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White-Robed Chief (Web Novel) - Chapter 589: Indestructible

Chapter 589: Indestructible

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Fa Yuan followed Chu Li out of the main hall.

It was sunny outside. Chu Li looked at Fa Yuan’s sparkling bald head. “Fa Yuan, secretly release one of the men that were surrendered to you.”

“Release?” Fa Yuan was puzzled.

Chu Li explained, “He has the highest status amongst the four of them.”

“Releasing one of them can only lead to endless trouble. We can’t possibly know how many more deaths doing this may cause, do you really want to release him, and cause the deaths of innocents? Chu Li, where is your conscience?” Fa Yuan clenched his sword and frowned.

Chu Li glared at him.

Fa Yuan pondered, “Is it because Almsgiver Chu intends to locate their hideout?”

He knew that Chu Li had cultivated two kinds of divine power, which were God’s Limbs and the All-Seeing Divine Power. To release that person, Chu Li’s intentions were obvious.

“Does the Tempest Temple know the location of the hideout of the Divine Church?” Chu Li questioned.

Fa Yuan shook his head slowly. “They do not.”

“If worse comes to worst, only then will I proceed with the interrogation. The best idea right now would be to let him go. I will follow his trail in the shadows as he would most certainly be returning to the Divine Church of Asura immediately to report the situation,” Chu Li remarked.

Fa Yuan shook his head as he sighed. “Almsgiver Chu, this is way too dangerous!”

Chu Li laughed. “I never thought that you, Fa Yuan, would actually care about my wellbeing. I’ve always thought that the Tempest Temple wanted me dead!”

“Why can’t Almsgiver Chu let go of the past?” Fa Yuan let out a smile.

Chu Li scoffed. “I’ve already let go of the past long ago, but I was simply afraid that your temple wouldn’t! … This is indeed a risky play, but there is honestly no other way. We cannot just let them roam around freely and kill people as they please, right?”

Since the Divine Church of Asura had set their sights firmly on to him, they would definitely not give up so easily and would continue to think of more tricks to force him into submission. In order to completely free himself, Chu Li must get rid of them before they get to him.

Unfortunately, the Divine Church of Asura was an extremely powerful force and would not be so comfortably defeated. Otherwise, the Tempest Temple would not have been as powerless against them.

“Based on the information my temple has gathered, there are nine layers of the Asura Power Techniques cultivated within the Divine Church of Asura. If I were to face the ninth layer, it would mean absolute death!” Fa Yuan’s expression quickly turned serious again.

“Why is the Grandmaster in your temple not taking action? Why are you lot still full of scruples at a time like this, and allowing him to fool around?” Chu Li frowned.

Fa Yuan shook his head. “Using God’s Boundary would need to involve an enormous cause and effect. It needs to be treated with extreme prudence. This isn’t something a small monk of my lowly level would know.”

Chu Li said, “If I somehow manage to locate the whereabouts of the Divine Church of Asura, will your temple believe me?”

Fa Yuan hesitated for a moment before letting out a sigh.

Chu Li chuckled. “Looks like your temple is still wary of me! … So be it, I will do this by myself. If you really are unable to release the prisoner, then at least let me interrogate him first.”

“What could Almsgiver Chu possibly learn from him? They have remarkably strong willpower, it would be nearly impossible to gain intel,” Fa Yuan replied.

Chu Li grinned. “Not to worry. Interrogation is my forte. I don’t believe that he will be able to keep his mouth shut.”

“Very well.” Fa Yuan nodded slowly.

Fa Yuan certainly did not intend to release that middle-aged man. His martial arts was fearsome and his intelligence was commendable, if he were to be released, he would surely not be so easily caught the next time. Moreover, who knows how many casualties he could cause!

Chu Li understood Fa Yuan’s scruples and did not force him to release the middle-aged man, as even he could not be assured of his recapture if the man were to actually escape. If another massacre were to happen then, it would undoubtedly be his fault.

Chu Li arrived at the main hall and stood in front of the round-faced, middle-aged man.

With his acupuncture points sealed, his secret skill had naturally come to a stop. The middle-aged man had returned to his original form, no longer a skeleton, and with no killing intent.

Chu Li released several of the man’s acupuncture points and lowered his head to appraise him. “Although you people have failed this time, I assume that you lot will attempt this a second time?”

“We might not fail again. We have failed this time, but we will definitely succeed at the Yi Public House,” the middle-aged man calmly replied.

“Do you know where exactly in the Yi Public House they would start their assault?” Chu Li asked.

“I don’t. I’m only following my orders, I know nothing about other matters.” the chubby middle-aged man shook his head.

Chi Li sneered. “Then what about the whereabouts of your Divine Church, surely you would know that?”

“I don’t know anything.” the middle-aged man shook his head once again.

Chu Li tilted his head. “A stubborn one indeed.”

The middle-aged man jeered. “Chu Li, why are you being so ruthless? Sooner or later you will join up and become one of us in the Divine Church. We will be comrades in the near future, won’t you leave yourself a way open for that future?

“You people don’t leave any open ways for me, how can I keep a way open? How many people are in the Divine Church?”

“There will be in no point telling you, but we already have one hundred and nineteen members. We just need you, and our church will be complete,” the chubby middle-aged man answered.

Chu Li laughed. “You guys really do look up to me… I don’t believe you, how can there be that many people in this world who can successfully cultivate the Asura Power Technique? Forget the Ji Dynasty, even throughout all five countries it would be impossible to have so many!”

The middle-aged man replied lightly, “It is not hard to get started on the Asura Power Technique.”

“But there are only a few people in this world who can actually obtain the Asura Power Technique, right? The Tempest Temple has already sealed off the technique, how can it still be passed on?” Chu Li turned to look at Fa Yuan.

“Hehe… The Tempest Temple may be the leader of the four major sects, but not everyone listens to them. We will cultivate whatever we feel like cultivating, no one can stop us from achieving our ultimate goal!” the chubby middle-aged man looked disdainfully at Fa Yuan.

Chu Li frowned. “Fa Yuan, it seems like there’s a snitch in the Tempest Temple… Could all of this have been caused by one of your own?”

In Chu Li’s eyes, the Tempest Temple were a bunch of lunatics. They would do absolutely anything in order to study martial arts. They were the same as the Titanium Temple in their bones. They believed everything was just an illusion, and all laws were empty. They said they were merciful and benevolent, but in truth, they had no real concern about the common people.

Fa Yuan was taken aback. “It is definitely not the fault of my temple!”

Chu Li scoffed. “That might not be the case, you might just not know about it! …A hundred and nineteen members, how many of them have cultivated to the Sixth layer and above?”

“Twenty,” answered the chubby middle-aged man.

Chu Li sighed. “That really is such a nuisance!”

The middle-aged man added coldly, “Chu Li, you should know that the ones who have attained the Sixth layer and above would be Grandmasters. Even you cannot face them alone! … Even if the martial arts masters of the High Duke’s Public House and the Imperial Residence of King An were to combine forces, you would still be unable to stop us!”

Chu Li stood in silence for a moment. Then, he turned his head and said, “Fa Yuan, in my opinion, when you bring them back into the temple, don’t even think about being merciful. Cripple all their limbs immediately or just cut them off, it does not matter as long as you keep them alive.”

The middle-aged man sneered when he heard this.

Fa Yuan helplessly shook his head. “This is the scary part about the Body of Asura. Their bodies are no longer like a normal human’s, their only weaknesses are the head and the heart. Even if you were to cut off all their limbs, they would just regenerate over time!”

Chu Li’s eyebrows raised. “I thought that only severed muscles could regenerate… Even broken limbs can regenerate too?”

“That is precisely why the Body of Asura is nearly identically similar to an indestructible force. This is exactly the reason why the technique was sealed off many years ago.” sighed Fa Yuan.

Chu Li nodded slowly. “If the Sentient Menace were to be trained to its highest point, would it reach this realm?”

Fa Yuan answered, “If one were to cultivate the Sentient Menace to perfection, one would obtain the Titanium Body, only then would it have a difference from the Body of Asura. The Titanium Body has no weak points, and is far superior to the Body of Asura… If the Asura Power Technique were to be trained to perfection, then the Body of Asura would have no weaknesses too.”

“No wonder the Tempest Temple was never willing to destroy this technique. This is the result of avarice.” sighed Chu Li.

“If the Body of Asura and the Sentient Menace were to combine, then…” Fa Yuan bowed with pressed palms.

Chu Li shook his head and forced a smile. If it were him in Fa Yuan’s position, he would certainly be worried as well. By merging the two skills and extracting their essence, it would certainly drive its user mad.

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