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Way of the Devil (Web Novel) - Chapter 489: Search for His Family (2)

Chapter 489: Search for His Family (2)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Luo Cheng did not even have the time to process this. However, the cordial feeling which originated from his bloodline told him that this newcomer meant him no harm. His mind was only temporarily stuck. For a time, he did not even grasp the situation at hand.

When he heard that he was about to be whisked away, he immediately started to struggle. “No! Wait! I’m not the only one in the Luo Family. I have a little sister as well. She has just been taken away by some men of unknown origins!”

“Hm?” Lu Sheng paused. He turned to look at him. “Did you say that you have a little sister?”

“Yes…” Luo Cheng was frightened by his gaze. He immediately started to have the jitters.

Lu Sheng turned to look at the Mount Qi’s chief.

“Go and investigate this. I want to know who’s so bold as to touch a kin of the Luo Family. Once you find out their identities, you are to kill them on the spot. Kill everyone that’s involved. I don’t like troubles.”

The Mount Qi’s chief nodded. She turned around and suddenly vanished into thin air where she stood.

This was not her territory. Hence, she could only personally see to these matters.

“Uh… That’s right. My sister…” Luo Cheng had wanted to say that Luo Ying did not have the Luo Family’s blood. However, he was frightened by Lu Sheng’s gaze, and was also shocked by the girl’s strange technique. He choked back the second half of his sentence out of fear.

“What’s wrong?!” Lu Sheng lowered his head and stared at him.

“It’s… nothing…” Luo Cheng only felt a chill run down his entire body. He felt that if he told the truth now, he would be beaten to death by this person right here, right now.

Lu Sheng was in a hurry. He wanted to settle the karma as soon as he could. Initially, he had the leisure to take this slowly. However, when he heard that the Luo Family was down to its final member, he immediately felt worried. If he could not settle Mu Yun’s karma, he would only be able to reap half the benefits of his crossover this time. Karma would not care about how much progress he had made.

A completion of 99 percent and 50 percent would be the same.

Luo Cheng suddenly snapped to his senses, and shouted, “No! The men who took my sister away aren’t villains, they’re actually good people she knows!”

“Finish what you want to say in one go.” Lu Sheng was speechless. He smacked the head of this youngster.


Luo Cheng was slightly stunned. He felt a burning sensation on his head. He quickly saw that the man’s lips were moving. He had read a fair amount of novels, and he could immediately tell that this was most probably the legendary Art of Voice Projection.

He felt his heart skip a beat. It was as if too many treasures had dropped down from the heavens suddenly, and he found it difficult to breathe.

‘It’s an elite cultivator who can do Voice Projection! Good heavens!’ he screamed internally.

“So, we can’t leave right now, huh? Seems like we have no choice but to wait here for a while.” Lu Sheng carried him and strode into the manor.

“Also, I’m your father’s eldest brother, your uncle, Luo Muyun. Remember to call me uncle.” Then, he casually added, “Come to think of it, when I left the family, your father was still a little brat who wore split pants. In the blink of an eye, even his son has grown so big.”

“…” Luo Cheng was speechless.


More than ten kilometers away from the Luo Family Manor, Caolong River.

Luo Ying wore a black cloak. Accompanied by the black-robed man, she slowly boarded an iron ship docked at the riverbank.

Her long hair kept dancing behind her in the wind.

As she was about to leave this land on which she had spent more than a decade of her life, Luo Ying could not resist the urge to stop and look back at the vast plains and mountain crests. For a time, her expression was one of reluctance.

When the black-robed man saw this, he was flustered. “Spirit Master, we must act quickly. We’ve already mobilized resources to leave the Zhao Nation. I’m sure we’ve been discovered by someone already. If we tarry any longer, our opponent will most probably seize this opportunity to work against us.”

“I know…” Luo Ying nodded her head lightly.

The two of them boarded the ship with quick steps in single file under the protection of several black-clothed guards. The ship was not the only vessel there—it was a fleet made up of five different-sized ships.

The main ship’s sides were even fitted with cannons and ballistae. From afar, one could even see that there were many sailors in full leather armor with blades in their hands patrolling the area.


The ship’s sail was raised. It quickly swelled and spread out with the wind.

“Set sail!” shouted one of the crew. His voice resounded among the few ships.

Amid splashing sounds, the anchors were raised.


Just when the fleet was slowly leaving the shore, a black figure flew toward it at high speed. It dropped steadily on the main ship’s deck.

“Who goes there?!” The black-robed man beside Luo Ying put on a cold expression and pulled out a dagger from behind as he went up to meet the incoming figure.

“This is the Sky Nation’s royal Ninth Navy’s Thirteenth Detachment! You—” the black-robed man started to warn the intruder with a stern tone.

“Has anyone seen a young girl by the name of Luo Ying?” This girl in a black dress had an ice-cold expression. She dropped lightly onto the deck. Hints of a peculiar ice-cold aura which numbed their senses were silently released from her.

Currently, the metallic rings of blades being pulled out of their scabbards sounded all across the ship. Many sailors attempted to close in on her from the back silently.

“A cultivator?” The black-robed man’s expression darkened. “I’ve heard that the cultivators of the central plains usually stay within the shadows and aren’t inclined to show themselves. I’ve always wanted to seek out some of them to test my strength, but I was never able to catch any. This is just as well. Allow me, Silver Wing Siha Deer, to have a match with you!”

His voice barely faded when he charged forward, dagger in hand. He slashed at the air, and three clumps of golden dagger aura flew out of the blade.

The dagger auras formed the points of a triangle, then swirled in the air and slowly formed blurry golden silhouettes that resembled high-speed drills as they shot toward the girl in the black dress.


The dagger auras landed true. The smoke scattered, revealing the Mount Qi’s chief’s expressionless and cold beautiful face.

“My patience is limited. Has anyone seen her?” The Mount Qi’s chief was starting to get irritated.

She was a Nascent Soul True Lord, after all. She was wasting enough of her time on this errand already. Currently, she was faced with this bunch of trash who did not answer her question immediately. They were wasting more of her time.

If this matter did not concern the sect master’s kin, she would not personally inspect every single person in a fifty-kilometer-radius in a hurry.

“Nobody’s responding? In ten breaths, if I don’t hear a reply, I’ll have all of you killed. Don’t even think of lying to me, I can already sense the fluctuating emotions from some of you. Mm… It seems that the possibility of her being here is high…” The Mount Qi’s chief’s eyes narrowed as she spoke in a cold tone.

“My lady… Have you mistaken us for someone else?” The black-robed man had already put his dagger away, and was managing his best smile under this situation. His forehead and temples were full of cold sweat. His attack which contained seventy percent of his cultivation base could not even break the protective Qi field around the newcomer’s body.

This difference was…

“She’s here?” The Mount Qi’s chief finally rested her gaze on him.

“…” When the man felt that he was being stared at by her eyes, his heart started racing. He felt as if his Qi and blood were about to swell and explode inside him.

“That’s enough. Esteemed Senior, I humbly ask you not to harm anyone else. I am Luo Ying. No matter what business you have with me, I’m here.” Luo Ying could not take this anymore. She finally stepped forward of her own accord.

Although the black-robed man’s tone was rough, he had always been loyal to her. She did not wish to see him come to harm because of her.

“You’re Luo Ying?” The Mount Qi’s chief trained her eyes on the young girl now. She sized her up carefully.

“I am she.” Luo Ying bravely met the newcomer’s gaze.

“Wait!” the black-robed man suddenly shouted. “You’re sent by the Dark Secret God, right? Don’t you even dream about taking away our Spirit Master!” He suddenly seemed to have no care for his own life. He wildly threw caution to the wind as he burned faint reddish flames. A crucifix-shaped white mark swiveled continuously on his head.


He roared furiously and charged toward the Mount Qi’s chief with his dagger.


The Mount Qi’s chief pulled on Luo Ying and smacked the man into the ship’s deck with a palm.

“Come with me, someone wants to meet you.” She brought her along as she leapt into the air. They flew far away in the blink of an eye.

“Spirit… Master…” The man’s body was wedged in the deck’s surface. Fresh blood was spat out from his mouth, and his consciousness was blurry.

“Sir Spirit Guard! Hang in there!”

“Sir Spirit Guard!”

“Ah! Sir Spirit Guard is spitting blood again!”

“Bring the medicine! Quickly!”

The other subordinates around them who had not yet reacted to the situation hastily rushed over.


The Luo Family Manor.

“Uh…” Luo Cheng had actually thought about the man’s possible identity. He had frequently heard his parents mention this uncle of his—they had mentioned that he was a talented person who had the greatest hope of accomplishing some great feat in his life in the several generations of the Luo Family. Alas, he had mysteriously disappeared when he was young. His whereabouts remained unknown since then.

When he heard that this man had claimed himself to be his uncle, Luo Muyun, he already believed him in ninety percent.

This was because the Luo Family was but an ordinary small family. It was already in such a decline that they did not even have the money to maintain their manor.

As he looked at the waning manor which his ancestors had left behind, Luo Cheng’s heart was hit with sadness each passing day.

“Come, sit with your uncle. I’d like to know what happened all these years. Many years ago, I had no choice but to leave the central plains due to some reasons which I can’t say right now. I went overseas. Now, seas had changed into mulberry fields, and mulberry fields into seas. In the blink of an eye, a few decades have passed…” Lu Sheng had Taoist Muyun’s complete memories. When he recalled those parts of his memory, he could naturally empathize with him.

In truth, Muyun was one of his selves among the countless worlds to begin with. They were one person, hence the boundaries between them were vague at best.

After he was put down, Luo Cheng carefully accompanied Lu Sheng to the living room and sat down.

“Um… Uncle? You’re really my uncle?” Everything felt like a dream to him. In the moment before this, he was in pain and sadness due to his sister’s sudden disappearance. He was feeling depressed and helpless because of the huge difference in the status and strength between his sister and himself.

In the next moment, there suddenly appeared an uncle of his who seemed powerful…

“Ah! Let go of me! Brother!” A familiar voice suddenly came from the courtyard. The Mount Qi’s chief who had left earlier flew gently into the hall with Luo Ying in tow. She threw Luo Ying down and returned to Lu Sheng’s side. She stood there silently.

Luo Cheng’s new tears did not even have the time to dry when he saw his little sister Luo Ying with slightly disheveled clothes. He looked at Lu Sheng with a blank expression.

He was not an uncle who seemed powerful… He really was powerful…

Luo Ying stood at a loss in the living room. She saw her brother sitting there with a handsome man who resembled their father.

The living room fell into a strange silence.

“I say…” Luo Cheng was the first to break the silence. He glanced at Lu Sheng, then at Luo Ying. When he saw Lu Sheng eyeing his sister’s clearly different-colored hair and eyes, he was starting to have a bad feeling.

“It’s a mutation! A mutation of the bloodline! My sister, my sister, she… she contracted a strange illness when she was little… Yes, an illness!” Luo Cheng quickly explained in a loud voice as he thought on his feet.

“Brother, I…” Luo Ying was stunned. She wanted to say something, but she was quickly stopped by Luo Cheng’s loud voice.

“Sister, did you forget about the great illness you’ve contracted when you were little? Back then, I’ve carried you on my back and traversed the mountain road for a day and a night to the county town in search of a doctor. We went through many troubles to have you treated!” Luo Cheng continued loudly without even thinking about it. As he shouted, he frantically shot his sister some glances.

“Uh…” Luo Ying was still muddled. However, her gut told her that her brother would never harm her. Hence, she nodded, albeit with a stunned expression.

Luo Cheng sighed in relief. He stole a glance at his uncle Lu Sheng who sat beside him. He hoped that he would buy his story.

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