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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1543: The Search

Chapter 1543: The Search

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The tall young man roared, but he did not await his doom. The Dark Force surged as the long saber in his hand shone.


The tall, strong young man frantically slashed the long saber in his hand. Saber Radiance flashed as Saber Qi exploded, intensely heading towards the Saber Qi coming his way.

Boom boom boom!!

The sound of the explosion resounded constantly and the streaks of Saber Qi exploded like fireworks.

The Three Colored Sword Qi was invincible. Nothing could stop it. It instantly smashed the Saber Qi and directly attacked the tall young youth.

“No!” the tall strong youth shrieked as his shrill voice reverberated in the air. The next moment suddenly came to an abrupt end.

Fresh blood spewed all around and his broken limbs flew around in all directions.

The tall strong youth had been directly shredded to pieces by the Sword Qi.

Regardless of whether his opponent was of the Sun Moon Tribe, as long as the opponent was arrogant, despotic and ruthless, he saw no need to play nice.


A loud roar reverberated in the air. Not far away, the demonic creature was like a black streak of light rushing towards Su Mo.

Since the tall, strong young man was already dead, Su Mo had naturally become the new target of the demonic creature.

“Go and die!” Su Mo took out his sword once again. With a slash, Sword Qi rocketed into the sky.

Unsurprisingly, this demonic creature, who had somewhat powerful strength, was also slain by Su Mo, as its giant body split into two.

Bang! Bang!

The corpse of the demonic creature crashed to the ground and made two muffled noises, causing the ground to shake.


Su Mo’s body flashed. He came in front of the black demon flower and stretched his hand to obtain it.

The demon flower was cold to the touch. Once Su Mo touched it, he could clearly feel the majestic energy contained within it.

However, this energy was Ghost Force. It was much harder to refine compared to Spiritual Qi.

“Not bad!” Su Mo smiled slightly. This demon flower was of great use to him.

After a while, Su Mo collected the corpse of the demonic creature. This demonic creature had extraordinary power and its blood, flesh and essence were not to be belittled.

However, the only thing that Su Mo slightly regretted was that since the tall strong youth had been burnt to ashes, he could not even find his Storage Ring and, naturally, the war spoils were gone too.

“What’s under this mound?”

Subsequently, Su Mo stood on the mound and frowned as he pondered.

Previously, the tall and strong young man had been smashed on to the mound. Yet, the mound did not break open. This was illogical!

This meant that the mound was extremely extraordinary, and could produce demon flowers. There were definitely demon remains under the mound.

Su Mo’s thoughts moved and his spiritual senses and thoughts turned into a sharp arrow, drilling into the mound.


Su Mo’s spiritual senses and thoughts seemed as if they had encountered an iron plate and he was unable to continue breaking through the barrier of the mound to continue to go underground.

“There is an array separating this mound?” Su Mo frowned upon seeing this and his heart could not help but sink.

He was not worried that he would be unable to find what was underneath the mound. He was worried that if it were the Ancient Demon’s Heart, it would also be isolated by an array. In that case, how was he going to get it?

“No wonder the remains of the demonic creatures are still around after so many years!” Su Mo muttered to himself. This array was probably arranged by the elites of the Sun Moon Tribe.

The array was there to suppress and guard the remains of the Ancient Demon.

Furthermore, the remains of the Ancient Demons should be buried under this mound.

After a while, Su Mo activated his Ghostly Magic Sight Martial Soul, which he had not used before. With a green light from his eyes, he peered into the bottom of the mound.

Although this Ghostly Magic Sight Martial Soul was almost already of no use to him, however, it was able to increase his X-ray vision.

Looking down, Su Mo faintly discovered a cylinder-like structure under the mound.

The cylinder was not big. It was about two feet long. However, since his vision was limited, Su Mo could not clearly tell what it was!

“What is this?” Su Mo furrowed his brows. However, although he did not know what was under the mound, he was sure that it was the Ancient Demon’s Heart.

As for the other items underground, one looked like a knuckle, one looked like a finger joint. However, they seemed a little too big!

Shaking his head, Su Mo turned to leave. Since this was not the Ancient Demon’s Heart, he would not waste his energy in trying to obtain this thing.

After all, time was limited. He only had a month and, within that month, he had to find the Ancient Demon’s Heart.

Ancient Demon Cemetery was very large. He did not know how big it was and he could not afford to waste any time.

Equipped with this experience, Su Mo had an idea. From now on, he would focus on searching for mounds, demon flowers or demonic creatures.

Swoop swoop swoop swoop!!

A faint sound of air breaking resounded and Su Mo looked afar. He discovered a group of people flying towards him.

“Which Force are they from?” Su Mo’s curiosity was piqued. Immediately after, his body descended and he drove directly into the ground, leaving without a trace.

Su Mo was very cautious. Although he was extraordinarily powerful, he knew that within Ancient Demon Cemetery, there would definitely be cases of killing others to obtain treasures.

As such, he did not want to have any conflicts with people of the other Forces. It would be best for him to hide and avoid the situation.

Under the ground, Su Mo put on the silver mask as it was able to absorb all his aura and possessed a concealing effect.

Swoop swoop swoop!!

In a blink of an eye, a group of a dozen warrior flews and then stopped in mid-air.

“Where is he? I thought I saw someone just now?” A young man asked, puzzled.

“I think I saw him too. Could it be that he already escaped?” Another asked, his face bewildered.

“Everyone split up and look!” The leader of the group shouted. Immediately after, the group started to look around.

However, there was no one around, and they looked around in vain.

In the end, the group of people did not care much as they immediately left and headed to other places.

After a while when the group of disciples had left for a while, Su Mo rose up and flew up, out of the ground.

“They were actually people of Empty Sky Sect. Were they looking for me?” a cold glare flashed in Su Mo’s eyes as he looked in the direction of the disciples leaving.

This group of people were actually all disciples of the Empty Sky Sect.

They had formed a group and seemed to be looking for him.

“Wait until I find the Ancient Demon’s Heart and destroy you all!” Su Mo snorted. He was not afraid of these disciples of the Empty Sky Sect. He just did not want to waste his time. To him, finding the Ancient Demon’s heart was his priority.

Until then, it would not be too late for him to deal with the Empty Sky Sect disciples.

Immediately after, Su Mo’s body flashed and broke through Space as he continued on his search.

While flying, Su Mo discovered many mounds. However, they were only normal mounds as there was no treasure or demonic creatures which disappointed him a little.

“There’s a mountain?” After flying for quite some time, Su Mo discovered that a large mountain had appeared before him.

This mountain was not tall. It was only about three-hundred feet high and only took up a few square feet. This was the only mountain present within tens of thousands of miles.

“What rich Ghost Qi!” Su Mo could feel the rich Ghost Qi surging from the mountain peak, even though he was not yet near the mountain.

In that instant, Su Mo’s heart thumped. This mountain was definitely not that simple.

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