing Xuan.

Qing Xuan had really come!

Swoop Swoop Swoop!!

In a breath, the group of people of the Sun Moon Tribe successively descended into the valley.

Many of them secretly exclaimed upon seeing the lineup of the Sun Moon Tribe. How powerful, way too powerful!

There was one warrior of Level 5 Martial Honoured Realm, nine Level 4 Martial Honoured Realm warriors and there were over 50 Level 3 Martial Honoured Realm warriors.

With such a powerful lineup, it could be said that the power of the Sun Moon Tribe could easily crush the summation of the power of the Seven Super Forces.

Among the Seven Super Forces, there was no disciple who was of Level 5 Martial Honoured Realm Cultivation. Furthermore, there were only eight people who were Level 4 Martial Honoured Realm warriors in total among the Seven Super Forces.

This was power. The absolute power of the Sun Moon Tribe.

“Elder Yin Ze!”

Regardless of if they were disciples or elders, the people of the Seven Super Forces successively rose and greeted Elder Yin Ze.

The elders of the Seven Super forces and Sun Moon Tribe were not of the same level, no matter their power or status.

“At ease!” Elder Yin Ze waves his sleeve, expressing that everyone was excused.

Immediately after, Elder Yin Ze looked around and said, “The Ancient Demon Cemetery will open at noon!”

“OK!” the crowd answered.

Due to special reasons, it was easiest to open the seal of the Ancient Demon Cemetery so that there would be no accident.

Afterwards, everyone could only continue to wait until the afternoon came.

Su Mo did not care about others, his gaze was focused on Hong Qing Xuan, who was none other than Yun You You.

Yun You You looked at him and then immediately looked away.

She had noticed Su Mo and Su Mo sighed inwardly.

In this period of time, she had thought a lot about her status and her past.

She knew that whatever Su Mo said could be true, which was her real past.

With regards to this, she could accept it calmly without any rejection.

However, she was still the Holy Lady of the Sun Moon Tribe. She would not give up everything and leave the Sun Moon Trie just because she had learnt about her past.

After all, it was all in the past. What was past was past.

Her life and her future was the Sun Moon Tribe.

She was prepared to ask Su Mo more details on where her parents were after the trip to Ancient Demon Cemetery.

After a while, she would meet them and understand the first half of her life.

Su Mo looked at Yun You You as hesitation lingered in his eyes. He did not know what Yun You You was thinking about. However, her calmness made him feel helpless.

Su Mo clearly knew that it could be said that she had turned into a different person due to her loss of memory.

Nothing he had told her could provide her with a sense of belonging. The most he could do was let her know about her former identity.

For Yun You You to become Hong Qing Xuan, the only way to do so would be to regain her memory for them to return back to the past.

Su Mo had originally prepared to take some time to ask Saint Zhen Xian if there was any way to regain one’s memory. However, he had forgotten about it due to the attack by the Empty Sky Sect.

Su Mo sighed once again. He did not think about it too much and looked around at the people of the Sun Moon Tribe.

In this trip to the Ancient Demon Cemetery, the people of Empty Sky Sect were not his only enemies. Everyone was a potential opponent.

After all, the Ancient Demon’s heart was not small. Others would not let him get it so easily.

Furthermore, there were opportunities in Ancient Demon Cemetery. He would not give up on treasures that provided great benefits for warriors.

Everyone was secretly examining the people of the Sun Moon Tribe, and the Level 5 Martial Honoured Realm warrior was the focus of attention for everyone.

This person was in a purple robe, had a tall, large stature, and a wide face that was relatively mediocre. However, his aura was extraordinarily terrifying, as if it were a vast sea that was unfathomably deep.

The other nine Level 4 Martial Honoured Realm warriors were also not to be underestimated. All of them had strong, overpowering auras that were extremely rich and profound.

All the disciples of the Sun Moon Tribe had an obvious characteristic, which was that they were arrogant.

Faced with the disciples of the Seven Super Forces, the group of Sun Moon Tribe disciples had a conceited look plastered all over their faces, with a sense of superiority.

This was the nobility of their status. The status of the Sun Moon Tribe disciples was much higher than that of the disciples of the Seven Super Forces.

“Hehe, disciples of the Seven Super Forces, you still have not made any improvement!”

A young man in a white robe from the Sun Moon Tribe looked around and his lips curled into a smile.

This young man in white was rather handsome and had quite refined features. He had fair skin and was suave.

The words of this person caused the faces of the Seven Super Forces disciples to darken. He was simply looking down on them!

“Big brother Leng, the Seven Super Forces are the subsidiary forces of our Sun Moon Tribe. Of course their strength is not on par of ours!” smiled a Sun Moon Tribe youth who was beside the young man in white.

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