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Way of the Devil (Web Novel) - Chapter 551: Weapon Grandmaster (2)

Chapter 551: Weapon Grandmaster (2)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As for how Ju would obtain the Spirit Power from his karma, Lu Sheng guessed that he had left a part of his main body somewhere in this world. From all appearances, it seemed as if most of his main body had left this world. However, the remaining parts of his body could replace him in accepting the Spirit Power after his karma was settled.

Lu Sheng got the idea after he saw Ju’s main body.

‘It’s almost time to leave.’

Lu Sheng retracted the still shining Divine Vein on his palm and looked down at the barren grasslands mountains around him.

The ending to his current trip was baffling. It had completely gone in a way that was not according to his plan. However, the results were still a success. He even managed to get to know the Ghost Borneo World’s Fifth Heavenly Devil King, Ju.

This was his first experience coming into contact with Heavenly Devils from other worlds. Also, this Heavenly Devil was mind-blowingly powerful.

If everything went well, he might be able to exchange various secret arts with him. They could have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Lu Sheng stood up and leapt lightly down the mountaintop. He came to the grassland’s divine palace that was being constructed.

It was a palace built by the various tribes specifically for Lu Sheng to rest in. White Ash was giving orders to the other creatures.

They carried rocks, painted the walls white, laid the floor tiles, sculpted the rock statues, and went about doing other manual labor. In short, everyone was busy.

“White Ash,” Lu Sheng called out to him.

White Ash was startled. He hastily went back to kneel, and responded, “Yes, Your Esteemed Majesty.”

“I’ll be leaving this place for a while. After I leave, you should take this. A few years from now, bring the other tribesmen back to our hometown. You can leave the management of these mountains to the poison dragons and the bears.” Lu Sheng flicked a spot of white light from his finger. The spot of light flew softly into White Ash’s chest.

“What’s this?!” White Ash was lost. He could only feel this spot of white light merging into his body in the blink of an eye. Then, his body was filled with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

“This is the mark of my power. You can use it three times, after which it will degrade. Remember, after I leave, you’ll be the one to suppress any commotion that arises.” Lu Sheng projected his voice into White Ash’s mind. As a demigod, he was capable of transmitting a Power Mark that was a kind of God Art. However, it could only be used thrice, and he gave all three uses to White Ash.

White Ash was immediately shocked. He heard some unsaid meaning from Lu Sheng’s tone. It seemed highly possible that their tribe leader would not be coming back after leaving this time.

“Don’t worry, I’ve planted the seeds of Cold Frost Power into the bodies of our tribesmen. As long as they persevere in their cultivation and feel the cold, they will achieve something.” After settling the karma, Lu Sheng did not wish to waste any more time here.

The Great Yin would be in trouble at any time. He had to rush over as quickly as possible.

“I understand, chief…” White Ash understood that he would not be able to change the chief’s mind. His expression immediately became solemn.

“I will pass on the will of the cold frost.”

“I believe that you can.” Lu Sheng tapped the middle of his brows with a finger.

With his spirit, he quickly transmitted a set of cultivation methods from the foundation stages to the legendary and fairy ranks. He also included a large portion of his experience in cultivation. Although he had derived all this from Deep Blue and it would probably take the others an extremely long period of time to actually accomplish it, it was feasible.

At the very least, if the Cold Frost Tribe was lucky, another fairy legend would arise amongst the Cold Frost tribe.

White Ash’s body trembled. As the amount of information he received increased, the more he felt awed and touched.

“Chief… Your Majesty…”

“Don’t forget, a huge change will come about these mountains in the near future. You have to plan for it early.” Lu Sheng reckoned that the Eternal Cold Spring could last three to five years, which should be enough time for White Ash to have some accomplishment in his cultivation. With the addition of the Power Mark he gave him, he could still keep up the appearances that he was still around.

This amount of energy would be sufficient for the Cold Frost Tribe to migrate to some place safer.

As for the bear king, the poison dragon king, and the others, with his high level of control over the Cold Frost Power, as long as White Ash activated the mark’s power, his ability to control Cold Frost Power and its might would be amplified greatly. He would still be able to easily take care of a few tribe elders. There was no need to worry about this.

When everything was properly arranged, Lu Sheng went into the divine palace which was not completed yet.

Within a large hall in the deepest parts of the palace, a slender dark red spear was stabbed into the ground in the center of a formation that shone with blue light.

Red runes that appeared like muslin cloth flanked the spear. The spear itself was more than a meter in girth and a dozen meters in length. For Lu Sheng, it was the right size. However, for the others, this Blood Stain Dragon Spear could not be used at all.

Its weight of 30 tons alone prevented ordinary creatures from even using it.

“Let’s end this here.” Lu Sheng started walking slowly into the formation.

With every step he took, blackish-red mist started appearing. A large amount of mist had barely left his body when it slowly ignited in midair.


In an instant, a figure shot out from Lu Sheng’s chest toward the dragon spear.

The Hundred-head Devil Wolf’s huge body was swiftly shrinking in a peculiar manner. Then, it formed a spot of white light and shot into the figure.

As if sensing a threat, the Blood Stain Dragon Spear started shaking violently. It gave a furious roar.


It was a furious roar that resembled an actual dragon’s. The spear’s tip softly rose from the ground, but it was pulled back by the restraints of the formation for an instant.

It was in that very instant that the black figure seized the opportunity and charged onto it.


Black gas erupted, and the entire hall was instantly drowned in black flames.

A few seconds later, the black flames dissipated, and the great hall was empty. The dragon spear disappeared without a trace alongside the formation on the floor.


Great Yin.


With a deep dragon’s roar, Lu Sheng staggered and charged out from the opened gray rift. He crashed heavily onto the ground.

Huge cracks spread across the floor.

Even though he tried his best to reduce the force of impact, he was not able to avoid damaging the formation.

“Keh, keh, keh…”

He coughed violently and crawled up from among a pile of rubble.

Unlike when he’d left, Lu Sheng was currently topless. There was an addition of a huge, white wolf pattern on his back.

Unlike the other wolves, the upper body of this wolf was completely occupied by heads. The densely packed wolf heads were cramped on the small upper body. The sight of this alone was enough to make an onlooker’s hair stand on ends.

Lu Sheng shook his head and quickly lifted his right arm. He glanced at his palm.

The peculiar Divine Vein which imprinted itself on the center of his palm was still there. He immediately sighed in relief.

‘So, it is possible! I’d converted the Eternal Cold Spring’s power into Divine Vein Power and brought it back! That’s not much of a loss!’

Lu Sheng stood up straight and surveyed the interior of the hall. He waved his hand, and the rubble around him parted on its own. The floor was quickly restored to its clean state. The large amount of rubble was pushed into a pile and awaited to be cleaned.

‘I’ve stayed with the tribes there for a month. It should only have been a few days here. First, I’ll take a look at the situation outside.’

Lu Sheng quickly unleashed his spirit. He quickly spread it outward in all directions with the great hall as the center.

The moment he used his spirit, he immediately sensed that something was wrong. He clearly felt that his spirit no longer had the terrifying enhancement of the Devil Wolf mode, but it was much more powerful than before.

His spirit had improved by more than 60% compared to before the latest Arrival.

After his spirit was spread out, Lu Sheng immediately saw the situation in the entire Devil Palace.

Teams of his disciples and subordinates were patrolling the perimeter. The Weapon Master elders were gathered in the Meeting Temple, and were discussing some countermeasures. Many disciples from the Logistics Temple were replenishing supplies. There were also disciples in the Accomplishment Records Temple who were still recording the feats of the sect members who killed Evil Spirits.

Then, his attention went outside the Devil Palace. There was an occasional stray Evil Spirit flying through the air, but their strength was only at the Single Vein rank. It was apparent that they were the spawn of the Evil Spirits that survived before this. After spawning, they immediately dropped from the Earth Prime rank to this state.

Lu Sheng’s spirit took a turn, and he immediately saw the inhabitant of the Lu Manor who stayed within the residential area behind the Devil Palace.

Lu Ning had woken up, and was talking to Chen Yunxi. His father Lu Quanan was sighing as he spoke to his great uncle. He seemed to be lamenting the difficult fate of the people.

His great uncle also expressed his concern over the trials of the land. Natural disasters had struck them every year. Every corner of the Great Song to the Great Yin was in deep waters. The numbers of the public was dwindling rapidly.

His spirit moved again. In the palace facing east, his cousin Lu Qingqing and Lu Yiyi were… uh… entwined with each other with no strings attached. The beautiful eyes of the two girls seemed dazed. A double-ended dildo was wedged between their bodies. For a time, they panted softly, and their skin was damp with sweat.

Lu Sheng quickly retracted his spirit.

Lu Qingqing was one thing. Although her brain was healed, she was still unable to remember many things. However, Yiyi should have been the sensible one all this while.

‘I should ask them about this, lest there be any trouble.’

He focused his mind. ‘From the looks of the time, I should’ve only been away for a few days. That’s just as well. Since my spirit has improved again, it’s time for me to attempt reaching the Weapon Grandmaster rank.’

The rank of a Weapon Grandmaster was a rank which he had been longing for all this while.

He’d always wondered what kind of powers a Weapon Grandmaster possessed. Why were they able to stay a rank above all other creatures and look down on everything from above? What were the reasons behind this?

A sense of anticipation rose within him, alongside some slight uneasiness. However, he was more curious than anything else.

‘I should first summarize what I’ve obtained from this recent journey.

‘I’ve consumed the Blood Stain Dragon Spear. Let’s see how much Mental Energy I have.’

Lu Sheng swiftly summoned Deep Blue and swept his gaze across the numbers on the frame. Ever since his control over Deep Blue increased by leaps and bounds, he was also able to display the volume of his Mental Energy in precise amounts.

‘Infinity Technique, fifth tier. Collection tier, sixth level, Blood Hero. (Special traits. Time Freeze. Nature Deception. Powerful Spirit…)

‘Origin Power, Yin Flames.

‘Divine Vein, Mystic Water, Cold Frost.

‘Mental Energy, 198,872 units.’

“…Amazing!” Lu Sheng was immediately delighted. A single Blood Stain Dragon Spear had supplied him with more than 90,000 units of Mental Energy. This amount was much higher than many peak Jade Star Divine Weapons of the Great Yin had.

‘Then, I have the Hundred-head Devil Wolf’s body, which has already merged into my main body.’ Lu Sheng inspected himself. The merging with the Hundred-head Devil Wolf had supplied him with a lot of power. However, some parts of the power were unsuitable for this world, so they were automatically converted into impurities and expelled.

The remaining power was only one-third of the Hundred-head Devil Wolf’s original power. It was also the Cold Frost Power which his main body was unable to control.

This Cold Frost Power kept surging within his body. It was temporarily enveloped by his spirit to isolate it so that it would not give him any trouble.

‘The remaining bits…’ Lu Sheng’s spirit slowly contacted this power. He quickly found out what these bits meant.

‘I’ve lost the demigod constitution. What remains is… Apocalyptic Breath?!’

Apocalyptic Breath was the improved version of the Cold Winter Roar. It was much more powerful. However, Lu Sheng understood as well that the reason why he was so powerful in that world was because the Devil Wolf that controlled Cold Frost Power there was naturally equipped with the ability to influence the natural laws of that world. Hence, every surge of his power would be amplified as though it were 10 such surges.

However, in this world, it was already agreeable for him to be able to unleash his power without it being weakened in this world where it contradicted the natural laws.

However, Lu Sheng was already satisfied with this.

The might of the Apocalyptic Breath unleashed with a third of the demigod Hundred-head Devil Wolf’s power was definitely equivalent to him lashing out with the complete strength of his main body.

The most important thing was that this was an external source of power. His main body would not be affected.

He could very well unleash it at the same time he was fighting with his main body’s full strength. This was equivalent to increasing his attack power twofold!

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