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Way of the Devil (Web Novel) - Chapter 504: Troubled Times (3)

Chapter 504: Troubled Times (3)

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After his discussion with Hei Jin, he revealed some of his future plans to Shizi Xing. Such an arrangement in which he could get the best of both worlds was a good plan for him and Hei Jin.

When he returned to Great Yin, Lu Sheng started studying the Divine Sword clay tablet which he had just obtained.

The contents of the clay tablet seemed simple at first glance, but it was apparent that there were special marks on it. Lu Sheng’s current knowledge was no longer what it had been back when he could not understand any runes or formations. After carrying out detailed research in two worlds and gathering knowledge over several years, he had studied transportation and Arrival Formations, and also knew many things about other strengthening or offensive runes.

The marks on the clay tablet were greatly encrypted. Lu Sheng made a copy with stone rubbing, and tried 13 different deciphering keys. He attempted to find something useful in the contents through calculation and decompilation.

However, all 13 keys had failed. Hence, he started trying different combinations of coding languages such as those used on Earth to try to decipher its contents.

In truth, the basis of a computer program was countless combinations of the binary numbers ‘0’ and ‘1’. ‘0’ and ‘1’ were actually Yin and Yang in the Book of Changes—they were representations of void and substance.

In theory, computers were the manifestations of the Book of Changes developed to the extreme.

Lu Sheng’s current Infinity Technique was also based upon Yin and Yang. The fact that he had been a programming expert to begin with might have had something to do with it.

However, the Divine Sword clay tablet was not something that could be understood easily. Deep Blue could not do anything in this case, either. After all, if he wanted to derive this, he would at least need to be initiated. Currently, he only had the clay tablet and nothing else. It was completely meaningless.

After studying the clay tablet for a time, Lu Sheng finally received word from his teacher, Su Ningfei—she wanted him to head to the Dipper Star Cliff and rescue his Junior Apprentice Sister Su Yuanyuan.


The skies were gray.

In the Qilong Mountain Range, the grayish-green mountain forests extended for thousands of kilometers. An emerald green stream wound its way through the layers of mountains throughout the entire mountain range. Its emerald waters flowed calmly and peacefully.

A red two-layered ship that was neither big nor small was slowly sailing forward along the river.

On the deck, two handsome men with refined air were seated opposite each other. They were wearing long-sleeved green clothes, and a pot of tea was brewing between them.

White steam rose from the purple pot’s spout. Soon, a faint aroma of tea filled the air.

“I didn’t expect there to be such a tranquil and comfortable place in the Qilong Mountain Range. Brother Qing, you’ve certainly put much effort into this arrangement,” the long-haired man on the left, who had an elegant air about him, spoke in a clear and crisp voice. He did not beat around the bush, and his words seemed to resound slightly in the air. Anyone who listened to him could tell that he was a decisive person.

The man opposite him smiled easily. “Brother Wen, please don’t praise me any further. I had too much time on my hands, and was loitering around when I stumbled upon this place. I didn’t think that I’d be able to find such a peaceful place in such troubled times.”

The long-haired man shook his head slightly, and let out a laugh. He no longer continued this topic. His pointed brows were raised slightly as he cast his gaze toward the faraway Qilong Mountain Range. He seemed able to see the scenery in the depths through the layers of gray mountains.

“However, you have always been a peaceful person, Brother Qing. Why would you pick a fight with the Thousand Sun Sect now? If you’re going to tell me that you did it for a Ten-Thousand Transformation Divine Weapon just as the rumors say, then I’d rather ask you to keep quiet, Brother Qing.”

The man who was called Brother Qing was the current dragon elder Qian Jin, the patriarch of the Golden Dragon Cave. He was a first-class cultivator with dragon bloodline, Qing Baiwu.

When Qing Baiwu heard this, he immediately knew what his old friend meant—he came to advise him as well.

He gave a soft chuckle. “The Thousand Sun Sect is strong, but that was when Senior Aurora Polaris wasn’t injured. At this moment, he has to guard the East Sea, and while nobody is keeping his sect in check, it’s in disorder. I, Qing Baiwu, have always stood aloof from worldly affairs. Even so, the members of his sect still chose to provoke me. There’s nothing wrong in me giving them a lesson or two.”

“As long as you know what you’re doing, Brother Qing.” The long-haired man nodded. “However, I’m worried that some parties might try to take advantage of this situation if word of this goes out…”

Qing Baiwu shook his head slightly. “Brother Wen Chang, as long as they’re not from the six lands, why would we fear the other aristocratic families?”

Wen Chang shook his head with a wry smile. Outwardly, he was the founder of the Enlightened Sect. He had tens of thousands of followers, and the elites in his sect were as numerous as the clouds. If he joined forces with the Golden Dragon Cave, they truly had the strength to back up that statement.

However, he was not a person fond of attracting attention to himself. He just thought that the current situation was too conspicuous, which was why he came here to persuade his friend.

“Brother Wen, say no more. I’ll give those few another lesson, and I’ll let them go. As for the others… it’s up to them.” Qing Baiwu smiled.

“See there. Someone’s coming.” He pointed a finger, and the mountain forest on their right parted on its own. A peculiar white mist which seemed slightly yellowish was revealed.

The mist slowly dispersed, and a strong sulfuric smell wafted through the air. A group of oddly dressed cultivators walked out from the mist.

“Golden Dragon Patriarch, the Ten-Thousand Transformation Divine Weapon isn’t something that you can claim for your own.” Among this group, a white-robed old man with two missing front teeth and scattered hair shouted furiously the moment he appeared. “We, Taoists of Twelfth Paradise, have come jointly to discuss this matter with you, Patriarch.”

“Surrender, Qiong Shan, Qing Baiwu. The Golden Dragon Cave won’t be enough to keep the Ten-Thousand Transformation Divine Weapon.” A drawn-out, gentle female voice drifted from the other side.

Beautiful women in pink dresses descended from the skies. White mist lingered around them.

The most striking among this group of beauties was a tall beautiful woman who wore a goose feather long dress, with ice-cold mist under her feet.

“The three sects have just shown weakness, and all kinds of evil monsters are anxious to make their appearances.” The woman scanned the group from the Twelfth Paradise with scorn, her tone apathetic.

The messy-haired old man was not angered. Chuckling, he said, “Why would you say that, Aunt Moon? The Ten-Thousand Transformation Divine Weapon is a Divine Weapon that surpasses the Divine Intellect tier. If I can obtain it and flee far, far away then hide myself, even a Weapon Grandmaster can’t do anything to me. These days, none of us with our cultivation bases have been intimidated all our lives.”

“You have a point.” Qing Baiwu nodded with approval from his seat on the ship. “However, if you want to snatch the Ten-Thousand Transformation Divine Weapon, these numbers aren’t enough.”

None of the three groups of people were people to be underestimated. They knew that Su Yuanyuan’s backer was the Thousand Sun Sect, while Li Shunxi’s backer was the Three Sacred Gates. However, they still dared to make a move. It was apparent that they had their own backers behind the scenes.

All three groups knew fairly well about the backers of the others. Currently, the three groups just stared each other down. Nobody had the intention to make the first move.

“Dear Seniors, have you ever thought that the current situation is perhaps exactly what the Thousand Sun Sect wishes to see?” While the three groups were in a standoff, a skiff slowly coursed through the winding river toward them.

A young girl with a pure air stood quietly on it. She carried a zither on her back, and wore a long green lace dress and a carnelian dangling ornament with golden runes inscribed on it. Elegance and the bearing of an immortal seemed to have combined harmoniously on her person.

“Everyone here might not care, since all of you possess exceptional strength. Some of you are overlords or heroes of the era. You won’t falter even when going up against the likes of the Thousand Sun Sect. This is because the forces that they could send out now can be counted on a single hand,” the young girl spoke frankly and with assurance.

“The Wonderful Sound Pavilion wants a part in this as well?” When Qing Baiwu saw the young girl, he started showing a subtle change in his gaze.

“On the contrary, the Wonderful Sound Pavilion has no wish to meddle with the Ten-Thousand Transformation Divine Weapon. I’m just curious. Thousand Sun Sect’s Su Ningfei is known as the greatest Divine Lord in the world, the greatest expert under the Weapon Grandmaster tier. If all of you go up against her, are you certain that you can gain something from her? This is why I’m here. I want to see it for myself,” the young girl said with a faint smile.

“There’s no need for you to worry about that. Since we’ve decided to make a move, we naturally made preparations to face the Divine Lord Shifting Moth.” The messy-haired old man of the Twelfth Paradise snorted.

“Alright, but Divine Lord Shifting Moth aside, it’s not as if the Thousand Sun Sect has no other Divine Lords left to deal with the current situation,” the girl from the Wonderful Sound Pavilion continued. “Although they have to deal with the war with the Devil World and the leakage of the evil spirits, with the Thousand Sun Sect’s strength, it should be able to spare a Divine Lord or two to deal with everyone here. Naturally, you won’t be scared of this. The reason this young girl is here is mainly to offer a word of advice to the respected seniors. You must be careful of a new Divine Lord of the Thousand Sun Sect.”

“Oh?” Qing Baiwu was stunned. Then, he seemed to have thought of something. “You’re talking about the Prime Devil Sect’s sect master, Lu Sheng?”

There were only so many Divine Lords in Great Yin. Even with the addition of elites of the same tier from the Devil World, they would not number more than 20. These elites were scattered among the various families and sects, and while the Thousand Sun Sect boasted about having the most Divine Lords, it only had seven of them in total.

Currently, the Thousand Sun Sect only had six Divine Lords aside from Lu Sheng, and this included Shifting Moth Su Ningfei. The six of them had to suppress the battlefield against the Devil World, the entrance of the evil spirits, and protect the sect itself. They were up to their ears in work. It was all they could do to spare two individuals to deal with other situations.

This was why everyone present here regarded the Thousand Sun Sect as if they were enumerating their family’s valuables. Hence, when the Yuanguang Family dealt with Lu Sheng’s protective side of his own children back then, they dared not back him into a corner. To the Thousand Sun Sect, a Divine Lord could not be replaced by any ordinary elders or even prime elders.

“That’s right, he’s the one,” said the girl from the Wonderful Sound Pavilion. “My dear friend once told me that Lu Sheng is a temperamental person, and has an overbearing nature. He has always been blunt in his dealings, and never showed mercy. He’s also the Divine Lord Shifting Moth’s disciple in name. If he comes here personally…”

“He’s barely achieved the breakthrough a few years ago. What do we have to feat in a head-on clash?” said Qing Baiwu easily.

He was not the only one to have this opinion. With a gentle expression, the long goose feather dress woman said, “This Lu Sheng might be overbearing, but a stiff person is easy to break.”

“You are underestimating him too much… Please allow this young girl to tell Seniors in detail.” The Wonderful Sound Pavilion girl wore a smile, and moved her lips slightly. Her voice reached the people of the three groups.

In the beginning, they did not think much about this. However, with the increasing amount of information, the people from all three sides started displaying grim expressions.

There were only so many Divine Lords in Great Yin. The three groups appeared to be from independent organizations, but were actually attached to the three clans and sects. They merely switched identities while they went about their business.

The reason why they were confident was because they had support behind their backs. However, when they heard the Wonderful Sound Pavilion girl’s words, their apathetic attitude gradually changed.

What puzzled them was… why would the Wonderful Sound Pavilion know so much about Lu Sheng? The reason behind this compelled them to think deeper.

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