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Way of the Devil (Web Novel) - Chapter 545: Planning (2)

Chapter 545: Planning (2)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The powerful cold frost tribe had even struck down the holy dragon and wind dragon army which had come to subjugate them. News of this incident spread far and wide like wildfire.

The other tribes had not even confirmed the authenticity of these news when Lu Sheng was already on his way to the Poison Dragon Pool. He made preparations to start his harvesting plan.

After spending so much Mental Energy, he thought that it was unreasonable for him not to replenish it somehow.


Expansive, gloomy and damp swamp.

The land here consisted of isolated islands, on which tall trees grew. The other spots were dark green swamps from which poison gas bubbles popped.

Lu Sheng walked slowly into the forest with his huge body. Wherever his feet touched, the swamp froze. The hardened ground posed no hindrance to Lu Sheng’s advancement.



His heavy footsteps resounded throughout the swamp.

There were no movements or sound in the forest. Countless pairs of eyes sneaked peeks at this uninvited guest. However, they were not brave enough to show themselves.

Lu Sheng reached out and grabbed a huge tree that was five to six meters thick. He swept his cold eyes across the dark green swamp. Poison gas bubbles of varying sizes kept rising to the surface of the swamp. They swelled, burst, and released greenish toxic fumes.

The popping sounds that rose and fell all around him made Lu Sheng think of carbonated drinks which he had tasted before.

“Leader of the Poison Dragon Pool. Come and meet me.” The reason he made this trip was to fulfil his first objective. He wanted to subdue the surrounding tribes and collect more atlases.

The forest was deathly still. It truly seemed as if he was the only one here.

“Not coming out, huh?” Lu Sheng extended his right palm. Powerful surges of white, cold air emanated outward from his body as if it cost him nothing.


With the base of his feet as the center, a white circular layer of ice quickly spread outward and froze the ground.

The air quickly dried up. All the moisture in the air was condensed into ice.

The white ice layer spread wider with increasing speed.

“Please be patient, esteemed highness, Winter Night Wolf.” An old voice finally reached Lu Sheng from behind.

“Finally willing to come out?” Lu Sheng turned to look and saw them slowly emerging from the swamp behind him. They were light green poison dragons with a pair of bat wings.

The one who spoke was the poison dragon that stood at the front. This poison dragon appeared to be very old.

The skin and scales all over his body were covered in layers of wrinkles that resembled those on the back of a toad. Thick black liquid kept dripping down from his wings, resembling thick fossil fuel that could be ignited at any time.

More than 20 poison dragons surfaced in succession.

The poison dragon that stood at the back of the group was the poison dragon emissary that had come to the village to demonstrate his might.

There were not many pure-blood dragon tribesmen. The poison dragons here were practically all the healthy individuals of their tribe.

The old dragon had called them all out here to give himself a boost in courage. After all, a Winter Night Wolf more than 10 meters in height was too terrifying. It had nine heads to boot!

Although the old dragon did not witness Lu Sheng defeat the holy dragon army, he saw Lu Sheng devouring the corpses of the wind dragons. He would not wish for his tribesmen to become Lu Sheng’s food.

Lu Sheng swept his gaze across their faces and asked in a deep voice, “Are these all of the poison dragons?”

“Yes…” the old dragon replied respectfully.

The group of poison dragons stood before Lu Sheng like a group of cowering hens. They were not even half as tall as Lu Sheng was.

“Well then, you must know why I’m here,” Lu Sheng said calmly. “Surrender, or die.”

“We choose to surrender.” The old dragon prostrated on the ground, as befitting of the occasion.

The other poison dragons prostrated as well.

“Well then, do you have a witch doctor amongst yourselves? Are there any inherited atlases?” Lu Sheng continued to ask.

The old dragon was slightly shocked. “Uh… We do… I am the witch doctor. I have the inherited atlases as well. However…”

When Lu Sheng saw that he was hesitating about continuing, he quickly followed up with a question. “What?”

“However, Your Highness, are you not aware that the inheritance atlases would only be useful if the user possesses the compatible ancient bloodline? Otherwise, regardless how perfectly it was mimicked, it would still be meaningless,” the old dragon explained.

“Oh? You can just let me use them as a reference.” Lu Sheng did not mind at all.

One of the poison dragons quickly sunk back down into the swamp and brought the inheritance atlases of the poison dragon tribe here.

There was a total of five atlases, one atlas less than werewolves had.

Lu Sheng received and studied them.

The first atlas was a structural picture of the poison dragons’ bodies. The difference was that a Divine Vein with other meanings was embedded within the atlas.

The other aspects were the same. Each successive atlas was more complicated than the last. In the end, they were practically a densely packed mess such that one could not even see it clearly with one’s eyes. All he could see were huge patches of black dots that were spread all over the body and the surroundings.

A rough estimation told him that there were almost a hundred spots.

Lu Sheng did not study them. He grabbed the atlases and placed them into a snake skin bag he’d prepared beforehand.

“Alright, you may continue to rest. I’ll go take a look at the other places.” He patted the old poison dragon’s shoulder. A clump of dense Cold Frost Power sneaked toward the periphery of his heart; it could activate at any time and pierce his heart.

“Understood…” The old poison dragon did not dare to resist. He could only submit himself to Lu Sheng obediently.

After Lu Sheng got what he wanted, he ordered the poison dragons to send their oldest treasures to the new base of his tribe. Then, he sped off in another direction.

This time, he visited the four-winged iron eagles. However, when he arrived, the four-winged iron eagles’ old home was already cleared out. Nothing was left there. It was apparent that they had immediately fled when they noticed that something was off.

As species with the capability to fly, the four-winged iron eagles could migrate at a much greater speed than the other species.

Lu Sheng searched their base but found nothing. Hence, he had no choice but to leave for the next tribe.

The land dragon rhinoceros tribe seemed to have made an agreement with the four-winged iron eagles as they had vanished as well. The huge lizard tribe had also left long ago.

In the blink of an eye, of the four great tribes around the cold frost tribe, only the Poison Dragon Pool was unable to migrate. After all, it was very difficult to locate another environment that was suitable for the survival of the poison dragons.

The improvement of his strength was currently at a bottleneck. He could not rank up for the time being. Thus, Lu Sheng shifted his focus to the other tribes that were further away.

He gave it some thought. Then, he made a beeline through the mountains and went in the direction from which the holy dragon came.

The shorter trees were simply swat away by him. The grasses that were more than waist-height for most others were like a layer of shallow carpet for him.

After traversing four mountains and a valley, the landscape suddenly opened up before Lu Sheng. A vast and unbroken grassy field surrounded by mountains presented itself before him.

Big and tall giants with gray rocks for bodies walked slowly on the grass as they carried huge tree trunks.

These giants were seemingly the same size as Lu Sheng. They strolled across the grassy fields and appeared to be relaxed.

“What tribe is this?” Lu Sheng was immediately interested. He walked closer as he wanted to take a look.

However, these giants had already noticed his strange-looking figure. Some of the giants had already put the tree trunks which they carried on their shoulders down. They strode toward him.

“Who are you?!” one of the rock giants asked in a gruff tone.

“I am the cold frost tribe’s king, Winter Night Wolf Black Bone,” Lu Sheng answered slowly. “What is this place? What tribe are you?”

“This is hill giant tribe. We are hill giants. Peculiar nine-headed wolf, you are not welcome here. If you plan on barging in, whether you’re a Winter Night Wolf or a nine-headed wolf, the hill giants are never afraid of war,” responded the strongest-looking rock giant slowly.

“You guys look strong. Are you interested in joining my rule? I’m the king that will soon rule over these mountains. It’s highly beneficial for all of you if you choose to join me now,” Lu Sheng tried to persuade them.

“Preposterous!” A few giants started laughing.

“The Holy Dragon Temple will cry if they heard this. Arrogant werewolf, you’d better leave with haste. If the holy dragons heard your words, there will no longer be a place for you in these mountains,” persuaded one of the hill giants who appeared older.

Lu Sheng’s brows were furrowed slightly. He was just about to speak up when a sound suddenly interrupted his thoughts.

“Giants, we’ve successfully harvested the Land Heart here. Please pass the word to the giant king. We’ll send the corresponding compensation as soon as possible.” A group of human warriors in clay-colored leather armor walked slowly out from a tunnel of a huge hill.

These people wore white fluorescent full-body armor and helmets with silver wings, and wielded dark golden double-edged epees. From first sight, it was apparent that they were heavy-armored swordsmen.

They were talking to a dark yellow hill giant who was travelling alongside them.

Lu Sheng instantly noticed this group of people.

“Humans…” he spoke out with an intention.

All the giants immediately turned their heads in alarm toward him.

Lu Sheng smiled and walked back in the direction from where he came.

“Stop! It’s not what you think!” One of the giants could not help but call out to him.

There were several taboos within the mountains which could never be breached on any grounds. One of them was communicating and dealing with humans. Before his very eyes, the hill giant tribe had done exactly that.

Coincidentally, Lu Sheng was the one who saw it.

Lu Sheng acted as if he heard nothing.

“I said stop!”

One of the giants quickly grabbed one of Lu Sheng’s heads.


In an instant, a layer of white spirit light spread out. The giant’s arm was immediately covered in a layer of clean, white frost. In the blink of an eye, the giant froze where he stood.

“Oh… my arm!”

“It’s a legendary rank! Legendary Spirit Light!”

“Inform the tribe leader!”

The giants were immediately flustered.

In the end, Lu Sheng glanced at the heavy-armored swordsmen. The leading human had a glint of gold on his armor. He was the biggest and tallest among them. He wielded a huge sword in each of his arms which were adorned with silver wings. From his appearance alone, he seemed to be the most powerful person among them.

The person looked at Lu Sheng from afar as well. The gaze under the helmet contained a certain profoundness.

“Interesting.” That was the notion he got from Lu Sheng’s gaze.

After keeping silent for some time, this person slowly spoke up.

“Don’t mind it. This monster is not a being we can afford to cross right now.” Under the helmet, the man slowly closed his eyes. A faint glimmer of red light flashed past the base of his eyes.

“Roger,” the other swordsmen replied.

“We’ve been invited by the Holy Dragon Temple to deal with the Scorching Sun Tribes. This doesn’t concern us alone. The more legendary powers in the holy land, the better,” said the man calmly. “Let’s go.”

The group of humans slowly returned in the direction from which they came.

Lu Sheng stood far away and looked on as this man left. His nine faces appeared puzzled.

‘A person who Arrived from another world? Interesting…’ He did not expect there to be another Heavenly Devil to Arrive in this world.

However, the other person seemed much to be caught in an awkward situation. His spirit was insanely strong, even stronger than his. However, his body’s strength was as weak as clay dough.

Lu Sheng was even worried that he would accidentally kill the man with his breath if he got too close. Although that person was also at the fairy rank, he was at the peak of a great fairy, while the man had just recently ranked up to the fairy rank.

‘I’d better collect the other atlases. I’ll be fine as long as he doesn’t get in my way. Otherwise, I’ll have him know just how much of a difference can exist between two people.’ The reason why Lu Sheng did not make a move in the end was because he noticed that person who Arrived from another world.

Ordinary Weapon Grandmasters who Arrived in another world were different from him. These people would be restricted by their bodies after Arriving in a new world. They had no choice but to cultivate their strength from scratch, though their spirit and high ranks could save them the trouble of taking unnecessary detours, hence allowing them to improve their ranks very quickly.

However, they needed at least several decades to accumulate their strength before they finally reach Lu Sheng’s rank.

The person before him was clearly far from this stage.

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