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White-Robed Chief (Web Novel) - Chapter 588: Myriad Buddha

Chapter 588: Myriad Buddha

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“What are you planning to do? I just want to use the road, can’t I even walk?” the shifty-eyed middle-aged man yelled, trying to act tough.

Chu Li’s Modesty Sword swayed lightly in the wind. “You don’t have to tell lies to a person who already knows the truth. To be able to hide your cultivation level as a Grandmaster to this extent, and even manage to conceal it from the Imperial House High Officials, you are quite amazing.”

“Who is a Grandmaster? Who is a Grandmaster?! I don’t know what nonsense you’re sprouting. Does this place belong to your house that I cannot even walk around here, isn’t that going overboard? The Imperial Residence of King An is not the Imperial House anyway, can’t I even pass by?!” scoffed the middle-aged man.

Chu Li laughed. The man looked like he still thought that he was in the clear and that Chu Li was just testing him.

“The Divine Church of Asura must be really amazing to be able to refine the Asura Power Technique to this stage and still not have it influence your mind. I’m impressed!” Chu Li shook his head. This middle-aged man’s Asura Power Technique boundary was undoubtedly quite deep to be able to successfully hide his cultivation level.

Chu Li was not in a hurry to return and help Fa Yuan, he actually wanted to observe what other secret skills Fa Yuan possessed. Zhou Lingfeng and the other’s different phases caused him to be on guard. Only after reading through Fa Yuan’s thoughts did he find out that they had already stepped into the Sixth layer of the Asura Power Technique.

The middle-aged man in front of him most likely had not reached the Sixth layer yet. He was probably around the same cultivation level as the one who had been sent to capture Xiao Shi earlier.

‘The Divine Church of Asura really thought highly of him’ thought Chu Li. They had sent out two Sixth layers to go against him and had the other two Fifth layers act from the shadows.

What was more amazing was that both the Divine Church of Asura and the Holy Church of Light had restriction cultivation type heart technique. To be able to hide their cultivation level and even stealthily enter the Fairy’s Capital, it was obvious that those techniques were dedicated to working against the Imperial House High Officials.

If things continued on like this, the Fairy’s Capital might descend into total chaos.

However, these thoughts only spiraled around Chu Li’s mind for a brief moment.

The shifty-eyed middle-aged man sneered. “What Asura Power Technique…”

Chu Li’s sword suddenly appeared in front of the man’s throat.

The middle-aged man tried to avoid it, but the tip of the sword was too fast.

Chu Li chuckled. “What are you planning?”

The middle-aged man’s expression was stiff. “You are deeply mistaken. You got the wrong person, I really don’t know any martial arts.”

The man had wanted to evade the attack, but he reacted too late. Chu Li’s sword was much too quick.

There were indeed rumors of Chu Li’s exquisite swordsmanship within the Divine Temple, but he had never expected his sword to be so fast that it could even surpass his reaction. He could not have evaded that sword even if he wanted to. Thinking of this, the man let out a cry in his heart. It appeared as though he was going to fail today, but thankfully Chu Li did not know his motives just yet.

Since he was unable to react in time and complete his task, he would act to conceal his identity until the very end!

Chu Li’s expression instantly darkened. “You intend to commit a massacre?!”

Chu Li ascertained from the middle-aged man’s thoughts that his objective was to start a massacre and cause disorder in the residence. That way, Chu Li would be less alert and unable to constantly keep on tabs on Xiao Shi, which would increase the chances of his companions succeeding at their respective objective.

In the man’s opinion, as long as he got his hands on Xiao Shi when push came to shove, Chu Li could thrash or scream, but he would no longer be able to resist their advances.

The practitioners of the Asura Power Technique all believed that Chu Li’s feelings towards Xiao Shi were profound. He would definitely sacrifice himself if it meant saving her life instead.

That way, they could force Chu Li to join the congregation of the Divine Church of Asura. He would become a full member of the Divine Church and help them display their strength to the world.

As for the people who would be killed and sacrificed, it was merely a natural course of action. Without killing people, how could it still be considered as Asura!

The middle-aged man waved his hands in desperation. “What nonsense are you sprouting?”

In his mind, he had started to panic.

This Chu Li truly deserved the reputation that he obtained. Somehow, Chu Li could actually read his mind, could there really be such a keen person in this world? It was no wonder the Bishop favored him so much and desired for him to join the Church no matter what.

Chu Li shook his head, the glint of his blade flashed in the light.

“Ching ching ching ching!” with a light whistling sound, the Modesty Sword swiftly streaked across the middle-aged man’s four limbs.

“Ah!” the middle-aged man cried out in pain as he fell to the ground.

Both his arms and legs had been completely severed.

Chu Li returned the sword to its scabbard and moved forward to seal the man’s acupuncture points.

Then, he proceeded to lift him up and they fluttered over to the Tianshu Courtyard.

Zhu Tianhua, Liu Xing, and two others were staring at the middle-aged man in front of them in disdain.

When they saw Chu Li come in holding yet another one, they exclaimed in surprise, “Head Chief, there’s still more?”

Chu Li said, “There are still two more assailants out there. You’ve all experienced it, their constitution is tyrannical, and they will recover if you let your guard down for even just a moment. You must seal their acupuncture points thoroughly!”

“Yes!” the four hurriedly responded.

Chu Li tossed the middle-aged man down next to the other man. Then, his figure flashed and Chu Li promptly reappeared beside Fa Yuan.

Fa Yuan’s expression was solemn like the Buddha. His body was filled with a golden light, and vague sacred words could be heard emanating from his palms. As he stood there coolly, his mind was calm without a hint of concern, and with no evil tendencies.

‘As expected from an antique study from the Tempest Temple.’ thought Chu Li.

Under the influence of their secret skill, the figures of Zhou Lingfeng and the round-faced man resembled two skeletons. Their eyes glowed red and their bodies were frail. Their movements were extremely abnormal, surging from one spot to another like electricity or light, causing Chu Li to be unable to perceive their figure.

Fa Yuan’s movements were slow and impassive, but he was able to handle the two’s palm energies easily.

The Shura Palm looked like it was useless utterly against Fa Yuan’s palm technique.

While their palms intersected and met, the palm print of Zhou Lingfeng and the round-faced man became more distinct and clearer. The vigor surging out from the palm prints that Fa Yuan had placed on them also much became purer and heavier, counteracting half of their own palm energies.

Fa Yuan’s palm strike, coupled with the vigor that filled palm print, had a power that was equal to both Zhou Lingfeng and the round-faced man summed together. It grew stronger and stronger, with each palm he struck.

No matter how fast they tried to move, Zhou Lingfeng and the round-faced man were ultimately unable to escape from the range of Fa Yuan’s palm strikes. They were constantly bombarded with his leisurely palm energy, which suppressed their chance for a counterattack.

Chu Li sighed in praise. “What a great Palm Technique!”

Fa Yuan said, “Almsgiver Chu, this is the Myriad Buddha Palm from my temple.”

Chu Li sighed again. “The antique studies of your temple are no joke! Let me handle one!”

“Alright,” Fa Yuan replied calmly.

Chu Li’s Modesty sword flashed, and he stabbed towards Zhou Lingfeng’s eyes in an instant.

Zhou Lingfeng retreated aggressively, but Chu Li’s attacks did not let up. He chased after him, as Zhou Lingfeng backtracked continuously while striking his palm out towards the tip of the sword in an attempt to block Chu Li’s attacks.

As Zhou Lingfeng exited the main hall, Chu Li’s sword chased after him strenuously and eventually pierced clean through his right palm. The tip of the sword could be seen jutting out from the back of his palm.

Zhou Lingfeng struck his left palm forward at Chu Li, seemingly not caring that he had just been stabbed.

Chu Li quickly pulled out the sword and stuck it through Zhou Lingfeng’s left palm. Once again, the blade went clean through and the tip of the sword could be seen jutting out from the back of his palm.

Zhou Lingfeng frowned but continued to thrust his right palm outward at Chu Li without caring that both his palms had been stabbed.

Chu Li’s sword gleamed like electricity. Zhou Lingfeng’s movements seemed as though they were two steps slower than his own when faced with the Modesty sword. Chu Li continued to strike out at his opponent, and after multiple stabs, Zhou Lingfeng’s palms had been pierced a total of five times. The white of his bones was exposed.

His bones were incredibly hard and tough. The Modesty Sword was comfortably able to cut through steel like it was mud, but it was unable to cut through Zhou Lingfeng’s bones.

Chu Li frowned. The Body of Asura indeed had more to it than what met the eye. Even the strength of their bones was abnormally strong.

The tip of his sword stabbed outward rapidly again, at times piercing through Zhou Lingfeng’s palms, at times piercing through his shoulders. After a moment, Zhou Lingfeng’s arms were unable to move. His shoulder had been pierced by the tip of the blade, and his muscles seemed to have been severed.

Chu Li then increased his speed. The tip of the Modesty sword streaked through various spots in an instant, severing the muscles of Zhou Lingfeng’s arms and legs.

Zhou Lingfeng collapsed onto the ground in a heap. His eyes glowed red and he glared intently at Chu Li. However, his expression did not contain any resentment nor pain at all, it was completely blank and devoid of any emotion.

Chu Li lifted him up and delivered him to Zhu Tianhua and the others to let them watch over him. He ordered that they seal his acupuncture points every single minute since he had already escaped twice before.

By the time Chu Li fluttered over to the living room, Fa Yuan had already defeated the chubby-faced middle-aged man and recovered his normal appearance.

“Fa Yuan, thank you very much,’ said Chu Li.

If it were not for Fa Yuan today, he would have had to go through much more trouble.

Fa Yuan bowed with pressed palms. “Almsgiver Chu, I shall bring them back to my temple for


Chu Li smiled. “Suppression?”

Fa Yuan replied, “This is the responsibility of my temple.”

“…Very well, I’ll leave them all to you, come with me!” nodded Chu Li.

He glanced over at the middle-aged man in the main hall and waved towards Fa Yuan.

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